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Chapter 297 Li Yins Last Hope

Kneeling on the ground, Li Yin frantically pleaded with Lu Yu to spare his life.

“Brother, spare my life.

Spare my life, and Ill tell you everything I know!”

“I can tell you everything I know about the Lionheart Empire.

As long as its something I know, Ill definitely tell you everything.”

“Please, dont kill me.

I still have value.”

“I can even tell you about the subsequent assassination plans of the Lionheart Empire.

This will be a good thing for all of you!”

Lu Yu chuckled, “You only know about their assassination plans, right”

As an assassin of the Lionheart Empire, it was normal for Li Yin to know about their assassination plans.

Lu Yu didnt believe he would know other secrets of the empire.

Li Yin hesitated for a moment.

He indeed didnt know much, but he could only exaggerate to survive.

“I do know a great deal, so why dont you interrogate me Ill tell you slowly; how about it”

He looked at Lu Yu with anticipation.

Lu Yu stepped forward and raised his Explosive Dragon Claws, stretching them out.

“But I refuse!”

Li Yins body stiffened when he heard this, and the fear of death overwhelmed him.

At that moment, Xu Yuan hurriedly walked over and grabbed Lu Yus arm.


Lets interrogate him first to get his information.”

Xu Yuan said calmly.

“He may have more value that hasnt been discovered yet, so its better if we dont kill him.”

Lu Yu glanced at him and said, “Dont overthink it.

Its impossible for him to know much.”

Xu Yuan was stunned and asked, “How are you so sure”

“Ha, the Lionheart Empire sent an assassin to a neighboring country to carry out an assassination mission.”

“They were prepared for the assassin to be captured from the very beginning.”

“Therefore, the assassin they chose would definitely not be someone who knew anything substantial.”

Upon hearing Lu Yus words, Xu Yuan came to the same realization.

“What you said does make sense.

If the military sends assassins out and targets someone in the central city of another country, they definitely wont let this person be someone who knows anything confidential.”

Xu Yuan nodded to himself.

“In other words, this guy is bluffing and actually doesnt know anything useful.”

Hearing this, Li Yin panicked.

“Are you two crazy Cant you see the value in me I still have other uses, so dont kill me!”

Li Yin shouted in a panic, and it didnt seem like he was begging for mercy or begging at all.

Lu Yu stretched out his index finger and pointed at his forehead.

“Is this how you should be begging Its a bad example.”

Li Yins eyes were wide open, and he realized he had no chance to negotiate peace.

Suddenly, he raised his right hand, which was holding a remote control!

“Hey, do you remember what I said I have set up a large number of explosives in this building that can blow up the building.”

Li Yin revealed a smug smile, and he looked at Lu Yu in disdain once again.

“Now, you all know my value, right”

Xu Yuan gulped and quickly looked at Lu Yu.

“Dont do it… calm down.

If he presses the button, it wont do any good to us.”

“Why dont we bring him back first Lets not rush this.”

Li Yin immediately interrupted him, “What are you talking about Ive already taken out the remote control, and you want me to go with you Dream on!”

Lu Yu was unhappy looking at such an arrogant loser.

“Do you want to die quicker”

Li Yin raised his head to look at Lu Yu and sneered, “It doesnt matter now that I can drag a building of people to die with me.

Its much better than dying alone, isnt it”

He shook the remote control in his hand.

“Why Do you need me to press it now With a genius like you dying with me, Im all for it!”

At that moment, Lu Yu replied indifferently, “We can negotiate, so dont press the button in a hurry.”

“Alright, if you want to negotiate, then lets do it.


Lu Yu was intentionally stalling him.

He knew Li Yi wanted to live, so he didnt have much determination to press the button.

Thus, Lu Yus left hand silently transformed into his Thunder Dragon Claw.

“First of all, my request is that you arrange a helicopter for me and a few hostages.

Your family member isnt a bad choice.”

“Also, I want money, a lot of money!”


Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly realized something was wrong.

He looked down and saw Lu Yus left claw had already changed its form.

“What are you doing, changing your claw What are you trying to do”

Li Yin looked at Lu Yu vigilantly.

But the next moment, Lu Yu raised his left hand quickly and pointed his index finger at the remote control in Li Yins hand!

Li Yins eyes instantly widened, and he shouted, “Are you crazy !”

Xu Yuan also panicked, and he didnt expect Lu Yu to dare make a move in such a situation.

Li Yin could press the button instantly, so how would Lu Yu stop that

However, Lu Yu extended his index finger, and a bolt of lightning shot out.

The lightning bolt struck the remote control in Li Yins hand almost instantly.

This lightning strike pierced through the remote control, and its electronic components were fried!

The speed of the lightning strike was faster than the speed of Li Yins thumb!

With a crackling sound, a cloud of black smoke rose.

Li Yin looked at the damaged remote control in his hand and widened his eyes in disbelief.


“You… you still have a lightning skill You bastard, why didnt you use it during the battle just now!”

He angrily shouted as he had lost his mind and couldnt accept the situation before him.

Xu Yuan, standing by the side, was also surprised.

He hadnt expected Lu Yu to release a lightning bolt to destroy the remote control.

Lu Yu looked at Li Yin.

“Now, you dont have any more trump cards, right”

Li Yin lowered his head.

His haughty attitude from just a moment ago turned into disappointment.

After a long while, he choked out, “The empire will not let you go.

Youre dead.

Youre just a dead man walking!”

“The empire has made a mistake.

You, Lu Yu, are far more important than this Snake Staff Poison Doctor!”

He muttered in a low voice, and Xu Yuan felt awkward.

Of course, he admitted too that in the long run, his value was below Lu Yus.

“Now, I shall send you on your way!”

After saying that, Lu Yu slashed his neck with his claw!

With a squelch, fresh blood sprayed from Li Yins carotid artery.

Li Yin lay on the ground, allowing his life to flow out along with his blood.

Li Yin was dealt with, and the corridor before them had become tattered due to their battles.

“This assassin is dead, but the Lionheart Empire sends out more than one.

Be careful, or youll be added to the list as well.”

Xu Yuan looked at Lu Yu and reminded him

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