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Chapter 223 Took Over The Stronghold, Planning For The Next One

Ten people controlling over a hundred people sounded like a fantasy, but it was happening in the stronghold of the Array Formation Club.

Ten members of the Featherwing Club controlled over a hundred array mages and brought them back to the stronghold square.

The entire square was a massive circular array formation.

Anyone who cultivated here would significantly increase their cultivation efficiency.

The hundreds of array mages were all weak at this moment, and some couldnt even stand properly.

Their bodies swayed, and they could fall to the ground at any moment.

These array mages currently have no fighting strength at all.

They were just like normal people, or even weaker.

Therefore, it was effortless for the ten Featherwing Club members to control them.

Lu Yu looked at his club members and shouted, “You guys, supervise this group of people and tell them to pack up to get lost.

Whoever dares to neglect or disobey will be beaten up!”

“Yes, President!”

After hearing the order, the ten people began to shout at the array mages.

“All of you, hurry up and scram back to your rooms to pack your things!”

“Quicker! If I have to go in to pack your stuff, I will burn it instead!”

“Hurry up, and dont complain to me that you are weak.

The moment you stop moving, you will be beaten up.”

At that moment, one of the array mages shouted furiously.

He couldnt accept that another club had taken down their beautiful stronghold.

“You bastards, this stronghold is ours.

You dont deserve to take it!”

“When we return to the university, Ill sue you!”

A young man from the Featherwing Club walked over and raised his knee, thrusting it into his lower abdomen.


This attack immediately caused the array mage to spit blood, and the pain twisted his facial features.

With a plop, he fell to the ground.

Following that, the Featherwing Club member shouted, “Anyone who is unwilling, step forward!”

None of the hundreds of array mages made a sound as they silently walked toward their respective living quarters.

The Featherwing Club members followed behind them.

When they saw anyone walking slowly, they immediately went up and kicked them.

Very quickly, these array mages cleaned up everything in their rooms.

After these array masters finished packing up, they all fled the stronghold dejectedly.

At that moment, the Featherwing Club completely took over this stronghold.

The structure of the entire stronghold was built to resemble the eight trigrams.

In the middle was the circular cultivate array, and next to it were hexagonal-shaped buildings.

These buildings had a retro design, but they were not shabby.

The interior rooms were simple yet exquisite.

This place looked more like a tourist resort.

There were many rooms, and they could accommodate many outsiders.

This strongholds primary sources of income were to bring in cultivators from the outside and provide paid training grounds.

This stronghold might be a little lacking in terms of earning a profit.

In terms of obtaining resources, this stronghold might also lack those.

However, this stronghold could quickly increase the overall strength of the Featherwing Club.

The massive array in the center could accommodate up to a hundred cultivators, allowing all of them to sit here and cultivate simultaneously.

There were only about 200 people in the entire Featherwing Club.

If they took turns cultivating here, everyones attributes and skills would quickly improve.

Lu Yu stood in the arrays center and felt the surrounding spiritual energy.

He heard some light footsteps.

It was Yun Zirou and Su Qing, walking over quickly.

“President Lu, the people from the Array Formation Club have all been cleared out.

This stronghold is now ours.” Yun Zirou revealed a calm smile.

Lu Yu glanced at her.

“Weve known each other for so long, yet you are calling me president.”

“What do you know Im protecting your dignity as the president.”

“If the eldest daughter of the Yun family respectfully calls you the president.

The others wouldnt dare offend you.”

Lu Yu shrugged helplessly, realizing that it made sense.

“Were you injured in the previous battle You should rest well.” Su Qing still had a worried look on her face.

She had witnessed every moment of Lu Yus battle.

When she saw Lu Yu enduring the pain, her heart also ached.

Therefore, she had been constantly staring at Lu Yus entire body from the moment the battle ended.

However, she did not see a single wound, no matter where she looked.

Lu Yu glanced at Su Qing and smiled.

He explained, “You dont have to worry.

That soul-devouring wind dealt an attack on my soul.

My soul might be stronger, or it might be because that last ball of fire was too weak.

In any case, it did not burn me to death.”

Before Su Qing could heave a sigh of relief, she became nervous again and looked at Lu Yu.

“Huh Attacking your soul Wont… Wont this affect you”

Hearing this, Yun Zirou also looked at Lu Yu seriously and said, “This needs to be taken seriously.”

However, Lu Yu didnt think much of it.

He felt that the so-called soul was another form of energy that could be restored.

However, it was hard for him to explain, so he changed the topic.

“Ive taken down the third stronghold and captured yet another captain.

Also, Ive already decided on the next target.”

Yun Zirou curiously poked her head out and looked at Lu Yu.

“Really Youve made up your mind so quickly”

“Then which base do you plan to go to next”

Lu Yu pointed at a mountain in the north and said, “After crossing that mountain and walking some distance, youll reach the Martial Arts Clubs base.

Thats my next target.”

“Martial Arts… Martial Arts Club Are you going to challenge the Martial Arts Club The people there are battle maniacs who are very strong.”

Su Qing also added, “Yeah, the Martial Arts Club relied on this group of martial arts fanatics to become the number one club.

Im afraid itll be difficult for us to challenge them.”

“Why dont we first rest for a few days and let our club members cultivate here while were at it When their strength increases a little, maybe thats when we bring them to fight”

Su Qings suggestion made Lu Yu think for a moment.

If the Featherwing Club members cultivated here for a few days and increased their overall strength even by a little, then perhaps it would be much easier for them to conquer the Martial Arts Clubs stronghold as a group.

However, time wouldnt wait for them.

Lu Yu was doing something akin to guerrilla warfare.

He needed to finish it as quickly as possible so that the five major clubs were caught off guard.

Once these major clubs could not provide support in time, the combat strength of these strongholds was much tamer in Lu Yus eyes.

“Time waits for no man, and I dont have that time.

So, I have to act as soon as possible.

Once the Martial Arts Club reinforcements arrive, Im afraid we wont have a chance to take down this stronghold!”

Yun Zirou and Su Qing looked at each other in dismay, both surprised by Lu Yus decision.

They did not expect Lu Yus fighting spirit to be this tenacious.

After three consecutive battles, he still did not stop and immediately devised a plan to attack the next stronghold.

“Okay, we will support you.

Lets take down the Martial Arts Clubs stronghold!”

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