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Chapter 104 Hand Over Your Post

The research room was laid out like a factory.

Four lamps were placed in four corners, illuminating the entire research room.

Three rusty bronze statues were in the middle of the research room.

The three people depicted in the statues were in strange positions.

With a glance, one could tell that these statues were quite old.

In front of the statues were three tables.

On them were various instruments and buckets of materials for respiration work.

Han Sai stood before the table and carefully looked at Lu Yu.

After Gu Zhanyan turned around and left, the smile on his face instantly disappeared.

Instead, he looked at Lu Yu with a cold gaze.

“Lu Yu, looking at your age, youre a freshman, right”

Lu Yu nodded and said, “Thats right.

Im this years freshman.”

Han Sai nodded slightly and continued to ask, “Do you know what rank Guo Siwei was in when he was a freshman”

Lu Yu frowned slightly and asked curiously, “What does his rank have to do with me”

“He was ranked third in the overall results of the freshmen trials!”

“However, after he entered the institute, he became an intern and worked for four years!”

“Until now, he is still an intern and is just a step away from becoming an assistant instructor.

However, this step is like a bottomless abyss to him.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt break through!”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“This has nothing to do with me, right Is it my fault that he didnt get the qualification”

Han Sai immediately said unhappily, “What makes you think that youre more suitable for research and the position of an assistant instructor than he”

“In my opinion, youre not even worthy to be compared to Guo Siwei!”

Lu Yu looked at Han Sai and couldnt help but smile bitterly in his heart.

This guy had revealed his true colors, and the politeness was all an act!

He had put on quite a good show in front of Gu Zhanyan.

As soon as Gu Zhanyan left, he immediately revealed his true self!

“Its not up to you whether he is worthy or not.

Dean Gu can see it more clearly than you can!” Lu Yu retorted.

“Hehe, even someone as strong as Dean Gu would misjudge at times.

Since you are so confident, Ill call Guo Siwei over!”

He took out his phone and sent a message.

Soon, the door to the research room was pushed open.

A young man walked in casually and came to Han Sais side.

“Brother Sai, why are you looking for me” As he spoke, he looked at Lu Yu with a strange gaze.

Han Sai pointed at Lu Yu and said, “This, Mr.

Lu Yu, is a new student this year.

However, under President Gus arrangement, he directly entered the research institute and became an assistant!”

Hearing this, Guo Siwei was stunned for a long time, unable to recover from his shock.

“Brother Sai, what did you say Hes just a new student, and he became an assistant instructor”

Han Sai nodded heavily.

“Thats right, its the position youve been dreaming of.

Youve been cultivating for four years, but you still havent been able to get the position.

Yet, he got it right away!”

In an instant, Guo Siwei was furious.

He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

Han Sai looked at Lu Yu and said, “You dont deserve this assistant instructor position, understand You dont have the qualifications or strength for it!”

“Thats why I advise you to give up your position.

Its better for you and Guo Siwei!”

“I dont want to see people with ability buried.

People without ability are a waste of resources!”

Hearing this, Lu Yu also felt angry.

Initially, he didnt even care about this title.

As long as he could come into contact with the things from the ancient ruins and slowly improve his Ancient Dragon Body, he would be satisfied.

But now, Lu Yu wouldnt give these two the time of day!

“Dean Gu personally appointed me as an assistant instructor.

Do you think you have better judgement compared to Dean Gu” Lu Yu asked.

Guo Siwei heard this and quickly reminded his relative.

“Brother Sai, this guy is just trying to trap you with his words.

We shouldnt speak carelessly.”

Han Sai continued, “There are times when Dean Gu has misjudged someone.

Let me ask you, will you give up the assistant instructor position to Guo Siwei or not”

Guo Siwei stared at Lu Yu with a smug look as he threatened Lu Yu to give up the position quickly.

Lu Yu didnt get angry.

Instead, he chuckled.

“If I dont give up my position, what can you do to me Dean Gu personally appointed me to my assistant instructor position.

You dont have the right to expel me!”

Upon hearing this, Han Sai immediately flew into a rage.

However, he couldnt do anything about it when he thought about it.

Guo Siwei pulled Han Sais arm to the side as if telling him to think of another way to help him get his position.

“Lu Yu, do you really like doing research These studies are very boring, and you might not be able to withstand it.

Youre still young.

You should experience the feeling of freedom.”

Lu Yu thought Han Sai was being ridiculous.

How could he even come up with such brainwashing bull**

“This is considered archaeological work, and Im very interested in archaeology.

When I was young, my dream was to one day work in archaeology.” Lu Yu earnestly said.

When Han Sai heard this, he was furious.

Whose childhood dream was to join archaeology in the future This was simply a lie!

However, he had nothing he could refute.

Lu Yu had already decided to stay, and Han Sai couldnt do anything about it.

“Alright, you can stay.

You better do your job as an assistant instructor nicely!”

Hearing this, Guo Siwei knew he had no hope of becoming an assistant instructor, so he walked to the door dejectedly.

As he walked, he turned to look at Lu Yu and growled, “Just you wait.

You stole my assistant instructor position, and I will definitely not let you off!”

Lu Yu said helplessly.

“Stole your position Are you dreaming”

Guo Siwei shouted righteously, “I have been an intern for four years.

I should have been promoted, but now I didnt after you came.

Doesnt this mean you stole my position”

Lu Yu was utterly speechless.

“Go back to where you came from…”

Lu Yu didnt want to listen to his nonsense anymore.

He just snorted and turned around to leave.

“Lu Yu, do you know the rules of the assistant instructor position” Han Sai looked at Lu Yu and asked.

Lu Yu knew that Han Sai would find a way to make things difficult for him, but to continue his research, Lu Yu had to force himself to accept it!

“Say it, no matter what the rules are, I will abide by them.”

Han Sai nodded and said, “As an assistant instructor, you must complete a restoration project once a year.

Of course, its not that you need to repair it alone; you can work with the team.”

“No problem, this is what I should do.” Lu Yu agreed readily.

Han Sai secretly smiled.

Generally speaking, when a new assistant instructor starts, they should be responsible for repairing the simplest and least damaged items.

Moreover, they would repair the item together with the team.

It was more of just adding their names to the list for cooperation rather than doing the actual work.

However, Han Sai did not plan to let Lu Yu go so easily.

He had to make good use of this opportunity.


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