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Chapter 247 Comprehending An Ultimate Skill, Counterattack

Lu Yu understood the philosophy of water, allowing him to adapt to the impact of the waterfall.

At the same time, he comprehended a skill, Flowing Water Rock Shattering.

The Flowing Water Rock Shattering skill could be used as a palm or fist attack.

Lu Yu had only comprehended this new skill at a beginner level and had not engaged in combat or practiced it.

However, this water elemental skill made up for some of Lu Yus shortcomings.

Lu Yu turned around and began to walk out of the waterfall.

Those five attackers outside were naturally his best test subjects.

Now that they had caught up, Lu Yu did not plan to hide anymore.

He hid in here for almost a minute, with them waiting outside.

They were getting impatient, so they got Bear to prepare his defense to charge in.

In this one short minute, Lu Yu had almost recovered.

Moreover, water elements had the characteristic of nourishing everything, so being inside this waterfall increased Lu Yus recovery speed.

Lu Yu had just turned around when he saw a figure through the waterfall.

The person was walking against the waters current.

Seeing him, Lu Yu immediately recognized he was Bear.

Bear was planning to walk in and pull Lu Yu out.

Tiger and the other four looked at Bears figure outside the waterfall and began to cheer him on.

Bears steps were struggling, as the constant impact of the water made his shoulders and head hurt.

He clenched his teeth and slowly moved forward.

Tiger looked at the bears back and encouraged him, “Come on, you can definitely get in.

Everything will be fine if you can pull Lu Yu out!”

The five were surprised that Lu Yu could stay there for so long.

Deer even had the impression that Lu Yu had died inside.

The only person they knew who could withstand the impact of the waterfall for this long was Senior Zhao Hang.

“If you cant see that guy anymore, just look at the ground.

He might have already turned into a corpse.”

“I think theres a high probability hes already dead in there.

Maybe hes stuck in a rock and cant come out.”

“Search carefully.

We have to find him!”

The other four yells made Bear angry.

None of them dared to come in, and all they did was yap nonsense.

“So much gibberish.

Its already hard enough for me to go in!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, his eyes suddenly widened.

Vaguely, he saw a figure in the water.

This figure had the same outline as Lu Yu.

Most importantly, he was standing under the impact of the water as if nothing had happened!

“This… this is impossible!”

Bear was shocked and did not expect Lu Yus physical strength to be this terrifying.

Bear couldnt even stay here for a few more seconds, and Lu Yu had been standing there the whole time, unharmed!

Lu Yu turned around and looked at Bear.

Lu Yus vision was poor as he was in the water.

However, he could still see the Bears outline and knew his approximate location.

Lu Yu raised his hands.

Suddenly, two water pillars gathered at the tip of Lu Yus palms.

As Lu Yu waved his palms, the two water pillars danced out.

At that moment, the water pillars gently floated before Lu Yus palms.

But the next moment, Lu Yu swung his hands with the tip of his palms facing Bear!


The two water pillars suddenly charged with a violent impact, rushing toward Bear!

A loud bang was heard.

Bear was sent flying by the two water pillars!

With a plop, Bears huge body flew out of the waterfall and fell heavily into the river.

Fresh blood flowed out of Bears body, flowing along the river.

The other four were stunned.

Almost immediately, Bear was knocked out and down to the ground.

“What… what is going on What exactly is in the waterfall that has such a powerful force”

“What happened Why were you knocked out”

Tiger squatted beside Bear and asked earnestly.

Bear coughed twice.

The heavy wound on his chest was causing him extreme pain.

“I… I think I saw Lu Yu.

This attack seems to have been created by him.”

These words stunned Tiger.

“This is impossible.

Its impossible for him to stay under the waterfall for such a long time.”

Bear shook his head helplessly, “In this waterfall, only Lu Yu just entered, and no one else.

Therefore, it must be Lu Yu.”

Tiger froze as he did not expect Lu Yu to be able to stay there for so long.

Moreover, Lu Yus strength was not affected, actually increasing instead.

Normally, Tiger would walk with a limp after cultivating inside the waterfall for even half a minute.

Every time he entered the waterfall to cultivate, he would need a long recovery process.

It was different for Lu Yu.

He wasnt injured and even miraculously had his strength increased.

This made Tiger think of Senior Zhao Hang…

Just as the five of them were deep in thought…

Lu Yus figure slowly walked out from under the waterfall.

When the five of them saw Lu Yu, they all became nervous and started to gather closer.

“Was that attack just now really from you” Bear held his chest and asked with a grave expression.

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Thats right, it was me.

Do you have a problem with that”

Tiger questioned, “How did you stay in there for so long What trickeries are you playing at”

“Thats right, I cant even stay in there for 10 seconds, so how can you hold on for this long Thats ridiculous!” Ape shouted unhappily.

Lu Yu shrugged.

“What does it have to do with me if you guys cant last long inside there Maybe you guys are just too weak.”

These words instantly enraged the five.

“Bastard, you and your dirty mouth! Youre done for! You arent even a match for us!”

Tiger flared his tiger claws and was ready to attack Lu Yu at any moment.

Ape, who was at the side, also started warming up his fists to prepare for battle.

The other three also started warming up.

Lu Yu looked at the five without any fear.

After all, he could still hide in the waterfall whenever he pleased.

However, hiding was ultimately not a long-term solution.

If the Martial Arts Club sent a large number of people here, Lu Yu would be like a turtle caught in a jar if he kept hiding.

Therefore, Lu Yu walked out after he had almost recovered.

“Since you guys like to fight five against one, come on then.

Let me show you what true strength is!”

Tiger huffed coldly.

“Shameless boasting!”

The next moment, he brandished his tiger claws and charged toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu stretched out his basic pair of dragon claws and formed an open palm.

Following the movement of his palm, the surrounding water elements began to surge.

The five people that were charging over stopped dead in their tracks.

They stared blankly at Lu Yus hands.

“This seems familiar.”

“Isnt… isnt this the Flowing Water Rock Shattering palm that Senior Zhao comprehended”

“What Thats impossible.

Why does he know this technique too”

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