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Chapter 239 Tiger Claws and Dragon Claws

The muscular Tiger gave off tremendous pressure when he rushed forward.

He was like an angry beast that could bulldoze through everything.

Lu Yu raised both of his claws and dashed forward to meet Tiger.

The two sides clashed in an instant.

Tiger was the first to attack, using his sharp claws to slash at Lu Yus chest.

Lu Yu backhandedly blocked with his claws.

There was a loud clanging sound when the two claws collided.

Dazzling sparks flew from the intense friction from both claws.

“What an intense battle.

Brother Tiger is looking cool in battle!”

“Tigers claws should be stronger than Lu Yus.

After all, his strength is stronger, and he definitely shouldnt be any weaker in other aspects.”

“Brother Tiger, mess that guy up well, and he will never be arrogant within our territory again!”

“If Brother Tiger makes a move, there wont be any enemies that cant be taken down!”

The Martial Arts Club members cheered and bragged excitedly about Tigers strength.

After all, if Tiger lost, they would be utterly defeated.

They had to believe that Tiger would win.

Otherwise, there would be no one in the entire stronghold which was a match for Lu Yu.

Tiger frowned when his claw attack was blocked.

He knew his strength was supposed to be stronger than Lu Yus, and he could suppress Lu Yu.

However, he kept feeling that he was actually at a disadvantage…

At that moment, Lu Yu was also staring at Tiger.

Soon, Tigers attributes interface appeared before Lu Yu.

[ Zhao Tianhu ]

[ Talent: Tiger Claws Power, A-Level.

Evolved a pair of tiger claws and gained enhanced strength ]

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 620 ]

[ Speed: 350 ]

[ Health: 750 ]

[ Mana: 320 ]

[ Defense: 320 ]

Tiger had better stats than Lu Yu in all aspects.

All of them were higher than Lu Yu without exception.

In terms of attributes, it was Lu Yus loss.

There was no doubt about it.

However, Lu Yu had his dragon claws.

He had his Explosive Dragon Claws, dragon scales, dragon muscles, and Dragon God Breathing Technique.

These were part of his overall strength, allowing Lu Yu to not rely on his basic attributes in battle.

These specialties brought about by his talent were accurate representations of Lu Yus strength!

“Tiger, youve lost.”

Tiger looked at Lu Yu in surprise, “Ha Where did you get your confidence from Ive crushed you in all aspects, so what right do you have to say that Ive lost”

Lu Yu continued, “Thats right.

Every single attribute of yours is 100 or 200 higher than mine.

But I wouldnt be relying on my attributes to defeat you.”

Tiger smiled disdainfully.

“Of course, battle experience and skills both affect the outcome of a battle.

But do you have any of these”

“Youre just a freshman.

Your attributes cant be compared to mine, and your battle experience is way lesser than mine.

What right do you have to say that Ive lost!”

“Alright, its time for your defeat.

Let me end this battle.

All of you from the Featherwing Club better scram back and hide in your territory.

If you dare show your face again, Ill kill all of you!”

After declaring that angrily, Tiger charged toward Lu Yu.

The muscles in his arms bulged, and his blood vessels pulsed clearly.

His two claws assaulted Lu Yu at the same time.

Lu Yu also stretched out and clawed at Tiger.

At this moment, Lu Yu and Tigers claws interlocked tightly together.

Just as Tiger was surprised, he suddenly felt pain.

Shockingly, he discovered that the tip of Lu Yus claws had already pierced into the back of his hand!

Fresh blood oozed out from the back of Tigers hand and dyed his fur red.

He was a little flustered.

How could his high defense be broken so quickly

He did not think too much and quickly stabbed downwards, trying to use his tiger claws to pierce into the back of Lu Yus hand like Lu Yu did.

However, when the tip of his tiger claws pierced the back of Lu Yus hand, no matter how hard he tried, he could not break through the scaley armor on the back of Lu Yus hand.

Tiger raised his head and looked at Lu Yu with fear.

“Impossible, your defense is stronger than mine”

Lu Yu immediately retorted, “No, its my claws that are stronger and shaper than yours!”

Hearing this, Tiger immediately got agitated.

His tiger claws were the weapon he was most proud of.

If anyone dared to say that his claws werent good enough, he wouldnt be able to contain his anger!

“Bastard, how dare you say my tiger claws are inferior to yours”

Lu Yu continued, “Thats right, this is the truth.

Your tiger claws are too weak!”

The next moment, Tiger angrily raised his right leg and kicked straight at Lu Yus stomach!

Lu Yu noticed and immediately lashed a kick out as well.

Their legs collided, and the reaction force caused the two of them to fly backward immediately.

With a plop, Tiger and Lu Yu fell to the ground simultaneously.

Tiger, who was so furious that his eyes became blood-shotted, quickly stood up and ran to Lu Yu.

“Ill make you pay for what you said!”

He ran to Lu Yu, swung his claws and slashed at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu stood up and quickly faced the oncoming onslaught.

They continued to exchange blows with their claws, and dazzling sparks shot out, proving the intensity of the battle.

When the Martial Arts Club members saw this, they were in a fever of excitement.

“Senior Brother Tiger is angry, hes angry!”

“Haha, Lu Yu, this kiddo is about to lose.

Not only that, he will probably be beaten into a mush, right”

“Sigh, he did say that Tigers claws werent good.

This is simply poking at Tigers dignity, poking at his claws that Tiger relies on for a living.”

“Hehe, Lu Yus outcome wont be good now that Brother Tigers gotten angry.”

At that moment, Tigers attack was unusually fierce.

He continuously swung his claws at an extremely fast speed, creating afterimages.

Lu Yu was entirely focused on blocking these attacks, not daring to be distracted in the slightest.

His defensive strength was a little lacking.

If one of Tigers attacks connected, Lu Yu would probably lose a lot of health.

Tiger, who was standing opposite Lu Yu, lowered his head slightly.

He stared at Lu Yu fiercely, as if Lu Yu were his prey.

Lu Yu did not care about those looks, and he sure did not expect Tiger to be so easily angered.

However, it was understandable as he was a member of the Martial Arts Club and represented the symbol of the tiger.

It was normal for him to be easily angered.

Lu Yu lashed out his claws repeatedly to block all of Tigers attacks.

From the perspective of others, the battle between the two was at a stalemate.

It was a continuous exchange of attack and defense.

But in reality, Lu Yu was the one attacking and was about to succeed.

Every time he defended, a small gash would appear on Tigers claws.

As they continued to spar, the gash deepened every time Lu Yus claws collided with Tigers.

Slowly but surely, Tigers claws would be sliced off by Lu Yu.

In terms of toughness, destructive power, and sharpness, Tigers claws werent a match for Lu Yu!





A crack sounded out, and Tigers movements stopped abruptly.

He hurriedly raised his right hand and shockingly discovered that the claw, where his middle finger was, had been sliced off!

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