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Chapter 11 Shadow Series, Continue Questing

Lu Yu saw a notification that he could receive three rewards after completing his first quest.


Lu Yu was filled with anticipation as he clicked on the panel, and the first item appeared.


[ Shadow Inner Armor: Green, increases defense, absorbs damage.



[ Defense increased by 15 points ]

After Lu Yu received it, a dark inner armor appeared before him.

Lu Yu quickly picked it up and felt it thoroughly.

He could feel the coldness emanating from the armor.

He put it on immediately, and the defense attribute in his personal attributes interface increased by 15 points.

The most important thing was that this equipment could absorb and counteract the damage.

However, this effect was not as intuitive as a defense buff; this effect could only be seen during a battle.

Lu Yu clicked on the interface again and received the second piece of equipment.

[ Shadow Necklace: Green, increases health ]

[ Increases health by 35 points ]

Lu Yu picked up the necklace in front of him and quickly put it on, and the health attribute on his personal attribute panel increased by 35 points.

Following this, Lu Yu received the last reward.

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[ Shadow Scroll: Green, can convert an existing piece of equipment into part of the Shadow Series.


Lu Yu did not expect all three rewards to be from the same Shadow Series.

If he were to equip all the equipment from the Shadow Series, would an additional upgrade to his attributes be added

Suddenly, Lu Yu remembered the equipment he had obtained from opening the bronze treasure chest, the Shadow Brass Knuckles!

It was also a piece of equipment from the Shadow Series.

This way, he would have four pieces of shadow series equipment!

At that moment, a panel appeared before Lu Yus eyes.

[ Collect five pieces of Shadow equipment.

You can raise the grade of the equipment to Blue and synthesize all of them into a Shadow set ]

[ Exclusive skill of the Shadow set: Shadow Substitute.

Obtain a chance to substitute your death.



Seeing this description, Lu Yu was excited.

This sets exclusive skill was all too suitable for him!

Previously, when he was in the dungeon, there were several situations where he had narrowly escaped death.

If he had this skill, his chances of survival would be much higher.

It seemed that he needed to find the last piece of Shadow equipment as soon as possible.

After equipping the two pieces of equipment, Lu Yu took the shadow scroll and left the dungeon, returning to Riverdale City.

On the way back, Lu Yu opened his personal attributes interface and checked his current attributes.

[ Attack: 71]

[ Speed: 58]

[ Health: 132]

[ Mana: 90]

[ Defense: 61]

In addition to the Shadow Inner Armor and the Shadow Necklace that increased his defense and health, the Shadow Brass Knuckles also increased his attack power by 10 points.


His current attributes were increasing at a fast rate.

If Lu Yu had obediently stayed in school and trained hard, his strength would definitely not have increased so quickly.

On the way back, Lu Yu opened the class group chat, planning to check if anything new happened in class today.

Most of the people were basically talking about their respective training situations.

“I stayed in the gym for the whole day today, and my health points only increased by 1 point.

Could you believe that”

“You definitely didnt train hard enough.

I increased mine by 3 points.”

“Which one of you went to an actual combat zone I heard that there was a rookie who was so fearless that he went to an actual combat zone, fighting a ferocious beast.

But it seems that he ended up crippled!”

“Forget it.

A rookie who has just awakened should train for a week before considering actual combat.

Otherwise, he would just be sent to an early grave!”

“Youre right.

Lets just continue training…”

The class chat group was bustling with discussion, with everyone sharing their training experiences.

However, there was no doubt that they were afraid of actual combat.

Unless they were fighting those beasts that were basically harmless, or else they wouldnt dare make a move.

Lu Yu flipped through the chat logs for a short while before turning off his phone out of boredom.

The environment you are in shapes you.

It seemed that he had made the right choice to go to the dungeon to do a quest.

Since that was the case, he would be better off continuing to accept quests and enter dungeons!


Lu Yu returned to Riverdale City and went straight to the black market.

After squeezing through the crowd, Lu Yu arrived at the shop entrance where he had accepted the quest.

When the merchant saw that Lu Yu had returned, he immediately greeted him with a smile.

Although Lu Yu had changed into another black outfit, the merchant still recognized him at a glance.

This merchant seemed to have a good memory of the people he met.

“Hey, youre back so soon.

Has the quest been completed”

Lu Yu nodded and took out 100 Cat Demon eyes from his backpack.

After the boss counted them one by one, he said with a smile, “Well done, precisely 100 of them.”

“Ill settle the quest according to the market price of these materials.”

He took out his phone and used the computer to calculate.

Then he said, with a smile, “A total of 70,000 bucks.

How about it”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.


“Very good.

Ill transfer 70,000 to you now.”

He tinkered with his phone and transferred the reward for this quest to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu took out his phone and checked it to confirm it was the correct amount.

70,000 was not a tiny amount for Lu Yu.

If he continued his previous part-time job, he would probably need two months to get this same amount.


But now, he could get 70,000 bucks for just completing a quest!

The money for this quest was enough to cover his aunts medical expenses for a month.

Lu Yu could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

His financial ability had finally risen.

“Boss, are there any new quests I want to continue!” Lu Yu continued to ask.

He planned to continue taking up more quests.

His talent was average, so he had to rely on hard work to make up for it!

Seeing this, the merchant chuckled, “You sure are diligent.”

“Most people who accepted quests would rest for a long time after completing one.

Its rare to see someone like you accept another immediately after completing one.”

“How about this Since youre so reliable, Ill take you to see the manager of the Chamber of Commerce.

She has more quests there, and I guarantee you will never run out of quests to accept!”


“Take me to see the manager Ive only completed one quest with you.”

The boss laughed and said, “The managers daily job is to issue high-quality quests.”

“Since youre this diligent, youre naturally more suitable for those high-quality quests.

Those quests are unlike mine, which can only give you tens of thousands of dollars for completing a quest.

The reward I give isnt that good, after all.”

Hearing this, Lu Yu was secretly delighted.

“If thats the case, I thank you in advance.”

“Follow me.”

The merchant took the lead and headed toward the second floor of the black market.

After reaching the second floor, Lu Yu saw a huge golden double door from afar with four well-built bodyguards in black standing before the door.

The merchant pushed open the door and walked in with Lu Yu.

“Go on in.

Tell them that youre here to accept a quest.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly and walked in.

The interior of the office was simple yet elegant.

Lu Yu walked on the red carpet and came up to a desk.

He saw the manager of the Chamber of Commerce sitting there.

The manager of the Chamber of Commerce was a woman of an enchanting figure, wearing a tight white dress.


Under her long wavy hair was a gorgeous petite face.

“Hello, Im here to accept a quest.”


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