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Chapter 173 Dragon Stature Restoration Completed

Lu Yu picked up broken statue pieces one after another and quickly carried out the restoration task, while Han Sai and Guo Siwei were dumbfounded by what they saw.

“Hey, did you carve this statue Why are you so familiar with it” Han Sai was speechless.

Guo Siwei gulped.

“Brother, how many researchers can reach his level”

Han Sai glared at him and said, “Dont ask such questions.

Thats just nonsense!”

He knew no one could reach Lu Yus level, speed, and accuracy!

He found it hard to accept such a gap in their skills…

Lu Yu had already completed the statues four dragon claws and started to build the torso.

It was even more challenging going up the torso.

After all, the Dragon Kings scale patterns were complicated, and it was easy to pick up the wrong ones.

Lu Yu began to concentrate, and the restoration speed slowed.

But compared to the other researchers, it was still lightning fast.

At that time, a tall figure walked in.

The sound of high heels made Han Sai and Guo Siwei look over.

It was a tall woman who walked in.

Her long, slender legs wore black silk leggings and high heels, and she walked elegantly.

She wore a formal white shirt and a gray skirt that covered her lower half, making her look like a businesswoman.

She wore a white coat, proving that she was a researcher here.

She walked straight over, brushed her long, wavy hair, and looked at the two of them with her big eyes.

“I heard that the ancient Dragon King statue here is going to be restored, so I came here to take a look.”

The gentle voice made the two of them gulp.

“Thats right.

One of my assistants is restoring it here, but hes a newbie, so dont get your hopes up.”

The woman glanced at Lu Yu and found that he had already completed one-third of the restoration.

“No, I think hes doing very well.”

As she spoke, she leaned toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu heard footsteps and turned around to take a look.

When he saw that it was a beautiful woman walking over, he didnt say anything.

When his gaze landed on the name tag on her chest, he discovered her name was An Yuyan.

“Wow, its actually you”

When she got closer and saw Lu Yus face, her mouth opened wide in shock.

Although she was usually busy with her research tasks, she would still pay attention to what was happening at Clanorth University.

Especially in such a crucial competition like the Battle of the Hundred Clubs, she naturally did not miss it.

She felt a rush of excitement when she saw Lu Yu beating up a bunch of seniors as a freshman, and Lu Yus handsome figure was deeply imprinted in her mind.

“So youre Lu Yu.

Ive watched your competition.

Youre simply too amazing!” An Yuyan beamingly smiled.

Lu Yu ignored her and continued to focus on repairing the statue.

Although she was ignored, the smile on her face did not diminish.

She still looked at Lu Yu with admiration.

Han Sai and Guo Siwei felt miffed when they saw this.

Both of them had a crush on An Yuyan.

After all, she was the number one beauty here.

It was rare for other female researchers to be so charming.

Suddenly, Han Sai and Guo Siwei looked at Lu Yu with even more anger.

The three stood by the side and watched Lu Yu perform the restoration task.

Soon, the restoration of the dragon torso was completed, and it was time for the dragon head.

The difficulty of the dragon head was one level higher.

There were more details, and it was more complicated.

Lu Yu focused his attention on every detail, afraid that he would miss something.

The closer he got to the final step, the more cautious he had to be.

Gradually, only the last stone was left on the ground.

At the same time, the three of them stared at the statue with serious looks.

As long as this last stone was completed, the restoration task of this statue would be finished!

Han Sai and Guo Siwei were furious.

They still couldnt accept that Lu Yu could complete such a complicated restoration task so quickly.

It was simply a slap in their faces!

An Yuyan looked at Lu Yu with admiration, her heart beating nervously.

As long as the last piece matched perfectly in place, the reparation task would be completed.

On the other hand, if the last bit did not match, the entire process would be questioned!

At that moment, Lu Yu took the last piece and placed it on the corner of the Dragon King.

After comparing it slightly, Lu Yu aligned the gap and applied the adhesive, successfully binding it!

The reparation task was completed perfectly, and there were almost no flaws!

Lu Yu stood up and took two steps back.

As he sized up his masterpiece, he could not help but smile.

“Yup, it seems that there are no flaws or problems.” Lu Yu said.

However, the three people behind him were so amazed that they did not know what to say.

Han Sai gritted his teeth, still unwilling to believe the reality in front of him!

He could not accept that a newly recruited assistants restoration skills were even better than an experienced veteran like him!

Guo Siwei was the same, holding his head with both hands.

No matter how much he thought about it, he could not understand how Lu Yu completed the restoration task.

If this task were given to him, he would not be able to restore this statue even if he took ten years!

An Yuyan looked at Lu Yu with admiration.

Han Sai and Guo Siwei were jealous when they saw that.

At the same time, they felt a sense of crisis.

With Lu Yu, their goddess would never fall for the two of them!

An Yuyan quickly ran to Lu Yus side and said happily, “You did it.

You really did it.

Youre amazing!”

Lu Yu glanced at her and realized she was even more excited than he was.

Her breathing was rapid, and her chest was heaving.

Lu Yu did not say anything.

Instead, he took out his phone and sent a message to Gu Zhanyan.

“Ive completed the restoration task as an assistant.

I can advance to a researcher now.”

An actual researcher would gain more benefits as they could come into contact with more ancient secret treasures.

For example, the dragon arm bone he obtained during this restoration mission would significantly increase Lu Yus strength.

The door of the research room was pushed open very quickly after his message, and Gu Zhanyan strode in quickly.

“What Have you completed the restoration of the ancient Dragon King”

He quickly walked over.

When he saw the intact statue of the Dragon King, he was stunned.

“Lu Yu, you really gave me another big surprise.

I really didnt expect you to be able to fix this.

This is the ultimate problem that has troubled countless researchers!”

Han Sai, Guo Siwei, and An Yuyan stood firmly at this time.

“Nice to meet you, Dean!”

Gu Zhanyan ignored the three of them and continued to look at Lu Yu.

“I didnt expect you to be so outstanding in this area.

Is there anything you dont know”

Lu Yu only smiled humbly, “I just happened to know about this statue.”

Gu Zhanyan said earnestly, “Since your performance is so outstanding, our rewards naturally wont be lacking.

Clanorth University will not treat any genius unfairly!”


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