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Chapter 242 Birds Terrifying Speed

In an instant, Bird dived in front of Lu Yu.

Following that, he whipped his wings onto Lu Yu.

The thick and sturdy wings assaulted Lu Yu, and Lu Yu hurriedly raised his arm to defend himself.


Birds wings heavily slammed into Lu Yus arm, sending Lu Yu flying back.

Once the immense force sent Lu Yu flying backwards, he hurriedly adjusted his balance and finally managed to stagger back to his feet.

He raised his head to look at Bird, slightly shocked by what had just happened.

Lu Yu did not expect that this fellow, who looked unremarkable, was not weak at all.

Summoning the birds was just one of his skills, and it wasnt what he relied on in a normal fight.

Birds hand-to-hand combat was just as strong.

It wouldnt be easy for Lu Yu to deal with Birds wings.

Bird looked at Lu Yu and sped up, sticking close to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu straightened his body and stared at Bird as he approached him as well.

“Your wings are sure tough! But lets see whether your wings are tougher than my claws!”

Bird sneered, “Keep dreaming.

My wings can destroy everything!”

“Can you people from the Martial Arts Club stop boasting constantly”

Soon, Lu Yu was right before Bird.

Bird didnt say anything.

He turned his body and swiped the wings on his back over.

Lu Yu lifted his right claw, switching it to his Diamond Dragon Claw, and clawed at Birds wings!

The two sides collided, and Lu Yus claw grabbed onto the feathers on Birds wings.

At that moment, sparks were created from friction!

Lu Yu was surprised.

The feathers on Birds wings were as tough as steel!

His dragon claw held onto the wings, trying to prevent Bird from flapping over.

Bird commented, “Your strength is good, but still a lot weaker compared to mine!”

Bird twisted his body again, and the other wing slapped toward Lu Yu!

Lu Yu quickly clenched his fist and struck at Birds wing!


A muffled bang was heard, and the two sides were at a stalemate again.

Lu Yus fist pressed against Birds wing, and neither side could advance a single inch!

Lu Yu frowned.

If this continued, he would not be able to beat this guy!

The Martial Arts Club members also saw what was happening.

“Senior Brother Bird has the upper hand now, but their strength, attack, speed, and other attributes seem to be even.”

“Hehe, as long as we continue to drag it out, Lu Yus stamina will be exhausted, and we will win!”

“We have waited for this for a long time, finally getting our victory.

If we lose, it will be more than embarrassing.”

“Senior Brother Bird is capable of that.

It was the right decision to let him fight last.”

“The battle is finally coming to an end.

Even though Lu Yu will lose in the end, he has more than proven his prowess.

Indeed, outstanding…”

At that moment, Lu Yu stared at the huge wings before him.

After pondering for a moment, he suddenly noticed a weak point.

The speed at which Bird could swing his wings seemed different from the speed at which Lu Yu could punch out; his punch was clearly much faster than the speed of Birds wing attack.

Thus, Lu Yu retracted his right fist and punched out his left fist!

Bird turned his body and manipulated his wings to block it.

But very soon, Lu Yu retracted his fist and punched again!

However, Bird still easily blocked it.

Lu Yu continued to punch rapidly.

He didnt believe the speed of Birds wings could be faster than his punches.

After all, the wings were much larger and heavier than Lu Yus fists!

Unfortunately, Lu Yus continuous punching strategy did not work.

Bird still nimbly blocked all the attacks.

Bird seemed to have noticed his strategy.

He smiled at Lu Yu and asked, “What Do you want to compete with my speed No one here has even one-tenth of my speed.


“If you want to match my speed, come and try!”

The next moment, the wings on Birds back began to whip toward Lu Yu at a rapid speed.

This speed was several times faster than before!

The huge wings turned into afterimages as they brought with them a strong gust of wind, assaulting Lu Yu.

Lu Yu was flustered, as it seemed he could not catch up with this speed.

Since that was the case, he had to switch to his Thunder Dragon Claws.

The thunder element was the same as the wind element, both of which could increase the users speed.

The increment provided by the thunder element was several times more than the wind element!

Therefore, Lu Yus speed should have greatly increased now that he was using his Thunder Dragon Claws.

Both of Lu Yus claws morphed into his Thunder Dragon Claws.

Then, Lu Yu began to lash out his fists to block Birds attack.

Lu Yus punches turned into afterimages, creating bright flashes of lightning at the same time.

The battle of speed between the two made the onlookers jittery.

“This speed is crazy fast!”

“My attack speed is not even one-tenth of theirs.”

“I never expected Lu Yus speed to be this fast.

Ive never seen him continuously punch this quickly.”

“Haha, no **.

He has the thunder element, so of course, hes fast!”

“Lets wait and see which one of them is faster!”

Lu Yu and Bird continued to punch each other until the air around them started to distort, as constant dull sounds of collision rang out!

Bird frowned.

He was astonished that Lu Yus speed was on par with his!

Most importantly, Lu Yus stamina was still holding on!

Birds stamina was almost exhausted, but Lu Yus stamina seemed bottomless.

It was like a bottomless abyss…

Ever since Lu Yu learned his Dragon God Breathing Technique, his stamina never seemed to run out!

As a result of relying on this breathing technique, Lu Yu was able to maintain a reasonable amount of stamina throughout all his battles.

Birds speed slowed down, and Lu Yu saw an opportunity to punch Birds wing in a certain spot.

This punch caused one of his wings to droop and lose its strength.

Bird gritted his teeth, feeling the sharp pain from Lu Yus accurate punch.

“Damn it.

How did you maintain that speed for that long, you demon.”

He could not believe that someone could have such endless physical strength.

He stared at Lu Yu and started to get anxious.

One of his wings was injured, and it was getting difficult for him to continue fighting.

Suddenly, Lu Yu rushed toward him.

If Bird continued to stay still, he would lose!

Lu Yu quickly rushed to Birds side and was about to punch him once more.

Birds wings suddenly flapped closed, wrapping him up.

His wings wrapped him so tightly that not even a gap could be seen.

Lu Yu laughed, “What an unexpected skill.

What is this, shrinking into your turtle shell”

“When I recover, youll be done for!”

Birds muffled voice sounded, and he seemed to be drinking some sort of recovery potion inside.

“Are you really drinking a recovery potion Sorry, but you wont have the chance!”

Lu Yu transformed into his Explosive Dragon Claws, stacking up his Flaming Claws and buffing himself with his fire elemental energy.

“Lets just end this battle.”

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