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Chapter 109 A Decision That Made The Freshmen Crazy

When Lu Yus decision was announced, everyone became excited.

The entire hall was filled with thunderous applause, and it never stopped.

Lu Yus decision had practically saved them from their difficult situation!

“Brother Lu Yu, do you really want to form a club Can we all join”

Lu Yu replied, “Of course you can.

You can join as long as youre willing to!”

“Brother Yu, we will have no complaints if you are the clubs president.”

“Haha, none of us freshmen will join any of the older students clubs; that will surely piss them off!”

“If they cant get anyone, theyll definitely be anxious.”

“Brother Yu, youre practically our savior.

If you hadnt decided to create this club, we would definitely be slaved away at theirs.”

“We support your decision!”

Yun Zirou looked at Lu Yu in surprise.

She did not expect Lu Yu would plan to create a club himself.

This kind of thing was not something that an ordinary person could do.

Any club would face intense competition.

The clubs that could survive were not weak.

If Lu Yu created a club and recruited all the freshmen, it would definitely cause dissatisfaction among the older students, and all of them would target Lu Yu!

Yun Zirou was a little worried.

What if the older students were to cause trouble for Lu Yu His club would not be easy to establish then.

The surrounding freshmen were all cheering, and only Yun Zirou and Su Qing were worried about Lu Yu.

At that moment, Lu Yu smiled in relief after he saw that everyone was eager to join his club.

These students seemed fed up after being tormented by the older students.

It just so happened that he needed manpower.

These two hundred or so freshmen should be able to find a hundred Golden Mist Birds in the wild forest, right

However, Lu Yu felt that it would be even better if he could recruit some of the older students.

But it wouldnt be an easy task to settle the seniors.

A club founded by a new student definitely could not be compared to those old clubs that had existed for more than ten years.

If there werent any great attractions to his club, the older students wouldnt even consider joining Lu Yus club.

“Since everyone is willing to join my club, then come here tomorrow morning and look for me to sign up.

I will be waiting for all of you.”

After Lu Yu finished speaking, the freshmen said in unison, “Thats great! I want to join Lu Yus club!”

“I must wake up early tomorrow and be the first to join!”

“The older students only know how to bully others.

I will follow Brother Yu in the future!”

Lu Yu continued to look at the crowd and said, “Todays orientation party is almost done.

Ill go back and make preparations first.”

After saying that, Lu Yu walked down from the podium and returned to Yun Zirou and Su Qings side.

“Lets go.

Its time to go back.”

Lu Yu said as he led the two of them through the crowd and arrived at the parking area.

When the other freshmen saw Lu Yus back view, their hearts were incomparably excited.

They knew very well that the older clubs in the university were better than Lu Yus, be it their strength, status, or resources.

However, they still believed that Lu Yu could create a powerful club!

After all, Lu Yu had already created a miracle.

They believed that Lu Yu could create another one.

At that moment, Lu Yu drove back to his villa.

After parking the car in the garage, the three went to the living room.

Lu Yu looked at the two of them and said, “You two go on ahead to bed.

Ill need to make some preparations for the club.”

He had to submit all kinds of information to create a club.

Lu Yu wasnt worried that the university wouldnt approve it.

After all, with his current strength, he was a treasure in the eyes of the university.

If he wanted to create a club, no one would stop him.

Yun Zirou looked at Lu Yu and said helplessly, “Are you really going to create a club This process is very difficult, and it has been a few years since a new club appeared at Clanorth University.”

“In the past, talented freshmen wanted to create a club, but there were many difficulties, and they could not even last for half a year.”

Lu Yu nodded, “I understand that, but you cant just not do it because its difficult.

If you dont even have the spirit to overcome the difficulties, then you are not considered a strong person.”

Hearing this, Yun Zirou felt that it made sense.

Many things were difficult, but Lu Yus determination to overcome the difficulties made her admire him.

Su Qing reminded him, “If you start a club and recruit all the new students, youll definitely attract the hatred of the older students.

You have to be more careful; dont let those guys trouble you.”

“Dont worry about that; they wouldnt dare.”

After Lu Yu said that, the two of them nodded.

Then, the three of them returned to their respective rooms, and the girls rested while he continued working.

The next morning, Lu Yu woke up early.

After washing up, he went downstairs and prepared to head out.

As soon as he entered the garage, he saw that Yun Zirou and Su Qing were already ready.

They were standing by the car chatting.

Both of their faces were covered in light makeup, and the clothes they wore were also gorgeous.

It was obvious that they had woken up earlier than him.

Moreover, they had specially dressed up for Lu Yus club creation.

When they saw Lu Yu walking over, the two went up to him.

“Are you ready” Yun Zirou asked.

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Of course.

Lets set off and create a club that belongs to this batch of freshmen!”

After saying that, Lu Yu sat in the drivers seat and drove the two beauties out of the garage towards the universitys central plaza.

Gradually, the car drove into the center of the campus.

A large number of people had already gathered in the vast plaza.

Those older students had set up their club booths again and began to recruit these new students into their clubs.

However, these older students were all frowning at this moment.

No matter how hard they shouted or lured the new students over, the group of new students stood motionlessly on the spot.

“Hey, freshman, do you want to join our Array Formation Club I see that youre very talented.”

The freshman who was being called didnt move at all.

He didnt even look at the older student.

The older students expression was awkward.

He could only continue to search for his next target.

“I gave you a chance, and you didnt cherish it.

Dont come begging to me later!”

He found the next freshman and smiled again.

“Hey, freshie, willing to join us”

However, that freshman didnt respond either.

The people from the other clubs were also facing the same situation.

They were all dumbfounded.

Why was it that these freshmen had such a big change of attitude after just one night

These freshmen were very stubborn, and they didnt join any clubs!

The people from the clubs shouted for a long time, but this group of freshmen didnt even move!

A few senior students stood together and couldnt help but start talking.

“Whats going on Are they not going to join the clubs”

“Hehe, if they dont join the clubs, are they waiting to be eliminated”

“Where did they get the confidence to reject us”

“Each of them is acting like a block of wood.

A new sort of illness”

Suddenly, an old student said in surprise, “They are all heading in the same direction!”


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