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Chapter 259 Strongest Battle Pet

Zheng Yi stood up and took two steps toward Lu Yu.

The stump on his right arm had already been bandaged.

Losing a hand enraged him, and he had become much more haggard under the excruciating pain.

“Lu Yu, youre dead.

Im going to use my trump card.”

Lu Yu was annoyed and said impatiently, “I dont want to waste my time on you.

The demi-humans you captured need me right now!”

“Youre not wasting your time on me, but on my battle pet!”

Zheng Yi raised his left hand and touched an exquisite ring on his middle finger with his thumb.

Immediately after, the ring emitted a bright light, and a large silhouette appeared.

The light faded, and a massive tiger appeared before Zheng Yi.

“Your opponent will be my battle pet, the Underworld Tiger!”

The tiger in front of Zheng Yi looked about the same size as an adult northern tiger.

However, it didnt have the usual golden strips.

The Underworld Tigers fur was dark blue and emitted fluorescent light waves into the darkness.

The moment the Underworld Tiger appeared, the surrounding beast tamers were excited.

“Boss, youre finally getting serious!”

“The Underworld Tiger is going to win us the battle!”

“We have a hope of winning this!”

“Boss, our hope is all upon you!”

Zheng Yi looked at everyone and said, “Dont worry.

You have all seen the strength of my Underworld Tiger, and it will be easy for it to get rid of Lu Yu.”

Lu Yu sized up the tiger in front of him, but he didnt see anything special.

“Since you guys praise this tiger so much, I will give it a go then!”

Lu Yus claws turned into Diamond Dragon Claws as he approached the Underworld Tiger.

He planned to end the battle quickly and not waste more time.

The clock was ticking.

If he could break into the warehouse one second earlier, he could save one more demi-human.

All their lives were in Lu Yus hands.

Lu Yus body was covered in a layer of a rectangular golden shield as he quickly jogged up to the Underworld Tiger.

As he trod over, Lu Yu activated his Eye of the Dragon God and looked at the Underworld Tiger.

[ Underworld Tiger (S-Level) ]

[ Skills: Underworld Shadow, Corpse Ripping Claw, Underworld Explosion ]

[ Underworld Shadow: Creates a doppelganger that has half of the attributes of the original ]

[ Corpse Ripping Claw: Swings its claw forward, causing AOE damage.

At the same time, it penetrates 50% of the targets armor, creating a tearing effect that reduces healing.

Lasts for 5 seconds ]

[ Underworld Explosion: Underworld Tiger self-destructs.

At the cost of its life, it kills all living creatures within a three-meter radius ]


[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 420 ]

[ Speed: 280 ]

[ Health: 580 ]

[ Mana: 200 ]

[ Defense: 280 ]

The Underworld Tigers stats seemed slightly inferior to Lu Yus.

However, its skills were simply overpowering!

If Lu Yu only looked at the tigers surface-level stats, he would win a fight against it.

However, these three skills were each more potent than the last!

Each of them gave Lu Yu a headache.

The first, creating a clone, was self-explanatory.

Although it only had half the stats of the original, it still posed a significant threat.

The second skill was terrifying.

Lu Yus Armor-piercing Water Spear only gave a 40% armor-piercing effect.

Moreover, it was a single-target skill.

This tigers Corpse Ripping Claw dealt AOE damage and gave such a ridiculous armor-piercing effect.

It would destroy half of Lu Yus armor, which was much stronger than Lu Yus.


Moreover, it would have a tearing effect on its targets, and any healing effect would be significantly reduced.

It would be difficult for Lu Yu to continue fighting if this skill hit him.

If Lu Yu were hit by the tigers Corpse Ripping Claw, his continuous battling ability would be greatly reduced.

If Lu Yu could defeat the Underworld Tiger, its clone, and dodge all their claw attacks, he still had one last move he needed to consider.

Under Explosion.

Self-destructs at the cost of ones own life, killing all living creatures within a three-meter radius.

This skill no longer looked at defense, health, or other factors.

As long as one was a living being, one would be killed immediately.

It was a one-hit KO move.

Lu Yu gulped.

It seemed that this tiger was a strong opponent and wouldnt be easy to deal with.

In some aspects, the Underworld Tiger was similar to Lu Yu.

The strength of the two depended on their skills and talents, not their raw stats.

Everyone held their breath as they looked at the man and the tiger.

They knew that the upcoming battle would be one of the most exciting battles they would ever see.

Therefore, everyone was dead silent.

The Underworld Tiger lowered its body and stared straight at Lu Yu.

It was already prowling, ready to attack.

The next moment, with a swoosh, the Underworld Tiger charged out and arrived before Lu Yu instantly.


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