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Chapter 296 terrifying Dragon Claw Power

At this moment, Lu Yus claws had already turned entirely red hot.


The high temperature of his claws caused the surrounding air to surge and distort violently.

His Explosive Dragon Claws were extremely hot and also released a dazzling light.

It was a bright, orange-red light, just like steel that had just been forged.

Xu Yuan felt the intense heat and quickly took a few steps back to stay away from Lu Yu.

His entire body felt like it was roasted in just that moment alone.

Li Yin, charging towards Lu Yu, suddenly stopped dead in his tracks as he realized something was off.

He looked at Lu Yus two claws.

This pair of claws was deadly-looking, and he didnt dare take another step forward.

“Whats wrong Wheres the cocky attitude you had that made you think I would die under your axe”

Li Yin gulped and then looked at the battle axe in his hand.

This colossal battle axe was a tough beast.

Moreover, he had fought with this battle axe countless times.

He understood this battle axe in and out and had used this battle axe to destroy countless weapons!

Therefore, he regained his confidence and resumed his charge toward Lu Yu.

“Lets see if your claws are more powerful than my battle axe!”

“My axe will easily be able to slice off your claws!”

He closed in on Lu Yu and swung the battle axe, using all his strength to slam his battle axe down.

The axe blade was almost as long as Lu Yus arms.

If Lu Yu were hit by it, he would probably be split into two.

Lu Yu raised his claws in front of his enemy.

After five stacks of Flaming Claws, Lu Yus claws attack stats reached around 1,000 points.

One stack of Flaming Claw added 100 points of damage to his base attack stats.

Just one Flaming Claw would allow Lu Yu to deal over 600 points of damage.

After Lu Yu had stacked five of them, his attack had reached 1,000!

Such astounding destructive power was something Lu Yu couldnt do with any of his other claws.

The battle axe swung down and smashed toward Lu Yus face.

Lu Yu hurriedly lifted his right claw and blocked the huge axe blade.

The claw and the axe collided, causing dazzling sparks to burst out.

The axe Li Yin had swung down with all his might was stopped dead in mid-air by Lu Yus right claw.

At that moment, Lu Yu gritted his teeth and shouted, “Xu Yuan, get ready to attack! I need your cooperation!”

Xu Yuan, who had been standing far away, was stunned momentarily when he heard this.

He thought Lu Yu was no match for Li Yin and planned to escape.

But he hesitated after hearing this, as he saw a unique aura emitting from Lu Yu.

In the end, he chose to trust Lu Yu.

He closed in on Li Yin while controlling his cobra, preparing to release another wave of poisonous fog.

Lu Yus fiery dragon claw was melting the Moon Slaying Silver Axe at their contact point.

Very quickly, the axes blade had five dents that were liquefying fast.

Li Yins eyes instantly widened when he saw that.

He never expected his battle axe to melt and break down just by colliding with Lu Yus claws!

In other words, his battle axe was already in a half-damaged state from this moment on.

He exclaimed in surprise as the high temperature on Lu Yus claw was simply mind-blowing!

Suddenly, he saw Xu Yuan coming toward him.

He agitatedly gripped the handle of his axe and tried to retreat.

However, Lu Yus left claw suddenly reached out and firmly grabbed the handle of Li Yins axe.

Lu Yu exerted force with his left hand, and Li Yin couldnt pull back his axe.

Li Yin stood where he was, amazed by Lu Yus muscular strength.

The strength of Lu Yus one hand was greater than two of his.

At that moment, Xu Yuan was already in front of them, and the cobra on his arm opened its jaws and spat out a dense poisonous fog.

The poisonous fog spread toward Li Yin.

The poisonous mist engulfed Li Yin, and there was no way for him to defend himself.

He subsequently inhaled some of the poisonous fog.

In an instant, a wave of powerlessness swept over him like a tidal wave, alarming him with a strong sense of danger.

At the same time, he felt the high temperature released by Lu Yus dragon claws closing in.

He knew it would be bad if those hot claws were to touch his body, as they would roast him completely.

There was more to this surprise, as Lu Yus left claw melted the handle of the axe that Li Yin was holding!

The melted handle of the axe turned into molten iron and dripped to the ground.

After freeing himself from Lu Yus grip, Li Yin staggered a few steps back.

The axe in his hand was split into two halves.

He was poisoned, and his entire body felt weak.

At that moment, Li Yin was in such a sorry state that he couldnt even stand up straight.

He bent over and looked up at Lu Yu.

“You bastard! You destroyed my battle axe!”

He held the broken axe and yelled at Lu Yu in an angry tone.

The poison in his body had begun to take effect, causing him to weaken and break out in a cold sweat.

Lu Yu looked at him and laughed.

“Hey, do you even see the situation you are in How can you be so arrogant despite your sorry state”

Xu Yuan also laughed happily.

“Werent you acting all haughty just moments before Didnt you say that you would kill us How about trying it now”

Li Yin gulped as he began to see his own situation.

His most powerful weapon had been shattered, so how was he going to continue fighting

Most importantly, he was hit by Xus poisonous fog, and this was the last straw that broke the camels back.

If he hadnt been poisoned, he could have switched to another weapon that was more or less the same as his battle axe and continued fighting.

But his fighting strength had disappeared entirely after getting poisoned.

It was simply impossible for him to do anything and even more impossible to have any hope of winning against Lu Yu.

A sense of powerlessness swept over him, causing him to keel over to the ground with a plop.

He raised his head and looked at Lu Yu.

With a trembling voice, he said, “With you in the Freedom Federation, it will be a great calamity for the Lionheart Empire!”

“If the Lionheart Empire doesnt take action soon, they will be finished…”

He sighed at Lu Yus young age, strong prowess, and the ridiculousness of the situation.

He had every reason to believe that Lu Yus future would be frightening if he continued to develop.

He hoped that the Lionheart Empire would take this matter seriously.

Although the Lionheart Empire and the Freedom Federation cooperated in many areas, the two countries were still competitors.

They both desired to subjugate the other and become the dominant country.

Therefore, such underhanded assassination methods were common.

After all, those exceptionally gifted geniuses were the countrys pillars.

Lu Yu walked to Li Yin and looked down at him.

“Youre about to die, yet youre still thinking about the Lionheart Empire.

It looks like youre loyal to your country.”

Li Yins body trembled as he hurriedly explained, “No, no, Im not.

I dont care about the empire.

Let me go, and Ill give you all the information I know!”

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