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340 Chapter 340 Breaking The Record

Chapter 340 Breaking The Record

Everyone was excited to witness Cai Haos strength.

Cai Hao didnt let them down, either.

In the ensuing battle, he successfully used his powerful combat strength to defeat the Earthshaking Rhinoceros.

He had passed the fourth round, and Cai Hao was technically in first place even though many others had also passed this level.

Cai Hao began to fight the beasts in the fifth round.

The beast in the fifth round was a tiger with a scary face.

Its body was massive, about the same size as the rhinoceros from before!

Cai Hao immediately threw himself into the battle.

The fifth beast was at gold rank 2, close to Cai Haos rank, so he struggled to fight against it from the beginning.

Everyone looked at Cai Hao, fighting with all his might and with a serious expression.

They were all nervous about the results.

Although Cai Hao had already broken the current record and obtained a good ranking, the other two geniuses wouldnt be weak either.

If Cai Hao wanted to compete for first place, he would have to work harder!

The battle became increasingly dangerous, even though Cai Hao could still initially deal with the ferocious beast from round five.

However, after a few exchanges, Cai Hao began to feel that this battle was not in his control.

At this moment, several wounds appeared on his arms, and blood flowed out of them.

On the tigers body, there were barely any wounds.

There were a few punctured holes from Cai Haos fist, but the impact was nothing serious.

Cai Hao was panting heavily as he stared at the tiger in front of him.

The difficulty of this martial arts tournament had exceeded his imagination.

Initially, he thought the first round would be a walk in the park.

Also, he never expected such a difficult time in the fifth round!

Moreover, this was him after a month of hard training under the guidance of an instructor! Without this month of training, he knew he would not be a match for the tiger in front of him.

At most, he would only be able to make it through the fourth round.

Although Cai Hao had suffered some injuries, his overall strength was still there, so he continued to fight.

It was another fierce battle, and Cai Hao used the last of his strength to kill the tiger.

His fist finally broke the tigers neck.

Cai Hao stepped on the tigers corpse and panted heavily.

The ferocious beast under his feet was some kind of powerful tiger-type beast.

He had to exert a Herculean effort before he could barely kill it.

His physical strength was almost exhausted, and he had suffered many wounds, greatly reducing his combat capabilities.

He felt it would be difficult for him to win the sixth round.

No, he definitely couldnt win!

Cai Hao let out a long, helpless sigh.

He didnt plan to continue with the sixth round of battle as he knew he would surely lose.

If he revealed the level of the ferocious beast from round six early, it would only benefit the later contestants as they would know what it was in advance.

Standing in the middle of the stage, Cai Hao raised his right hand and shouted, “Dear judges, Im done with my battle.”

The host looked at him and asked, “If you end now, your result will be round five, and the judges will give a specific score.

Also, you are currently in the first place.”

Cai Hao nodded.

“I understand.

Its over, so let the next person go on stage.

Im done.”

He walked down with a helpless expression and said nothing.

There was a heated discussion in the audience, but they all acknowledged Cai Haos strength.

“His strength isnt bad, managing to defeat a ferocious beast from round five.”

“It appears that he only crossed one round from the others, but the gap is quite large.”

“Thats right.

Lets see if anyone can break Cai Haos record.”

“The other two geniuses havent gone up yet, so the final result is hard to say.”

At this moment, Jiang Lengyue was sitting in the middle of the front row of the judging panel.

She watched as Cai Hao walked down from the stage.

There wasnt much joy on her face, only a slight disappointment.

“I didnt expect his strength to increase by this little after giving him such good guidance.

Sigh, hes a little lacking.”

“Dean, Im afraid theres no one in this world who is more talented than you,” her bodyguard quickly said.

“Its unfair to them if you judge them by your talents.”

Jiang Lengyue chuckled, “What does their poor talent have to do with me Ill see how the other two improve and hope it wont be unsatisfactory.”

The judge sitting next to her started to mark Cai Haos performance.

In the martial arts tournament, ones placement wasnt only judged by killing ferocious beasts.

The scores given by the judges were also important.

For example, five or six participants won round four.

They wouldnt share first place, so more detailed scores were needed to rank them.

The grading was simple, and it was usually based on the degree of injury, the length of the battle, and so on.

Soon, Cai Haos score was announced, and he was temporarily in the first place.

The stage was cleaned by special personnel and became as pristine as before.

The host returned to the stage and announced loudly, “Next up, lets welcome the next contestant.

His name is Zhao Lei!”

Under everyones gaze, Zhao Lei stood up.

He scanned the crowd and shouted, “Theres no doubt Ill win first place in todays martial arts tournament.

Just watch.”

As he spoke, he raised his head arrogantly and came to the center of the stage.

The audience was stunned by his confident words.

He hadnt even gone on stage yet, and already he was so confident about his victory

“Hes arrogant.

How does he even decide that he will get first place”

“Is he worthy Theres still Han Xuefei.”

“Haha, its not just Han Xuefei, as theres also Lu Yu.

Where did he get his confidence from”

“Maybe he has a trump card.

Anyway, lets look forward to it.”

“Youre right.

After all, hes one of the three geniuses and has the ability.”

The crowd looked at the center of the stage with anticipation.

The array lit up, and a ferocious beast appeared, and it was a giant lizard.

The lizard charged towards Zhao Lei as soon as it appeared.

However, Zhao Leis started discharging lightning from his body, and the lightning arcs instantly struck the lizards body, causing it to fall to the ground and twitch.

Then, with a swoosh, Zhao Lei flashed to the lizard.

He stomped down and killed the first beast.

This clean two-part kill was similar to Cai Haos earlier attack.

However, Zhao Leis attack was more aggressive and arrogant.

After he finished the first beast, his hands were still in his pockets, and his expression was still relaxed.

“Just this I dont want to waste my time.”

Zhao Lei proudly bragged, as he couldnt wait to show off his strength.

The results of this months training will amaze the world!

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