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Chapter 302 Surgery Begins

On the phone, Yun Zirou was excited that the end of Liu Yis illness was in sight.

“I never expected you to be able to invite a doctor from the military.

Thats remarkable.”

Yun Zirou smiled and praised him.

Lu Yu couldnt help but laugh.

“Of course, Im a third-class merit holder after all.

Moreover, it was personally bestowed by Wan Guliu, and I have at least this level of power.”

“Id forgotten about that.

Of course, calling a doctor over with Wan Guliu behind you will be easy.”

Lu Yu continued calmly, “Wait for my news.

Ill tell you tomorrow when the surgery is over.”


I hope that your aunt can recover smoothly.

Ill wait for your good news.”

After some small talk, they hung up the call.

Lu Yu returned to the hospital and went to a room the hospital had arranged for him.

The night passed quickly, and the next morning arrived.

The warm morning light shone through the window, falling on Xu Yuans face.

He opened his eyes with difficulty.

After rubbing his eyes, he sat up straight.

Then, he felt a tumultuous and uncomfortable sensation in his stomach.

He rubbed his forehead and tried to recall what had happened last night.

He only knew that he was drunk and vaguely remembered that he had told Lu Yu many things.

However, he didnt know the specific details.

After letting out a long sigh, he got up to wash up and prepare for the surgery.

In the bathroom, he stood in front of the mirror and stared at his eyes in the mirror.

He nodded slightly.

“Believe in yourself.

You can do it!”

He said it with certainty, encouraging himself.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

He quickly picked it up and saw that it was Lu Yu.

He answered the phone.

“Lu Yu, I just woke up, and Im washing up.

I will go over to start the surgery soon.”

He quickly reassured Lu Yu.

However, Lu Yu urged anxiously, “Come to the operating room quickly.

My aunts condition has worsened!”

Upon hearing this, Xu Yuans heart tightened.

He put down his phone, threw on his clothes, and quickly strode out of the room.

In the hospital operation theater, Lu Yu stood before a bed and looked at Liu Yi lying on the hospital bed.

He was getting increasingly anxious as time went by.

Liu Yis heart rate was almost at the lowest it could be.

Her vitality gradually faded, and death would come for her when her heart rate completely stopped.

The doctors surrounded the bed and began to carry out emergency treatment.

Lu Yu walked out to the corridor and looked around, trying to find Xu Yuan.

Soon, Xu Yuan trotted over.

He quickly walked up to Lu Yu and looked at him.

He said, “Im here.

The surgery can begin.”

Lu Yu looked at him and nodded.

He urged, “Hurry up and go in.

The surgery must start now.”

Xu Yuan stood before the operating theater and took a deep breath.

He raised his head and looked at the operating lights.

For some reason, his heart began to beat quickly.

He took two more deep breaths but hesitated.

Lu Yu looked at him and asked, “Is there a problem”

“Im just a little nervous.

I… Im still worried.

Im afraid that an accident will happen, and I dont want to see a repeat of the tragedy.”

Xu Yuan lowered his head with complicated emotions.

The psychological trauma that he had experienced in the past had yet to recover.

“What if… what if I accidentally caused your aunts death”

He jerked his head to look at Lu Yu.

His expression was filled with anxiety, and his eyes were brimming with tears.

Lu Yu knew that Xu Yuan wasnt confident and still had doubts about his medical skills.

However, there was no time to waste.

His aunts life in the operating theater was hanging by a thread, and nothing would be left if he continued hesitating!

Lu Yu looked at Xu Yuan with determined eyes, placing his hands on Xu Yuans shoulders.

“I believe you can successfully carry out the surgery!”

“I leave everything to you.

No matter the outcome, I will respect your judgment and medical skills.”

Xu Yuan looked at Lu Yu and was shocked by these words.

“But, why”

“Because I firmly believe that your medical skills are outstanding and that you can carry out this surgery.

You can do it!”

Upon hearing these words of encouragement, Xu Yuan took a deep breath and patted his chest.

“Since youve said so, I wouldnt waste more time mopping around.

I will not betray your trust!”

“I will carry out this surgery perfectly!”

Xu Yuan was grateful to Lu Yu at that moment.

He had never been able to walk out of this hurdle, but with Lu Yus encouragement, he could try it.

He felt his entire body filled with strength and was no longer afraid of the surgery!

He stretched out his hands, pushed open the door with force, and walked in confidently.

As soon as he entered, a nurse immediately approached him anxiously.

“Youre finally here.

The patients condition is serious.

The mysterious bloodline in her body has been absorbing her vitality, and the patient will die if the surgery doesnt start soon!”

“Get ready then.

The operation will begin!”

Xu Yuan ordered confidently.

A nurse then pushed a cart over.

Xu Yuan hurriedly put on the sterile surgical gown and full body protection.

He wrapped himself up like an astronaut.

Then, a nurse took out an X-ray film and handed it to Xu Yuan.

Xu Xu took it and began to examine it carefully.

The first film was a scan of Liu Yis entire spine.

He could see that the entire spine was attached to something that looked like a group of blood vessels.

This thing was the mysterious blood vessel connected to her spine.

The other doctors had a headache because this blood vessel was very close to her spinal cord and nerve.

There wasnt even a millimetre between them!

He swallowed dryly, feeling the pressure even though he had gone through countless operations with his master.

Such a delicate removal would be difficult.

After all, barely any doctor could achieve this millimeter-precision surgery.

Of course, some hospitals can rely on technology to complete a surgery this precise.

But that was different from having a human hand, especially when this was needed for such a complicated surgery.

Xu Yuan looked at his hands and gulped.

Then, he looked at the following scan, and it was a comparison chart with thirty pictures on it, each taken a week apart.

From these pictures, Xu Yuan could see the entire development process of the bloodline in Liu Yis body.

With this, he could better analyze where the root cause existed.

To remove this bloodline, it had to be removed from the root.

Otherwise, there would be further risks of injury.

The spinal cord was a sensitive part of the body, and even a slight injury would result in paralysis of the entire body.

The patient might even die on the spot in severe cases!

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