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Chapter 114 One Dragon Fist, Destroys Everything

The man known as He Qiang was the guy who had taken Lu Yus 60 million dollars for himself.

At that moment, he heard what his two friends beside him said, and he immediately got restless.

“Dont worry, leave it to me.

Isnt this guy publicly acknowledged as a genius Ill let him see the reality of things around here!”

“This will also let those freshmen know the rules of this university.

Otherwise, theyll keep thinking that they have the ability to break the rules of this university!”

After saying that, He Qiang took a step forward and looked at Lu Yu.

“I admire your guts to come over.

It seems that you are determined to take this 60 million.”

“What nonsense.

To begin with, this 60 million is mine.

Why shouldnt I take it I should be saying how brave of you to take this money from me; what a black-hearted guy you are.”

He Qiang smiled shamelessly, “So what if I did it Do you know that you need to have the appropriate position to match your wealth Youre not worthy of having so much money!”

“Dont think the whole world will give in to you just because you got a good result in the trials!”

“No matter how talented you are! Its futile if you dont have the chance to grow!”

The meaning of He Qiangs words was apparent.

He admitted that Lu Yu was a genius, but Lu Yu hadnt grown to his full potential and was definitely not He Qiangs match!

However, he had misjudged Lu Yus strength.

At that moment, Lu Yu opened his pair of Dragon Eyes.

His amber and vertical pupils stared fixedly at He Qiang, causing him to shudder in fear.

The next moment, all of He Qiangs information appeared before Lu Yu.

[ He Qiang ]

[ Talent: Air-Piercing Strength, A-Level ]

[ Attack: 330 ]

[ Speed: 210 ]

[ Health: 390 ]

[ Mana: 250 ]

[ Defense: 170 ]

After looking at his overall attributes, Lu Yu found that He Qiang was just average.

Compared to Lu Yu, He Qiangs attack and defense were much weaker; only his health stats were higher than Lu Yus.

It looks like his A-level talent was also his only important point.

Most importantly, Lu Yu could not see the effects of this guys equipment.

Lu Yu could see the attributes of the equipment, but he could not see any additional skills that came with the equipment.

For example, the Shadow Substitute skill was an effect of Lu Yus equipment.

Lu Yu did not care to bother much after looking at his meager stats.

After all, he could end the battle in an instant.

He Qiangs defense was not outstanding.

Thus, Lu Yu felt that a single Dragon Fist could send him straight to his death.

However, killing people in public at a university would not be a good look.

Lu Yu could only withdraw a portion of his strength and try to control his punch, hitting He Qiang to just the point of being seriously injured.

“He Qiang, are you ready I can begin at any moment.”

He Qiang chuckled.

“Cant wait to lose If thats the case, then Ill grant your wish! ”

Then, he looked to the sides and shouted, “Help me record this precious moment.”

“I want all the freshmen to know that the genius they admire the most is nothing more than this!”

After saying that, the two people beside him took out their phones and began to record.

Lu Yu looked at Yun Zirou and Su Qing and said, “Take out your phones to record.

Send it to the club group later.”

The two of them obediently took out their phones and prepared to record the fight.

He Qiang looked at Lu Yu and mocked, “Do you still need to record on your side Do you enjoy a recording of the process of you being tortured”


Lu Yu suddenly started counting down and walked toward He Qiang.

At the same time, the muscles in his right arm expanded.

It was a whole circle bigger than his left arm!

He Qiang could feel the intense pressure that Lu Yu was emanating and couldnt help but gulp.


He Qiang panicked and shouted, “What are you counting for Youre courting death!”

As he shouted, he rushed toward Lu Yu.

In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Lu Yu!

Following that, he clenched his fist and threw a punch at Lu Yu.

Surprisingly, he was still quite far from Lu Yu, so his punch shouldnt be able to reach and hit Lu Yu.

However, when he swung his fist, an ear-piercing sound broke through the air!

He Qiang swung his fist, and a sharp aura rushed toward Lu Yu!


“Its time to end the battle.”

Lu Yu wanted to end the battle with one punch.

The purpose of his fight this time was to increase the confidence of his club members.

At the same time, he wanted to tell the other senior students not to cause trouble for them.

Otherwise, as the club president, he would take revenge!

Lu Yu suddenly swung his right fist.

A phantom image of a giant dragons head appeared on his entire forearm.

The holographic image opened its blood-stained maw.

At the same time that Lu Yu swung his fist, the image of the dragons head also clamped its jaws down viciously!

The power of this punch caused the surroundings to shake violently, as if there was a slight earthquake.

Sitting at the side, Yun Zirou and Su Qing were dumbfounded when they saw this.

Yun Zirou, in particular, sat there with a blank look on her face as she looked at Lu Yu in astonishment.

She didnt expect that Lu Yu hadnt displayed his full strength before her when they had even conquered a dungeon together!

Sitting at the side, Su Qing couldnt help but exclaim in surprise.

“This punch of Lu Yus… Its so familiar…”

“Its over.

Oh no! This punch of his can kill the senior!”

Yun Zirou hurriedly asked, “Are you serious He can kill his opponent with one punch”

Su Qing nodded and continued, “Not only that, he might even destroy this training hall.”

Hearing this, Yun Zirou was even more incredulous.

“The training hall of Clanorth University was built with high-strength materials.

How can it be destroyed just like that”

Su Qing looked at Yun Zirou and asked, “Have you seen the video of Lu Yus mountain-collapsing punch”

Hearing this, Yun Zirou fell into deep thought and finally reacted.

“You mean that his punch now is the same as his punch on the college entrance examination”

“Thats right; its the same…”

In an instant, both panicked slightly and began to look at He Qiang with pity.

At that moment, He Qiangs legs became stiff in the face of the oncoming powerful pressure.

He couldnt even move an inch.

The next moment, Lu Yus fist landed heavily on He Qiangs stomach!

At this moment, He Qiang could only feel his internal organs turning upside down, as if they were about to be destroyed.

He Qiang suddenly spat a mouthful of blood as the intense pain hit his brain!

At that moment, Lu Yu hurriedly retracted his fist!

If Lu Yu exerted any more strength, He Qiang would definitely die!

After Lu Yu retracted his fist, He Qiang fell to the ground with a thud and struggled frantically.

His eyes were filled with nothing but fear.

He never dreamed that Lu Yu would be able to unleash such terrifying strength in an instant…

At that moment, Lu Yu gritted his teeth as cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

The dragon power had gathered on his right arm, and he had to vent it out.

Otherwise, his entire right arm would probably explode!

In the end, he could only look around and shout simultaneously, “Everyone, disperse!”

The students in the audience seats retreated and watched Lu Yus next move in horror.

Lu Yu swung his fist again and slammed it down!

As he swung his fist, a terrifying force exploded instantly!


With a loud boom, the entire training hall was shaken like an earthquake had hit it.

The ground cracked, and the ceiling was torn apart.

Half of the training hall collapsed with a loud crack and turned into ruins.


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