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Chapter 288 A Favor From Wan Guliu

Lu Yu sat in an airtight secret room in a police station.

There was strong soundproofing here, and the outside world could not hear a word that Lu Yu said.

At the same time, the telephone lines and networks here were strictly monitored.

It was precisely in such a room that there was a line to contact the military.

Lu Yu sat in front of the table and waited for a moment.

Then, Wan Gulius hearty laughter came from the other end of the phone.

“Lu Yu, I didnt expect you to contact me so soon.

Did you run into an emergency”

“Its about my family.

Shes sick and is in the hospital…”

Before Lu Yu could finish, Wan Guliu continued, “Its your aunt, right Her illness is special, and Ive already sent someone to solve her medical expenses.”

“Its not about the money.

I wouldnt have contacted you if it were as simple as money.

The money I earn is enough to pay for her medical expenses.”

“Oh Then why did you contact me”

“Theres a doctor in the military who can help with my aunts surgery and cure her illness.”

Wan Guliu was a little surprised.

“Really A doctor in the military can do it Where did you hear about it”

“A doctor in Ixdale Central Hospital told me,” Lu Yu answered.

“Hmm, they are professional doctors.

Since its their judgment, I have nothing to say.

Whats the doctors name you want to contact”

Wan Gulu straightforwardly replied without any hesitation.

Lu Yu quickly replied, “The doctor is the renowned Snake Staff Poison Doctor in the military, and his name is Xu Yuan.

You should be able to contact him, right”

“What are you talking about Of course, I can! Just you wait; Ill contact him right now and tell him to rush over as soon as possible.

He wont waste a single second!”

On the other end of the phone, Lu Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

Lu Yus heart relaxed after hearing Wan Gulius words.

“Im really grateful.

Ill wait here for him to come over.”

“Is there anything else you want”


Wan Guliu went silent for a moment and said helplessly, “This is just a small matter, and you shouldnt have used my favor.”

“But since you did, you cant go back on your word.”

Wan Guliu quickly added, afraid that Lu Yu would regret his decision.

Lu Yu was speechless.

Then, he realized what a waste it was to use Wan Gulius favor just to call a doctor over…

However, since this was for his aunts illness, Lu Yu didnt feel much of a loss.

“I wont go back on my words.

After all, its for my aunt.

Ill hang up now since theres nothing else.”

“Okay, Ill go and give him the order now.”

After hanging up the phone, Lu Yu walked out of the room.

After passing through the corridor, Lu Yu came to the front lobby.

The police chief walked over and came to see Lu Yu.

“How was the chat”

“It went smoothly,” Lu Yu said casually.

“I wont ask too much about the contents of your chat.

After all, its a call to Wan Guliu himself.

If anything happens in the future, come to our place anytime, as were all on the same side.”

The chief looked at the badge on Lu Yus chest and knew Lu Yus status would not be low in the future, so it would be helpful for him to be friendly now.

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Ill head back first.”

With that, Lu Yu pushed open the glass door and walked out of the police station with the chiefs accompaniment.

Lu Yu immediately quickened his pace and rushed back to Ixdale Central Hospital.

Lu Yu ran his fastest to go upstairs and return to his aunts ward.

In the ward, Liu Yi was still lying on the bed, in a coma with her pale face.

The three doctors sat beside her and carefully observed her vitals, afraid that something might happen suddenly.

After Lu Yu hurriedly walked in, he looked at them and said, “Prepare the operating room.

Ive contacted the poison doctor, and hell be here soon!”

When he said this, the three doctors immediately stood up.

“Is what you said true Did you really contact the poison doctor”

“Snake Staff Poison Doctor has a very high position in the military, and not anyone can call him over.

Are you sure”

“Moving the patient rashly to another place will not be good for her.”

Lu Yu looked at the three of them and nodded with certainty.

“Of course, Im sure.

How could I possibly take risks with my aunts life He will be here soon!”

Doctor Zhao was still puzzled, but he still picked up his phone and sent a message to the nurses, asking them to prepare an operating theater.

“Lu Yu, how did you get in touch with them Are you sure you got the right person”

Doctor Zhao walked to Lu Yus side and asked again.

Lu Yu was getting a little impatient.

“I got in touch with Wan Guliu, and someone in his position should be able to command a doctor, not”

When he said this, the three doctors were surprised.

“You got in touch with the Wan Guliu For real”

Doctor Zhao didnt believe it, and the two others behind him were also in disbelief.

“Thats impossible.

Do you even know the kind of person Wan Guliu is Theres no way you actually contacted him.”

“Damn, if you can really get in contact with Wan Guliu, this matter is settled!”

The three looked at Lu Yu, unwilling to believe Lu Yus words.

Lu Yu looked at the three peoples untrusting eyes and sighed helplessly.

“Come, come, look at this!”

Lu Yu pointed at the badge on his chest.

“Do you recognize this”

Doctor Zhaos eyes widened.

“This… is a third-class merit badge.

You obtained a third-class merit badge”

The two doctors beside him bent forward and stared at the badge earnestly.

“Shit, its the real deal.

You actually got a third-class merit badge!” The professional doctor couldnt help but swear out loud.

“I heard that a third-class merit badge is an award given to those that save a city.

What did you do”

The three looked at Lu Yu curiously.

Of course, Lu Yu couldnt tell them the truth as it was confidential.

“This is not something you should ask.

Dont just stay here, hurry up!”

The two doctors behind Doctor Zhao started to prepare for the surgery, but Doctor Zhao still stood where he was and looked at Lu Yu curiously.

“You did get a third-class merit award, but what does this have to do with Wan Guliu Did he come to award you this badge personally”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thats right.

This badge isnt supposed to be awarded by Wan Guliu, but its an exception this time.

Not only did he come personally to award it to me, but he also invited me to join the military.”

Doctor Zhao was even more curious.

“Does Wan Guliu value you so much After all, wont it mean that you are guaranteed to join the military after getting this badge”

“Looks like you dont believe me.”

“I didnt mean that.

Of course, I believe you…”

Lu Yu ignored him.

Instead, he took out his phone and played a video.

This video was the ceremony of Wan Guliu personally giving Lu Yu his badge.

When Doctor Zhao saw the video, his eyes and mouth slowly widened.

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