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Chapter 105 A Project That Cant Be Completed

Han Sai leaned against the table and lowered his head, deep in thought.

He was thinking, what kind of project would be impossible for Lu Yu to complete

If Lu Yu could not complete the reparation project, he would not be qualified to continue being an assistant instructor.

When the position was vacant, he could think of a way to get Guo Siwei in.

After thinking for a moment, he raised his head and looked at Lu Yu.

“There happens to be a reparation project that needs manpower.

Ill take you there.”

“No problem, lets go then.”

Han Sai took off his glasses and long coat and walked toward the door.

Lu Yu followed behind him, and they walked out of the research room together.

On the way out, Han Sai suddenly thought of something.

“Oh right, I cant let you repair it alone.

Ill call a teammate for you.”

Han Sais words aroused Lu Yus suspicion.

If he needed to call another teammate to repair it, it meant that no one was taking up this reparation project!

Lu Yu wasnt supposed to repair it alone, so he needed to call another person.

Soon, Han Sai pulled a researcher from the side.

He looked young and should have just been promoted to researcher not long ago.

“Cheng Gang, I have a reparation task for you.”

After Han Sai finished speaking, that person walked over and revealed a simple and honest smile.

“Brother Sai, just tell me if you need anything.

Ill try my best.”

Han Sai pointed at Lu Yu and said, “You two form a team to undergo a restoration project of the ruins together.”

Cheng Gang sized up Lu Yu and surprisedly said, “He seems very young.

He shouldnt be a researcher, right”

Han Sai nodded and said, “Thats right.

Hes an assistant instructor.

You two form a team and repair the ruins together.”

“Brother Sai, I understand.

If you want me to, Ill go.”

Due to his age, Han Sai was a respectable person in this research institute, and his words carried weight.

Cheng Gang had just been promoted to a researcher, so he didnt dare offend Han Sai.

“Okay, then lets go together.”

With that, Han Sai continued to lead the way while Lu Yu and Cheng Gang followed behind.

“By the way, Brother Sai, Id like to ask, what will we be fixing this time” Cheng Gang asked carefully.

Han Sai answered indifferently, “The Dragon Kings stone sculpture.

No big deal.”

Hearing this, Cheng Gang was stunned, and his expression became dull.

“The Dragon Kings stone sculpture…”

“Ive heard of this repair project.

Its a Super S grade project with a damage of 98%.

Is this really our task”

Han Sai said unhappily, “Why Are you questioning my assignment”

Cheng Gang shook his head helplessly and muttered in a low voice, “This is too unfair.

Why should I do a project that cant be completed”

“Brother Sai, I respect you as my superior, but you cant do me like this.

What youre doing is too unfair!”

“Why should I go on a project that cant be completed”

“No, Im going to file a complaint against you!”

However, Han Sai, walking in front, had no intention of responding to him.

As for Cheng Gang, although he complained, he still followed Han Sai.

Lu Yu looked at Cheng Gang and said, “Dont be anxious.

Lets go and take a look at the statue.”

Cheng Gang glanced at Lu Yu helplessly.

He only thought Lu Yu was a clueless young man who didnt know better.

He knew the rules of being an assistant instructor and that Han Sai was messing with Lu Yu.

Cheng Gang was just tagging along for the farce.

He could do nothing about it, so he had no choice but to follow Han Sai silently and continue moving forward.

Soon, the three of them arrived in front of an old-looking research room.

Pushing open the dusty door, the three of them walked in.

Han Sai turned on the lights.

The three saw no stone sculpture in the middle of the room, only greyish-white debris on the ground!

Cheng Gang stared at the debris on the ground and shouted in disbelief, “This is a statue Are you kidding me Is this even supposed to be a statue”

Han Sai retorted, “How is it not This is a statue, just broken into pieces.

Is there a need to make such a fuss”

Cheng Gang was speechless when he heard this and was already falling into despair.

There was no way to repair this, so he didnt bother to struggle and just admitted defeat.

Lu Yu looked at the broken pieces on the ground and felt helpless.

In this situation, even he wouldnt know how to fix it.

Han Sai looked at Lu Yu and continued, “Its not impossible to fix.”

“The way is to use hundreds of [ Golden Mist Birds Salivary Glands ] to make [ Golden Mist Adhesive ], and maybe you can glue them together.”

“But just think about it.

This method is almost impossible to do in practice.”

“The difficulty is almost the same as landing on the moon.”

“Since youre so confident, then finish this reparation project properly.

Im looking forward to seeing your masterpiece.”

Han Sai revealed a strange smile with a hint of schadenfreude.

Lu Yu didnt say much.

Lu Yu felt it was worth a try since Han Sai had proposed a reparation method.

Although it was challenging, Lu Yu still wanted to attempt it.

How would he know his capability through this task if he did not try it

“No problem, I can take over this project.

I will try my best to fix it.”

Lu Yus words made Han Sai burst into laughter.

“Well said, I will support you in completing this project.

Dont worry; you can do it!”

Han Sais strange voice made Lu Yu feel uncomfortable.

Han Sai did not believe that Lu Yu could complete the reparation task.

Instead, he was happy that Lu Yu had taken the bait, as Han Sai wanted Lu Yu to accept this project.

He foresaw Lu Yus failure to complete the task and that the assistant instructor position would be given to Guo Siwei!

Han Sai looked at Lu Yu and continued, “If you think its too difficult, feel free to tell me.

I will help you complete the follow-up work.”

Lu Yu knew very well that Han Sai was hinting at him to give up, which meant he had to hand over the assistant instructor position!

“No problem.

However, you wont be able to see that day,” Lu Yu said confidently.

“I hope so.

I admire your confidence.”

After Han Sai finished speaking, he turned around and left.

“Take your time to think of a way to fix it.

Im leaving first.

Come tell me if you cant bear it.”

He left the research room with that.

Cheng Gang, standing beside him, looked at the debris on the ground and sighed helplessly.

He patted Lu Yus shoulder and turned around to leave as well.

Lu Yu was the only one left in the huge research room.

Lu Yu did not know much about the Golden Mist Bird, an extremely rare and ferocious beast!

It was not an easy task to find the Golden Mist Bird.

Lu Yu turned around and left the research room.

He planned to return to the campus to look for information on the Golden Mist Bird.


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