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Chapter 22 Worshipped, Value Rising

A black figure walked out slowly from the entrance of the Sky Hall.

Lu Yu, dressed in black, walked out of the dungeon.

Everyone recognized him at a glance and was all astonished.

“He came out of the dungeon!”


Lu Yu, did you clear it”

“Could it be that he escaped, and he never fought the bosses”

Many people were betting that Lu Yu could not win, so they hoped that the answer was that Lu Yu had escaped.

However, on second thought, escaping from two bosses was not something an ordinary person could do either.

Everyone looked at Lu Yu excitedly, waiting to hear his answer.

Lu Yu looked at everyone and answered calmly, “I have already killed two bosses.

There are no more bosses in the dungeon now, and everyone can go on in.”


Hearing that, some people cheered loudly.

“Hell yeah, Im going to be rich!”

“Lu Yu actually killed the bosses! I didnt misjudge him!”

“Fortunately, I bet on you.

Im getting rich!”

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Some people were extremely excited, while the other group of people were saddened.

However, they quickly regained their spirits, even though they had lost some money.

Now that they could enter the dungeon safely, they could successfully complete their quest.

It was not a bad trade…


Lu Yu walked past the crowd and left the place.

Everyone looked at Lu Yus silhouette and sighed.

“This person, Lu Yu, will definitely be a big shot in the future!”

“Isnt that obvious”

“Although we know that his name is Lu Yu, there are too many people who are named Lu Yu as well.

We dont know who this particular Lu Yu is.”

“Hes dressed in black.

I cant tell…”

“Why dont we change the way we address him Lets remember this future bigshot!”

“Sure, Im good at giving nicknames.”

Lu Yu had already returned to Riverdale City.

After resting for a night, he went back to the black market.

When he arrived at the entrance of the black market, Lu Yu felt the strange gazes of the people there.

They seemed to be staring at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu felt that it was strange, but he still walked in.

However, he instantly attracted everyones attention when he stepped into the black market.

Lu Yu was utterly dumbfounded.

He was dressed in black, so why was he attracting unwanted attention


At that moment, a beautiful young girl ran in front of Lu Yu and looked at Lu Yu with worship.

“Wow, you must be Erebus! I admire you so much!”


Lu Yu was confused and quickly asked, “You have the wrong person.

My name is not Erebus.”

The girl took a photo, looked at Lu Yu carefully, and answered, “You are.

Stop pretending.

I can recognize you.”

Lu Yu shook his head helplessly and continued to walk forward.

“Isnt that the big boss, Erebus Is he here to accept a quest”

“Big boss.

If you need anything, just let me know!”

Everyone greeted him, which made Lu Yu a little confused.

“Everyone, Im really not this Erebus you speak of.

Youve got the wrong person!”

Lu Yu thought they might have mistaken him for another big shot dressed entirely in black.

However, someone stood up at that moment and explained, “We are addressing you.

‘Erebus is an endearing nickname we came up with for you .”

“We have seen your prowess at the Sky Hall.

It is truly shocking, a feat that deserves to have us compare you to a god.”


Lu Yu was stunned, realizing they were mentioning his feat in Sky Hall.

It seemed that they were indeed talking about him.

He had not expected that this battle would make him well-known in the black market, making him somewhat of a celebrity now.

It seemed that he had also gained some admirers.


“Big Boss, the black market has reserved a large number of quests for you.

You can take on any quest you wish.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly and prepared to continue on his questing adventures.

At that moment, a young man ran out and shouted, “An auction is about to be held.

Everyone, do come and support us!”


Someone asked curiously, “What auction is it”

“Many big factions will be participating in this auction!”

“And the item being auctioned is the opportunity to collaborate with Mr.

Erebus himself!”

Everyone was in an uproar.

They did not expect that they would need to bid through an auction if they wanted to collaborate with the God of the night, Erebus himself!

Lu Yu was a little speechless when he noticed what was going on.

How did an opportunity to collaborate with him get auctioned off by the authorities

He didnt expect that he was this valuable, that an auction would be needed to set up just to get an opportunity to collaborate with him.

“Hey, Im the Erebus that youre talking about.

Why dont I know about this auction”

“Youre auctioning an opportunity to cooperate with me, right As the party involved, dont I have the right to know whats happening”

Lu Yu demanded, somewhat unhappily.

That person looked at Lu Yu and hurriedly ran over with an embarrassed smile.

“Lord Erebus, Im really sorry.

I didnt know you were here.”

“Um, its actually Miss Qin Ya who organized the auction.

Why dont you go and talk to her”

Lu Yu didnt say anything but turned around and went to the second floor.

Then, he knocked on a door and entered Qin Yas office.

“Miss Qin, did you organize the auction downstairs”

Qin Ya, who was busy, smiled when she saw Lu Yu enter.

“Yes, this will help you maximize your benefits.”

“But it seems you didnt inform me in advance”

She pouted slightly.

“Well, Im guessing that you wont refuse such a good thing, right”


Lu Yu sat in front of her.

“Alright, since the auction has already started, I wont refuse it.”


Qin Ya pushed a display on the table toward Lu Yu.

“There are cameras on it.

You can take a look at the auction going on.”

Lu Yu looked at the screen and realized that the stage for the auction had been set up, and all the participants had arrived.

The auction started very quickly, and people began to bid continuously.

The prices went from 50,000 to 100,000 to 150,000 and continued to rise.

In a short time, the price went up to 500,000.

Lu Yu was a little surprised, but on second thought, his feat was definitely worth 500,000.

Then, a middle-aged man wearing a black suit with a noble temperament walked in.

When Qin Ya saw this person, her interest was instantly piqued.

“I didnt expect that this auction would be able to attract this person!”

Seeing how excited she was, Lu Yu asked curiously, “Who is he”

“This is Hu Yan, a member of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets.”

“And the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets is one of the top intelligence agencies in the entire Sola region.”


“To be able to attract this agency to attend your auction, you are sure charming…”


Lu Yu did not say anything more and continued to look at the screen.

Hu Yan immediately raised his panel and shouted, “I offer a gold skill stone tablet!”

“And this is only a deposit!”

Once these words were said, the entire venue fell silent.

A gold skill stone tablet was way beyond what anyone offered.

After this bid, no one raised their panel anymore.

The auction winner was none other than the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets!

Lu Yu was curious as to why the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets was so interested in him.

Also, what was a gold skill stone tablet


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