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Chapter 21 New Paths Of The Dragon Claw, Water And Fire Wrist Guards

After the evolution of the Dragon Claw, Lu Yu felt an unprecedented amount of power surge in his body.

His arms were like the sharp claws of a giant dragon, covered with scales and flickering with a cold glint.

His pair of claws were even sharper and longer than before.

Lu Yu waved his right arm and struck a massive rock on the side.

With a loud crack, the huge rock exploded into countless pieces.

This increase in his attack power was too terrifying!

Lu Yu was overjoyed and quickly opened his attribute panel!

[ Attack: 230 ]

[ Speed: 150 ]

[ Health: 300 ]

[ Mana: 150 ]

[ Defense: 200 ]

Lu Yu looked at the interface and was highly excited.

His attributes had all increased significantly!

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With more than 200 attack power, this attack value was enough for him to kill a beginner-level boss instantly!

As expected, the evolution of the Dragon Claw route was the correct decision, and this was just the beginning.

Lu Yu had just entered the Dragon Claw path, and he would continue to evolve based on this in the future.

At that moment, another notification appeared in front of him.

[ Notification: During the evolution process, you have automatically completed the absorption and fusion of your equipments attributes into you.

Even if you change your equipment in the future, your attributes will not be reduced ]


Lu Yu quickly understood what the notification meant.

In other words, even if he took off his equipment, it would not reduce his current attributes.

However, the critical skills that his pieces of equipment provided would still disappear.

Therefore, Lu Yu still needed to continue wearing his equipment, at least for now.

Otherwise, he would be unable to use the Shadow Substitute and aura concealment skills.

He had finished collecting the materials and had successfully killed the dungeon boss.

He had also evolved into the Dragon Claw path and obtained a rare item.

He really made a huge profit this time!

After Lu Yu packed his things, he began preparing himself to leave the dungeon.

When he arrived at the entrance of the Sky Hall, Lu Yu saw a notification.

[ Do you wish to leave the dungeon ]

Lu Yu chose yes.

At that moment, another notification popped up.

[ Congratulations on completing a Dangerous level dungeon.

Achievement: First clear on a Dangerous level dungeon.


[ Achievement reward obtained.

Do you wish to open it ]

“Open it!”

Soon, two rays of light flashed before Lu Yus eyes, and he saw two pieces of equipment appear before him.

These two pieces of equipment were both wrist guards.

He looked at the first wrist guard.

[ Water Wrist Guard: Blue quality, increases 30 health and 20 defense.

Equipment effect: It has a certain probability of triggering water elemental attacks ]

It was a piece of water-type equipment, and it was also defense-type.

A water elemental attack would be good.

It would have an excellent effect if he encountered enemies that were weak to such elements.

Lu Yu continued to look at the next wrist guard.

[ Fire Wrist Guard: Blue quality, increases 10 attack and 40 speed.

Equipment Effect: It has a certain probability of triggering fire elemental attacks ]


It was a fire elemental equipment.

What was going on, one fire while the other was water

Lu Yu initially assumed that this pair of wrist guards would give the same attribute.

However, it was fine.

One more element, one more variation in his battles.

Moreover, the increase in attributes it gave was not bad, as the equipment could also slightly increase his strength.

Thus, Lu Yu picked up the two wrist guards and equipped them on his body.

Then, he opened his personal attributes panel.

[ Attack: 240 ]

[ Speed: 190 ]

[ Health: 330 ]

[ Mana: 150 ]

[ Defense: 220 ]

After this upgrade, he had made up for many of his shortcomings in terms of speed.

Increasing his attributes in all aspects was the best plan, as having any shortcoming would be fatal.

After putting on the new equipment, Lu Yu saw a series of notifications again.

[ Congratulations on the four symbols set effect! ]

Lu Yu was shocked.

What the hell were the four symbols set effect

[ The Shadow set is wind, the Rock set is earth, and the two bracers represent water and fire, respectively.


[ The four symbols condition has been met.

The four symbols effect has been triggered.


Lu Yu was immediately curious and asked, “What is the use of this effect”

[ Four symbols effect is a combo skill.

In other words, wearing this set of equipment can obtain a combo effect.

Skills can be seamlessly linked together.


This description was ordinary, but Lu Yu could see the beauty in it.

Now, when he releases a skill, he cannot immediately release the next skill.

He had a short cooldown to charge his next skill when he released a skill.

Therefore, after he finished a skill, he could only dodge and look for another opportunity to release the next skill.

However, with this combo effect, he could easily combine four skills and cast them in an instant.

He could first cast the Armor Penetration skill, then Grappling to expose weaknesses, attack from a distance with his Split Claws, and finally, use Strong Wall to block any counterattack.


All of these could be cast in an instant.

This effect would be a game-changer in actual combat, greatly enhancing Lu Yus combat capabilities.

Of course, his mana had to be able to keep up.

Otherwise, if he released them too quickly, it would be problematic if his mana recovery could not keep up.

Lu Yu opened his personal interface.

His mana was only 150, which allowed him to release about 15 skills.


Factoring in his mana recovery in a fight, he should be able to release about 20 skills.

Of course, if he had prepared sufficient mana recovery potions in advance, he would not have to worry about mana consumption.

At that moment, Lu Yu looked at his evolution path.

It seemed to have been updated.

He quickly tapped in and saw a series of evolution paths!

Lu Yu was dazzled and excited.

[ Flaming Dragon Claw ] – [ Explosive Dragon Claw ]

The first Dragon Claw evolution was the fire attribute path.

First, it would evolve into the Flaming Dragon Claw, and then it would evolve into the Explosive Dragon Claw.

It sounded strong, but it was hard to say how the real thing would turn out.

Lu Yu continued to look down and was mesmerized by the evolution path below.

[ Flowing Water Dragon Claw ] – [ Ice Dragon Claw ]


[ Gale Dragon Claw ] – [ Thunder Dragon Claw ]


[ Rock Crushing Dragon Claw ] – [ Diamond Dragon Claw ]


[ Light Dragon Claw ] – [ Holy Dragon Claw ]

[ Dark Dragon Claw ] – [ Undead Dragon Claw ]


[ … ]-[ … ]


Lu Yu was a little amazed.

There were so many evolution paths.

What should he choose


He scratched his head and was at a loss for a moment.

With so many choices, he was in a dilemma.

He did not know which evolutionary path had the greatest potential, although it looked like each one was pretty good.

He closed the interface, took a deep breath, and walked out of the dungeon.


At that moment, dozens of people gathered at the dungeons entrance.

They were all people who had just placed bets on whether Lu Yu could kill the two bosses, sitting on the ground and looking at the entrance with great anticipation.

“Do you guys think Lu Yu would perish if he couldnt kill the boss”

“Its possible.

This dungeon is full of cliffs.

If he couldnt win, he would not be able to run away.”

“Shit, if Lu Yu dies in there, wont we have waited for nothing”

“Thats true.

If he dies in there, we wont be able to know the end result even if we waste our entire lives waiting.”

“Hey, lets go, lets go…”

At that moment, someone pointed at the entrance and shouted, “Someone is here!”


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