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Chapter 306 Light Dragon Claws Skills

The Light Dragon Claws three skills made Lu Yu extremely excited.

These three skills provide him with passive, active, anti-crowd control, and enhancement effects.

There was also a recovery effect that Lu Yu needed the most.

These three skills increased Lu Yus strength by a huge margin!

The healing effect could restore 5% of Lu Yus health every second; just this effect alone was powerful enough.

Lu Yu currently had over 800 health points, which allowed him to recover over 40 health points every second with this skill.

The enemy would have a headache when they fought him with this skill.

Unless the enemys attack power were strong enough to sweep the floor with Lu Yu instantly, Lu Yu would be able to recover his health quickly, easily, and constantly.

Most importantly, Lu Yus speed had increased, giving him more leeway in a fight.

This evolution was simply the perfect one!

The second skill increased absorption effects.

For example, Lu Yus medicinal bath that he took to absorb energy from materials.

However, he wasnt sure how much of an increase there would be.

Regardless, this was an active skill that gave him a pleasant surprise.

He could choose a target and absorb 10% of their attributes, adding them to himself.

This effect was crazy just thinking about it.

If he faced a boss with sky-high attributes, his strength would soar just by activating this skill and absorbing its attributes!

However, he wasnt sure how long this buff would last.

Lu Yu looked at the introduction panel again and read the absorption effect again.

[ Light Dragon Claw-Absorption: Absorbs 10% of the enemys attributes.

Lasts for 5 minutes with a cooldown of 10 minutes ]

Lu Yu nodded to himself.

In other words, this skill had a five-minute interval between usages; that was enough.

Just being able to increase his attributes in a battle suddenly would allow him to turn the tide.

Lu Yu looked at the third effect, exorcism.

This was an exorcism of negative effects.

A mage could either buff their teammates or debuff their enemies, and some of those debuffs were deadly.

For example, Yun Zirous hypnosis skill was a debuff.

Lu Yu clicked on the exorcism skill and read it carefully.

[ Light Dragon Claw-Exorcism: Removes all negative debuffs from your body.

Cooldown time of 5 minutes.


Lu Yu was surprised, as he didnt expect this skill only to have a cooldown of 5 minutes.

In combat, 5 minutes wasnt long, but it was definitely not short either.

Lu Yu could see himself using this skill at least twice in one battle.

This skill was way more powerful than the Golden Phoenix Wing Crown.

The Golden Phoenix Wing Crown could only remove one crowd-control skill at a time, and its cooldown was one entire day.

If multiple enemies debuffed him simultaneously, the equipment would be useless, especially compared to Lu Yus new exorcism skill.

Lu Yu liked all three skills very much.

This new evolution was much stronger than any of the previous ones.

This was all thanks to his aunt.

Without her, he wouldnt have gotten the Light Dragon King bloodline.

Without the bloodline, it would take years before Lu Yu could evolve into his Light Dragon Claw…

Lu Yu looked at the operating table that his aunt was still lying on.

The anesthetic was still in her system, and she was still unconscious.

Lu Yu observed that there was no color on her face.

She looked weak; her face was pale, and her breathing was weak.

Lu Yu looked at Xu Yuan and asked, “Is it because of this bloodline absorbing my aunts life force that she is so weak now”

Xu Yuan nodded.

“Yes, thats right.

It is because of this that your aunt almost died.”

Lu Yus face hardened as he looked at Xu Yuan.

He asked, “If we give her stem cells, will her condition improve”

Xu Yuan stroked his chin and fell into deep thought.

“Of course, thats possible.

However, stem cells arent easy to find, and we need stem cells compatible with her…”

Lu Yu quickly reminded him, “You have someone that produces stem cells for her here.

Why would you need to look for someone else”

Xu Yuan looked at Lu Yu in surprise.

He asked in disbelief, “You mean to extract your stem cells and infuse them into your aunt”

“What else”

“But if you do that, it will affect your body.

Once your body weakens, your future cultivations will be…”

Lu Yu waved his hand.

“Its okay, and although its precious, its fine to extract some.”

“Although my aunt has gotten rid of her illness, whats the use if her body is so weak that she cant recover She would still live in pain.”

Seeing that Lu Yu had made up his mind, Xu Yuan didnt say anything more.

“Since youve said so, I wont waste any more words.

Lets start the surgery then…”

Stem cells live in the bone marrow.

If one wanted to transplant stem cells, it was the same as transplanting bone marrow.

There would be significant damage to the donor body.

Xu Yuan looked at Lu Yu and asked once more, “If we look for a match, we should be able to find it.

Although it might take a little longer, itd be better as it wouldnt hurt you.”

Lu Yu shook his head and said, “I dont want to wait anymore.

I hope she will have a healthy and energetic body when she wakes up, as she has already suffered too much.”

“The sooner she heals, the better it is.

I want to do this.”

Xu Yuan nodded helplessly.

“Alright, lets start then…”

He felt pity for Lu Yu, as donating bone marrow was a serious matter that could endanger Lu Yus health.

Lu Yu also knew this, but his aunt had given up too much for him.

He treated her as his own mother, so he wouldnt regret doing this.

Moreover, if it werent for his aunt, he wouldnt be where he is today and wouldnt have evolved his Light Dragon Claw either.

Soon, the surgery began.

Under Xu Yuans operation, Lu Yus stem cell transfusion went smoothly.

Lu Yu was given a local anesthetic and was still awake during the surgery.

The medical professionals around him tensed up and looked at Lu Yu with pity.

They all thought this surgery would hurt this genius greatly and might even affect his future prospects.

Some knew they would never have done this if there were Lu Yu.

However, Lu Yu knew his aunt had given him the hope to live on, giving him a chance to walk into a bright future.

It was time for him to return the favor…

The operation was completed quickly.

Lu Yu lay on the hospital bed, waiting for the anesthetic to wear off.

While waiting, he went through his personal attributes panel.

He was shocked to find that his health had decreased!

He only had 600 health points left, losing over 200 health points.

Lu Yu hurriedly switched to his Light Dragon Claw.

To his surprise, he discovered that his health was recovering rapidly!

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