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Chapter 134 Cat-and-Mouse Game

Wang Meng held the spatial pocket watch and looked at the exquisite structure with a serious expression.

“How did you get this thing”

That person said bluntly, “I cleared a dangerous level dungeon, and it dropped this.”

“Then youre really lucky.

In that case, Ill take this pocket watch.

You can pass!”

Wang Meng turned his body slightly to the side and gave way.

“Brother Wang, with the watchs value, I should be able to cross with a few more people, right”

Hearing this, Wang Meng thought for a moment and said, “That makes sense.

Then I will let you cross with four more people!”

That person felt his heart ache.

If this pocket watch were put up for auction, it would cost more than five million…

But he had no choice since he was the one asking for a favor; he called a few powerhouses from his club to cross the bridge together.

Then, Wang Meng continued to stand guard in front of the bridge.

When the other contestants saw this, they felt helpless.

Wang Meng glanced at the crowd and let out a hearty laugh.

“Hahaha, why Dont you all plan to pass through here”

When the crowd saw this, they were angry but didnt dare to say anything.

They lowered their heads and discussed, but no one dared to go forward.

Most of the contestants saw the situation on the live broadcast channel and began chatting.

“How can we continue this event With him blocking the bridge, who else can cross it”

“Ha, I doubt there are many who can cross it.

After all, not everyone carries a million dollars on them.”

“Many people can afford ten credits, right”


After all, those who can come to Clanorth University are not weak in terms of financial resources.”

“Looks like Wang Meng is going to make a fortune today.”

“That goes without saying.

A million per person, hes obviously going to make a fortune.”

“Looks like this years Battle of the Hundred Clubs is going to be hard to complete.”

“Thats right.

Wang Meng wasnt interested in participating in last years Battle of the Hundred Clubs.”

Everyone was curious about who was strong enough to lure Wang Meng out of the mountain!

Wang Mengs live broadcast channel was the most lively of all.

At the same time, another live broadcast channel also attracted many viewers.

On Liu Yes live broadcast channel, he pointed the camera at his face and revealed a calm smile.

“Hello, everyone.

I, Liu Ye, am here to announce my plan to you.”

“My plan is to target Lu Yu.

You guys should know him, right”

The live broadcast channels chat replied, “Lu Yu The freshman leader Of course, we know him.”

“Oh damn, a bigshot is targeting Lu Yu”

“Boss Liu Ye is the number one strongest in Clanorth University.

If he really plans on attacking Lu Yu, he definitely wont be able to hold his ground!”

“This years Battle of the Hundred Clubs is destined to be exciting.”

“I look forward to his fight with Lu Yu.”

“Lu Yu is definitely not a match for Liu Ye.

Theres no doubt about that!”

At that moment, Liu Ye did not care about the raging chat on the live broadcast channel and continued, “Just now, I already pinpointed Lu Yus location.

He just entered an abandoned building!”

“Well, my cat-and-mouse game is about to begin.

Everyone, please enjoy it!”

With that, he put the camera back on his chest.

As the Martial Arts Club president, he was also the strongest person in the entire university.

No one doubted his words!

In an abandoned cement building not far away, Lu Yu had just entered when four figures followed behind him!

These four people were the president of the Refining Club, the president of the Pharmaceutical Club, the president of the Array Formation Club, and the president of the Battle Pets Club!

The strength and position of these four clubs were ranked in the first tier of ClanorthUniversity, and their prowess was many times stronger than Lu Yus Featherwing Club.

If these club presidents ganged up together, anyone who saw it would cry out that it was unfair.

At that moment, Liu Yes live broadcast room was already boiling with excitement.

“They sent out so many powerhouses.

This is too much.”

“Five against one, and its older students against one new student.

Isnt this too shameless”

“Ridiculous, bullying a new student like this”

“Five against one, where does their shamelessness come from”

“Brother Ye is already strong.

Does he still need to fight with so many against just one”

“Thats right, hes already the number one strongest here, yet he is still cautious when fighting against a new student.”

At that moment, Liu Ye saw the comments on the live broadcast channel and smiled in response, “Everyone, please calm down.

These four friends are not here to fight alongside me.”

“They will guard the four corners in the north, south, east, and west to prevent Lu Yu from escaping.

This way, I can properly play with my dear junior.”

He revealed a cold smile.

When the live broadcast audience saw it, they could not help but feel a chill on their backs.

Very soon, Liu Ye arrived at the entrance of the abandoned building.

Four people were standing there and were all dressed differently.

When they saw Liu Ye coming over, they all revealed friendly smiles.

“Brother Liu is here.

What should we do next”

“Brother Ye, should we attack together or separately”

“That guy is quite fast in his speed.

Why Dont we attack together”

Liu Ye shook his head slightly and said in a lazy tone, “Whats the rush Let me play with him for a while first.”

“Later, I will slowly chase after him and corner him until he has no way to escape.

When he feels hopeless, I will let him run off.”

“Then, you all will block him at the entrance!”

“Lu Yu, who I just let go and had hope of escaping, will be in despair meeting you all.

This scene will definitely be good.”

As he said this, Liu Ye licked his lips and began to look forward to it.

The other four presidents nodded in agreement.

Liu Ye continued, “When the five of us finish him off one by one, we will make him kneel down and apologize!”

“Its not enough just to apologize.

We will send him to Wang Meng, make him cough up some cash, and let him get beaten up by Wang Meng!”

“This way, we will give him severe blows to his mind, body, and wealth!” Liu Ye said fiercely.

The other four presidents felt it was a bit too much, but they didnt say anything.

They didnt want to go against Liu Ye, or else they would end up miserably.

However, Liu Yes words were all heard by the people on the live broadcast channel, and it was deliberate.

After the live broadcast audience heard Liu Yes plan, they all felt that he was a terrifying individual and realized that Lu Yu was finished.

“Its over, its over.

Lu Yu is done for this time!”

“Sigh, hes the one that went against these older clubs.

He has nothing to say even if hes ganged and beaten up.”

“If he hadnt gone off to create his Featherwing Club, there wouldnt be this kind of trouble.”

“A genius is probably going to die here.”

“No matter how outstanding his talent is, he wasnt able to judge the situation clearly and didnt socialize appropriately.

Its no surprise he will end up like this…”

Everyone on the live broadcast channel remained pessimistic.

They didnt think Lu Yu would be able to escape from the encirclement of these five presidents!

The difference in strength was too great!

Moreover, there was also a difference in numbers.

Even if Lu Yu had set all sorts of records previously, no one believed that Lu Yu was capable of turning the tide.


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