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Chapter 110 Birth Of A New Club

The strange attitudes of the freshmen confused the seniors.

Yesterday, these freshmen were still eagerly begging to join their clubs but had become indifferent to it today.

Even the gentle persuasion of the older students was no longer effective.

This group of freshmen seemed possessed, standing in their spots without moving.

Just as the old students were confused, they were surprised to find that these freshmen were all walking in the same direction.

“Hey, what are they doing”

“Theyre all walking toward the parking area”

“Im getting more and more confused by the behaviour of this batch of freshmen.

Whats going on”

According to their previous recruitment, these freshmen should have obediently joined the club and worked for them.

After all, they had also gone through the same thing.

But now, none of these freshmen wanted to join their club.


At that moment, the seniors saw the freshmen standing in the parking area, waiting for someone to get out of the car.

“Damn, who is this guy Why are all these freshmen welcoming him”

“Could it be one of the universitys management Did they report us”

“So what if they reported it The management has always turned a blind eye to it.

They dont care about such things, after all.”

“Somethings wrong.

The person who got out of the car is a youngster!”

“What the hell What kind of youngster can afford to drive such a car”

“It looks like he is around the same age as these juniors.

He should be of the same batch, right”

“Damn, since theyre from the same batch, why do they think so highly of that fellow”

At that moment, an older student recognized Lu Yu.

“That person is Lu Yu.

I bet on him before!”

“Thats right, its Lu Yu.

I bet on him and even won quite a bit of money.”

“This persons strength is crazy scary.

Hes several levels higher than the other freshmen of the same batch!”

“It looks like these freshmen are very sensible.

They know whos the boss.”

Some of the seniors were instantly smitten after seeing Lu Yu.

“What a handsome junior.

It would be great if he could join our club.”

“I want him to take me to the dungeon.

He can rest at the back, and Ill fight the monsters to earn the dough for the two of us.”

“This is the first time Ive seen such a handsome junior.

I want to keep him as my boy toy.”

“Missy, stop dreaming.

Cant you see what kind of car he drives and what results he has achieved Moreover, the two beside him arent weak…”

Seeing how beautiful Yun Zirou and Su Qing were, the female seniors didnt say anything further.

Lu Yu led everyone towards the square.

Su Qing and Yun Zirou each held a folding table.

The three of them found an empty space and combined the two of them.

“Alright, everyone.

Those who want to join my club can sign up here!”

As soon as Lu Yu finished speaking, the freshmen lined up in an orderly manner and signed up one by one to join Lu Yus club!

The seniors were dumbfounded when they saw two hundred people lined up in an orderly manner so quickly.

“What… Whats going on”

“Isnt he a freshman He started a club”

“Good heavens, Im almost in my senior year, yet I dont even dare to start a club.

Where did he get the guts”

“The most ridiculous thing is that so many people are signing up!”

“Is there anyone who didnt sign up”

“It seems like there are only a few, not many…”

The seniors were astounded when they saw Lu Yu snatch all the freshmen away.

Suddenly, one of the seniors slammed the table angrily, “This guy doesnt respect us!”

“Thats right.

He snatched all the freshmen into his club in one go.

What should we do”

“Those freshmen are really stupid.

I dont know if they can even last a month in a club created by a newcomer.”

“Hes looking down on us.

I cant take it anymore.

This guy is too arrogant!”

The seniors were very unhappy at this moment, with some even getting angry.

The reason why they were so angry was simple.

It was because of the loss of opportunities!

They no longer had the chance to get their dues from the freshmen.

This loss made their hearts ache!

These seniors gathered together and began to discuss countermeasures.

They had just gathered together and chatted for a short while when two figures walked over.

A senior saw them and exclaimed, “Brother Sai Why are you here”

The two who walked over were Han Sai and Guo Siwei.

These researchers usually never get involved in these matters.

However, Han Sai was worried sick and kept thinking of ways to observe Lu Yu.

After learning about Lu Yus trial results last night, he felt uneasy, afraid that Lu Yu would complete the reparation task for real.

Therefore, he brought Guo Siwei along to secretly observe Lu Yu, trying to prevent Lu Yu from completing the reparation task.

“You people cant even defend your own rights.”

Everyone listened attentively as Han Sai spoke.

“Lu Yus actions have already broken the unwritten rules of the universitys club!”

“Freshmen who join a club must provide resources to the club to prove their worth.

How can this be considered exploitation”

“Lu Yu directly broke this rule and attracted more than 90% of all freshmen to his side!”

“How can you guys endure such a thing”

Han Sais loud questioning made the seniors lower their heads in shame.

They didnt know what to say.

“Brother Sai, this fellow has indeed gone too far!”

“Thats right.

If he wants to break our rules, hes courting death!”


“Brother Sai, dont worry.

We wont give that guy a chance!”

“It seems that our clubs need to work together to get rid of this rule-breaker and this thorn in our side!”


Otherwise, well lose all our freshmen resources for this batch!”

The addition of new blood was important to a clubs future strength.

Therefore, they were very concerned about these freshmen, especially those with talent.

These seniors looked at Lu Yu.

There was a long line in front of Lu Yu, and they registered one by one.

Everyone who registered had such a happy smile, and it was as if they had won the lottery.

Han Sai stared at Lu Yu and gritted his teeth.

He had guessed what Lu Yu was thinking.

Lu Yu must have wanted these freshmen to help him find the Golden Mist Birds!

If that was the case, it was indeed possible for him to find a hundred Golden Mist Birds in a short period of time!

Han Sai clenched his fists in thought.

No matter what, he must stop Lu Yu!

Lu Yu registered another new students information.

The others who had completed the registration all stood beside Lu Yu.

“Brother Yu, what is the core spirit of our club” A new student asked.

An organization must have a core spirit to unify the team.

Only then would it be convenient for the members to unite.

Lu Yu thought for a moment and said,

“Our core spirit is not to be oppressed and not to be enslaved.

Everyone possesses their own freedom, and everyone is their own person!”

These words raised a round of applause from everyone!


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