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Chapter 19 Entanglement, Dangerous Situation

Lu Yu witnessed the fight between the Green Sky Goshawk and the Giant Rock Python with his own eyes.

The Green Sky Goshawk grabbed the pythons body with both of its claws while the python whipped its tail, trying to crush the Green Sky Goshawk.

The Green Sky Goshawk flapped its wings, swinging the python up and down, continuously smashing the python to the ground.

The Giant Rock Python felt that it was at a disadvantage, so it twisted its body lightning-fast and wrapped itself around the Green Sky Goshawk.

The Green Sky Goshawk was smart.

It flapped its wings in time, flying up to dodge the Giant Rock Pythons fast attack.

Lu Yu was shocked by the attacks and counterattacks of both sides.

If he were to fight these two guys simultaneously, he would definitely be in danger.

He would be better off leaving the scene and waiting for both sides to be injured before returning to reap the benefits.

Lu Yu planned to leave first.

However, before he goes, he should probably take a look at the two bosses attributes.

He used his Eye of Truth to take a look and obtain the attributes of both sides.

[ Green Sky Goshawk ]

[ Attack: 170 ]

[ Speed: 110 ]

[ Health: 230 ]

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[ Mana: 130 ]

[ Defense: 100 ]

The Green Sky Goshawks attack power was relatively high.

Moreover, its attack had an armor penetration effect; getting scratched by it would not be good.

Its defense and health were considered average.

If Lu Yu manages to break through its defense three or four times, he would be able to deal a lot of damage.

Following that, he looked at the Giant Rock Python.

[ Giant Rock Python ]

[ Attack: 80 ]

[ Speed: 89 ]

[ Health: 320 ]

[ Mana: 130 ]

[ Defense: 180 ]

The Giant Rock Pythons defense and health were much higher than Lu Yus, especially true for its defense.

If Lu Yu reduced its defense by 30% at a time, which was 54 points of defense, he could break through its defense with four attacks at most.

As for the Green Sky Goshawk, Lu Yu only needed to activate armor break three times to reduce its defense to 10 points.

If he were to face these two monsters at the same time, one of them would act as a tank while the other would act as a damage dealer.

It would be difficult to deal with them at the same time.

After reading their stats, Lu Yu felt he could not stay here any longer.

Any longer, and it would be hard for him to leave if he were to attract their attention.

He slowly retreated and prepared to stay away from the two monsters.

However, at that moment, Lu Yu saw a notification in front of him.

[ The aura concealment effect has ended.

The next activation time will be three minutes later.


Lu Yus heart tightened when he saw the notification.

Without this effect, wouldnt he be exposed

He raised his head and looked at the Green Sky Goshawk and the Giant Rock Python.

Sure enough, these two guys stopped moving.

Then, the two of them turned and looked at Lu Yu.


The sharp eyes of the Green Sky Goshawk and the venomous eyes of the Giant Rock Python made the hair on Lu Yus neck stand.

“Its over.

It looks like I have no choice but to fight!”

The next moment, the Green Sky Goshawk flapped its wings and charged toward Lu Yu.

It raised its strong claws to grab Lu Yu.

Lu Yu did not hesitate and quickly jumped to the side to dodge.

The Green Sky Goshawk missed, but the Giant Rock Python opened its bloodstained mouth the next moment and launched itself toward Lu Yu!

Lu Yu leaped into the air again and landed on a rock beside him, dodging the attack of the Giant Rock Python.

At that moment, his forehead was covered in sweat.

He was already in serious danger after just the first two attacks.

It seemed that it would not be easy for him to fight back.

He had to escape first!

Just as Lu Yu was about to move, the Green Sky Goshawk charged toward him again.

Lu Yu had no choice but to dodge first.

The Green Sky Goshawks speed was faster than the Giant Rock Pythons.

Lu Yu activated his double jump just in time to dodge the Green Sky Goshawks attack.

As for the Giant Rock Python, Lu Yu only needed to accelerate a little, and he would be able to dodge its attack.

After skirting around the two bosses a few times, Lu Yu sensed that he was in danger.

It seemed that he was about to be driven off the cliffs edge.

Lu Yu looked at the bottomless cliff behind him and swallowed.


Could it be that there was no way out

At this moment, the Giant Rock Python snaked its body and moved towards Lu Yu.

Lu Yu decided to give it a try and immediately activated his skill, Armor Penetration!

His sharp claws were then covered with a layer of effect.

As he faced the gaping jaws of the python, he used all his strength to swing his claws down and heavily hack at the scales of the Giant Rock Python.

Bang! Clang!

The scales of the Giant Rock Python shattered into pieces.

The Giant Rock Python was injured and let out an ear-piercing hiss.

This was just the first Armor Penetration.

Lu Yu would still need a few more hits before he could deal any substantial damage.

At that moment, Lu Yu noticed that a part of the scales on the Giant Rock Pythons body had already been damaged.

It seemed that the Green Sky Goshawk had broken through the defense during the battle.

However, this little bit of damage would not help Lu Yu at all!

Feeling helpless, Lu Yu could only raise his head and look at the mountain peak above him.

He could not stay on land any longer, and it was impossible for him to jump off the cliff.

He had one choice, and that was to continue to climb up.

After all, this was his only way out!

He easily jumped onto the mountain peak, continuing to climb upwards.

Behind him, the Giant Rock Python chased him closely, following Lu Yus trail and climbing upwards.

The Green Sky Goshawk hovered in the air, looking for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

Suddenly, the Green Sky Goshawk swooped toward Lu Yu, outstretching its claws at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu jumped into the air, dodging it easily.

Then, he activated Armor Penetration and slashed at the Green Sky Goshawks feet with his own claws.

The hard outer shell of the Green Sky Goshawks claws broke into countless pieces after receiving Lu Yus Armor Penetration attack.

The Green Sky Goshawk felt the pain and flapped its wings to attack Lu Yu.

Lu Yu, hovering in the air, used his double jump to land back on the mountain peak.

The Green Sky Goshawk missed and flapped its wings to leave.

Just as Lu Yu landed on the rocky surface, the Giant Rock Python immediately took the opportunity to attack.

It opened its bloodstained mouth and bit Lu Yus thigh.


Lu Yus fresh blood spurted out, and a sharp pain pounded him, making him sweat.

The Pythons fangs pierced through his thigh, and he was going to be dragged down by this guy!

Lu Yus hands tightly clenched into the cracks in the rock until his fingertips were bleeding.

“Its over! Theres no way for me to escape!”

At that moment, the Green Sky Goshawk that was circling once again attacked Lu Yu.

The current Lu Yu had no way of dodging it.

He could only allow the Green Sky Goshawk to attack him.

It seemed like he had to use that skill here.

The Green Sky Goshawk attacked and clawed at Lu Yus back with its claws.

Lu Yus back was torn apart, and blood gushed out.

At that very moment, Lu Yu activated the Shadow Substitute skill.

Lu Yu shed his skin like a snake shedding its skin.

He shed out of his body and left behind a body double.

Lu Yu shed his body and continued climbing the mountain.

He looked down and saw that the pair of giant claws had clawed his body double into a pile of waste.

He was completely invisible for now and was ignored by the two bosses.

Lu Yus wounds were still there.

His body was covered in blood, and his health was extremely low.

He was so weak that he almost lost the strength to grab the rocky mountain.

Below him, the two ferocious beasts were still eyeing each other and searching for the Yin and Yang Twin Flower.

Lu Yu was literally stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.

It would be nearly impossible for him to get out of this situation!


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