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Chapter 112 The Featherwing Club, Founded

In front of Lu Yu, a club member excitedly took out more than 100,000 dollars in cash from his pocket and handed it to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu looked at the money in his hand and was stunned.

“This money… did you get it after placing your bet” Lu Yu asked.

That person nodded excitedly, “Yes, I only placed a little more than 10,000, and it increased by ten times.

The person in charge of the bet contacted me to get it!”

“However, you were the one who won first place in the trial, and thats why I got so much money.

So, I thought that I should hand over this money.”

Lu Yu shook his head, “No, you keep it…”

Until now, Lu Yu hasnt received any notice of the six million dollars he bet on.

It was not that he had not asked, but they used all kinds of excuses to avoid giving him his money.

Lu Yu was a little unhappy.

Those senior students who had opened the bet must have taken his money!

He clenched his fists.

He needed to visit them after the club event and ask for an explanation!

Lu Yu took a deep breath and relaxed his mood.

He looked at the club members again.

“Everyone, I think I will issue the first mission.

I need everyone to help me with something.”

The members all agreed.

“Brother Yu, just say it.

We will definitely help!”

“What mission I want to take it on!”

“Brother Lu Yu, is the mission difficult How many people do you need”

Lu Yu continued, “The missions goal is to find Golden Mist Birds.

You can kill or capture them alive.

There is no limit to the number of people who can accept this mission.

It will end after there are a hundred of them found.”

“I only need the salivary glands of the Golden Mist Bird.

You can take the rest of the bird for yourselves.

“Of course, I will be giving you all a reasonable reward.

I wont be asking you to do this mission for free.”

After listening to the mission description, all the club members were ready.

“No problem.

Leave it to us!”

“This is the first mission of our club.

Everyone, buckle up and complete it well!”

“Theres already a mission for our club This is a pretty good start.”

Lu Yu pointed at Su Qing and said, “If you want to issue a mission or settle the rewards, you can look for her or Miss Yun.”

Yun Zirou and Su Qing were stunned when they heard that.

“Are you asking me to work for you Im the young lady of the Yun Family!” Yun Zirou questioned him.

Lu Yu shrugged and asked, “Are you not willing”

Yun Zirou hesitated momentarily and said, “I will work for your club, but you owe me a favor.

Remember to pay me back.”

Lu Yu was a little speechless as he didnt expect that this was her goal.

“No problem.

Consider it as I owe you a favor.”

Hearing this, Yun Zirou revealed a smile on her face and secretly rejoiced in her heart.

Hearing this, Su Qing also quickly shouted, “You have to remember that you owe me a favor and pay it back in the future.”

Lu Yu smiled and nodded.

“Dont worry.

As long as you contribute to my club, I will owe you any favor you want and will do my best to help if you need my help in the future.”

Hearing this, Su Qing smiled with satisfaction.

Lu Yu could only smile at the weird antics of these two girls.

“Everyone, our club is officially established.

You can go ahead and start working on the mission.”

At that moment, a club member asked, “President, why dont we give our club a name”

“Yes, our club is established, and we definitely need a name for it.

Otherwise, if others ask us what club we joined, we wont be able to answer them.”

Someone raised his hand and suggested, “I think that since Lu Yu founded our club, we might as well name it after Lu Yu.

Lets call it the Lu Yu Club!”

“Alright, sure! This name isnt bad.

Having Brother Lu Yus name on our club is nice!”

“I, too, think its not bad.

After all, without Lu Yu, there wouldnt be this club.”

However, when Lu Yu heard this, he shook his head firmly.

“I dont think this name is too good.

The club I want to create is a club that belongs to all of us.

If I name it after myself, it will lose its meaning.”

“Therefore, the name we choose must represent all of us.”

The members lowered their heads when they heard this and pondered for a moment.

They all felt that it made sense.

“What Brother Lu Yu said makes sense.

Using his name as the clubs name is a little awkward.”

“Hes right.

The name we chose should be able to represent all of us.”

“If thats the case, it will be difficult to come up with a name.

Who can come up with a good one”

Everyone frowned and racked their brains.

“Should we call it class 125”


This name is too trashy.”

“I think we should call it the Rising Society.

It represents our strong rise and sounds domineering.”

“Domineering my ass, it sounds like a country bumpkin.”

“Or we should call it the Self-Improvement Club.

It represents that we freshmen are independent and cant be bullied!”

The members of the club were chatting lively while thinking of names.

Lu Yu thought for a moment and came up with a similar name.

If they continue this discussion, they might not be able to conclude this naming session quickly.

No one else would be satisfied with the name if it werent Lu Yu who came up with it.

“Everyone, please quiet down for a moment.

I have thought of a name for the club and would like to announce it.”

The club members immediately became silent and all looked at Lu Yu.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing also looked at Lu Yu with anticipation.

“Since none of you will give way, and you are unable to come to a conclusion, let me offer a name for the club.

Lets call it the Featherwing Club.”

Lu Yu continued, “All new students need to go through a process to prove themselves.”

“But that doesnt mean we need to be oppressed by those who make their profit of us!”

“Even if we are freshmen, we will grow to full wings and soar into the sky one day!”

“Either we stay silent, or we will announce ourselves to the world with pride!”

“This is the Featherwing Club that belongs to us!”

When the club members heard this, they were all excited.

“Brother Lu Yu said it perfectly.

We will grow up sooner or later and soar into the sky.

Lets teach them a lesson!”

“The name of the Featherwing Club is so apt.

Its so much better than the name we came up with.”

“This name is very appropriate for us, and its easy to remember!”

“This name is not bad.

There are so many of us, but the name we came up with is worse off compared to the Presidents.

Im ashamed.”

“Brother Lu Yu is indeed an all-rounded genius.

Even his naming sense is so strong.”

Everyone praised him and looked at Lu Yu with admiration.

Lu Yu looked at everyone and said, “If thats the case, then you can all disperse.

You can go and do your mission or other things.

If we have something to do as a club, we will gather for a meeting.”

Lu Yu dismissed everyone.

Next, it was time for him to get his money back!

Those seniors were simply courting death if they wanted to take his money!

Six million multiplied tenfold would be 60 million.

This was not a small sum of money!


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