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Chapter 159 Muscle Memory Of The Dragon Muscle

In a dark room, Liu Ye stared at his phone screen with his eyes in a daze.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that these four presidents would all have been defeated by Lu Yu.

At that moment, he was hesitating.

He was hesitating whether he should make a move or not.

He had full confidence that he was stronger than these four presidents.

He also believed that he could defeat Lu Yu!

After all, Lu Yu had already gone through four rounds of battle and would be exhausted in his current condition.

As long as Liu Ye makes a move, he should be able to take down Lu Yu…

However, he was feeling uncertain.

He wasnt certain he could win and wasnt sure Lu Yu was out of trump cards.

The four presidents had all made bold statements before their fights, but something had to go wrong during their battles.

Liu Ye recalled the tragedy of Zhao Dings right hand.

Although he was arrogant and annoying, it still had a massive impact on Liu Ye.

He looked at Lu Yu on the screen and sighed.

Then, he opened Wang Mengs live broadcast channel.

He was still guarding the central bridge and collecting tolls.

“Ill just let Wang Meng take care of Lu Yu.

With Wang Mengs combat strength, it will be easy for him to deal with Lu Yu.”

Liu Ye decided he wouldnt make a move and leave it to Wang Meng.

This was also the reason why he called Wang Meng over.

After Lu Yu ended the battle, he quickly walked out of the abandoned building.

Suddenly, the sound of a system notification appeared in his mind.

[ Congratulations to the host for obtaining the first battle pet ]

[ Obtained random reward: Muscle Memory of Dragon Muscle ]

Lu Yu frowned slightly.

The reward was a branch of his Dragon Muscle, but what was muscle memory for

Lu Yu knew about muscle memory.

The muscle would form an innate memory through the accumulation of training over time, allowing the body to react by itself.

He would not need to think about reacting to an attack intentionally.

For example, breathing was a kind of muscle memory.

One would not need to remember to breathe intentionally.

Just as Lu Yu was thinking, the system continued.

[ Muscle Memory of Dragon Muscle: it can replicate the attack and defense skills of a gold-rank cultivator and enhance them at the same time ]

Lu Yu was puzzled again.


Lu Yu had heard about this strength before.

The strength rating had changed after entering Clanorth University.

Gold was considered to have a pretty good strength rating.

The previous ranks before gold were iron, bronze, and silver.

The majority of Clanorth Universitys freshmen through seniors scored below gold.

This strength rating system was more comprehensive than the last.

It was comprehensive in the sense that it could calculate the combat strength brought by combinations of all kinds of skills and even the effects of some minor equipment!

In the past, the combat strength test method only added up the attributes of an individual to get a value.

This calculation method was simple and had many loopholes.

It was complicated to represent a persons true strength.

For example, Lu Yus attributes were slightly inferior to those of these older students.

However, he had his Dragon Skills, which increased his prowess by a large margin.

It allowed him to defeat four seniors consecutively!

If it was just based on attributes, how could Lu Yu be a match for the older students However, he won not only because of his talent but also because of the skills that came with it.

Therefore, Lu Yu valued this muscle memory in his Dragon Muscle very much.

The skill description did not disappoint Lu Yu.

Copying others battle skills and strengthening them was indeed very useful.

Unfortunately, this was a passive skill, so Lu Yu could not experiment with it now.

At this point, the sky was already dark.

Lu Yu had fought a few rounds of battle and was getting a little tired.

Hence, he removed a tent from his storage ring and began resting.

It was getting late at night, and most people began to rest.

No one enjoyed trekking through the jungle at night as it was very easy to encounter danger.

Even someone as strong as Wang Meng was no exception.

At the entrance of the central bridge, Wang Meng lay on the ground and fell asleep.

His tall and robust body lay horizontally on the ground, and still no one dared to cross it.

During the day, many wanted to cross the bridge to challenge him, but they were all beaten up by him.

Many people gathered here but were troubled because they couldnt cross to the other side.

Wang Meng also earned a fortune by collecting tolls.

The other contestants, who couldnt afford the tolls, were trapped here.

Seeing that night was coming, they had no choice but to take out their tents and go to sleep.

The following day, Wang Meng woke up early.

He sat up, wiped his eyes, and looked at the crowd.

He found that these people had all woken up, but they were all standing in the distance.

They were all watching Wang Meng, and no one dared to sneak across the bridge.

“Good morning, everyone.

If you have money, hurry up and pay up.

If you dont, get lost or fight me!”

Wang Meng said with a laugh, looking like a scoundrel.

Everyone hated him, but they were helpless against the situation.

At that moment, two freshmen walked over and handed their bank cards.

Wang Meng took them over with a laugh.

“I didnt expect this batch of freshmen to be this rich.

However, their strength is so inferior that they are the worst batch of freshmen in history!”

When the two freshmen heard this, they were unhappy but didnt dare to show it.

“Brother Wang Meng, can you let us pass now”

Wang Meng shrugged.

“Go ahead.

Although my fee is expensive, I dont have the intention of scamming you all.”

The corners of the freshman twitched.

How could such an absurd demand not be counted as scamming

After the two freshmen crossed the bridge, Wang Meng looked at the crowd and shouted, “Is there anyone else who wants to go over If there is, hurry and pay up.

What a bunch of poor bastards, poorer than freshmen!”

The crowd was humiliated.

They were all angry but didnt dare to say anything.

No one stepped up to argue with him.

For a moment, there was an awkward silence.

Hundreds of people didnt have the money to cross the bridge and were so afraid that they could only head back dejectedly.

This was too embarrassing.

They were here to participate in the competition, but they failed before reaching the starting point.

It was as if they were here for nothing but a field day.

There were already people who planned to return, but others stayed to observe the situation.

Some people were waiting for a powerhouse to come over and break this shameless rule.

But others thought that it was impossible.

Only one person at Clanorth University was stronger than Wang Meng, and he was Wang Mengs friend.

The situation seemed hopeless…

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the crowd.

“Lu Yu is here Where is he” it

“Damn, hes really here.

Hes walking toward us.”

“I saw the live broadcast yesterday.

Lu Yus strength is so strong that its beyond my imagination!”

“Its over,s over.

Hes going to face Wang Meng too.

Would they start fighting, or…”

At this moment, Lu Yu walked out of the crowd under everyones gaze.

Besides Lu Yu were Yun Zirou and Su Qing.

The two of them had been on their way and arrived at the bridge early.

When Lu Yu arrived, he met up with the two girls.

Lu Yu looked at the crowd around him and asked, “Why arent you all crossing the bridge”


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