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Chapter 107 Black-Hearted Seniors, Club Recruitment

During the club recruitment activities, the older students would look at the new students passing by with warm smiles.

When the new students saw the bright smiles of the older students, they would have a good impression of them.

After the new students tried joining the club and underwent a few missions, they would gradually feel that something was wrong.

Lu Yu walked around, and he found many examples.

Many new students were fighting with the older students in front of the booth.

These freshmen had just entered the university, and most were goody-two-shoes.

They would not explode with intense emotions unless pushed to their limits.

Not far ahead, a freshman was arguing with an older student.

Lu Yu stopped and watched, as it was human nature to watch a show.

A young girl stood in front of the martial arts clubs promotional booth.

The girl had a baby face and was short.

At that moment, she cried to the older students, feeling she was being scammed.

“Didnt your mission clearly state that you wanted me to kill ten grassland gray wolves I went so far as to kill them with great difficulty.

Why dont you give me my reward”

Standing in front of the girl was a well-built man.

He smiled disdainfully and said self-righteously, “The purpose of this mission is to get the fur of the gray wolves!”

The girl immediately retorted, “Dont lie to me.

I got the fur back!”

The man shook his head slightly, “Yes, you got it back, but the fur you peeled is not perfect.

The value is very low, so the mission is deemed invalid.”

“However, you can take another one.

You dont have enough experience for the first time, so its normal for you to fail the mission.” The man revealed a despicable smile and stared straight at the girl, wanting her to continue working for free.

Lu Yu felt a little uncomfortable when he saw this.

These senior students treated bullying newbies as a norm and did not feel guilty about it.

Moreover, the reason was also very ridiculous.

The mission description was to kill ten gray wolves, but it was deemed a failure because the fur she retrieved was not perfect enough.

What a scoundrel.

The girl had risked her life to kill those gray wolves just to get that bit of reward and join the club.

But here she was, faced with such unfairness…

The girl stood in front of the booth, her face full of grievance and helplessness.

She felt powerless and did not know who she could turn to for help here…

The other freshmen could not even protect themselves, much less help her.

With all the older students like this, it seemed that she could only admit defeat.

She wiped her tears and turned to leave.

The man saw this and quickly stopped her.

“Hey, arent you going to continue accepting missions”

“No!” The girl shouted firmly.

The man continued, “Dont you want to join the Martial Arts Club I can let you join it!”

Hearing this, the girl turned around, and a glimmer of hope flashed in her eyes.

She felt that the man in front of her might have found his conscience…

However, the man again revealed a wretched smile and sized up the girls body.

“As long as you agree to be my girlfriend, Ill agree.

How about it”

Hearing this, the girl angrily stomped her foot, turned around, and quickly left the place!

The other freshmen passing by saw this situation and didnt dare to say anything.

They lowered their heads and continued moving forward silently.

For these freshmen, no matter how hard the members of the clubs tried to make things difficult, they still had to join one of the clubs.

Otherwise, a person not in a club would be miserably bullied in this university.

Because of this, the members of these clubs could bully the newcomers without fear.

In any case, you had to join a club.

If you didnt join, you wouldnt be able to survive.

So why wouldnt they try to squeeze you dry before letting you in

This helpless situation made the freshmen here sigh helplessly.

When Lu Yu saw this situation, he was immediately displeased.

The students who could come here were all geniuses from all over the country.

It was normal for them to be arrogant, but these people were no longer just arrogant.

They were simply gatekeeping!

Lu Yu glanced at Yun Zirou and Su Qing beside him.

The two of them might also be facing the dilemma of choosing a club.

Many senior students had their eyes on Yun Zirou and Su Qing.

The reason was simple.

They could tell that Yun Zirou and Su Qing were the two most beautiful girls in this batch of freshmen.

Yun Zirou was a girl with an air of heroicness, and her clothes were simple yet gorgeous.

One look and they could tell that she was the daughter of a prestigious family.

As for Su Qing, she looked simple and pure.

They could tell she was the kind of innocent girl who had never experienced the harshness of the world and would be easily fooled.

Therefore, most of the eyes were on Su Qing.

Compared to Yun Zirou, Su Qing looked easier to trick…

Seeing those fiery gazes, Su Qing felt uncomfortable and frowned slightly.

Lu Yu continued to walk forward with the two of them.

“Dont mind their gazes.

Im here.”

Su Qing leaned closer to Lu Yus side and felt much more at ease.

As they continued to walk forward, Lu Yu heard a cheer.

“Wow, there are more than 300,000 dollars.

This batch of freshmen is quite rich.”

A long-faced skinny monkey-face man said to a fatty beside him.

The two seniors from a particular club were currently counting the money in their hands.

“The freshmen are each dumber than the last.

They havent even completed their missions yet, yet they can already hand over so much money.” The fatty said with a laugh.

“Tsk, earning the commission from these freshmen is enough to make me rich.

If I were to come to this kind of orientation event a few more times, I would be loaded!”

“Back then, when we were freshmen, we werent that stupid.”

The two of them laughed out loud, their faces full of pride.

There were quite a few situations like this.

Lu Yu watched what was going on and felt annoyed.

Lu Yu looked down on this kind of unwritten and disgusting rule.

Only the weak would think of ways to bully the weaker ones!

Lu Yu and the two girls quickly walked through the entire square and arrived at the parking area.

The three of them got into Lu Yus private car.

As soon as they got into the car, Yun Zirou could not help but complain, “I didnt expect the clubs in Clanorth University to be so filthy.

I originally wanted to choose a good one!”

“Now it seems like its not easy to join any of them!”

Su Qing sighed helplessly.

“Yeah, if you want to join a club, you must pay the price.

But without a club backing you up, its hard to survive in university alone.”

“I envy you.

You dont have to care about this.” Yun Zirou looked at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu shrugged, “Theres no club in the research institute, but even if I dont join the research institute, Im too lazy to join a club.”

Yun Zirou asked with some doubt, “But after joining a club, you can find teammates to help each other.

You and your team will hunt ferocious beasts, enter dungeons, and complete those mystic realms together.”

“I can do all of these by myself.”

Yun Zirou was in disbelief.

“Are you serious Did you come all the way here just by relying on yourself”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thats right.

Ive always entered dungeons by myself.

The only time I formed a team was with you.”

Yun Zirou was surprised.

She didnt expect that there was a lone ranger who entered dungeons by himself and completed quests by himself.


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