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Chapter 103 Research Work Officially Began

The banner in front of him recorded a researcher named Qiu Yan, who had completed a skills research and was promoted from B rank to A rank.

Lu Yu looked at Gu Zhanyan and asked, “It seems that there are many research projects here.

Not only on ancient ruins, but it seems that there is also research on skills ongoing”

“Of course.

There are too many things found in the ancient ruins.

Apart from equipment, there are also a lot of skill tablets.

These researchers have probably repaired less than one-tenth of the items here.”

Lu Yu was a little surprised when he heard this.

He did not expect that there would be so many valuables left behind in these ancient ruins.

“Is the location of the ruins near here” Lu Yu continued to ask.

Gu Zhanyan shook his head, “The location of the ruins is not here.

Very few people know the location.

Dont ask about this.”

Lu Yu did not continue to ask.

He knew the reason.

If someone blinded by greed knew the location of such precious ruins and went in to destroy them, the loss would be astronomical.

Gu Zhanyan looked at the banner and said with great expectation, “You have to work hard to become a researcher in the future.

After this researcher named Qiu Yan completed this research, the military rewarded him with a piece of purple grade equipment!”

Lu Yus eyes widened slightly, and he surprisedly asked, “The reward is that good Purple grade equipment”

Gu Zhanyan nodded, “I see that your pieces of equipment are only blue grade at most.

You should know the difference between blue and purple grade.”

“Purple, and the orange grade above it, are extremely rare.

The dungeons must be at least at a dangerous level for it to drop.

Higher levels, such as destruction or hell level dungeons, would only have a slightly higher drop rate.”

Lu Yu took a deep breath and said, “Of course, I know how rare purple equipment is, but why is it a military reward”

Gu Zhanyan patiently explained, “The equipment or skills found in these ancient ruins are not only powerful but also rare.

The most important thing is its uniqueness, so confidentiality is a must.”

“If the military gets such equipment or skills, its like getting a secret weapon.

It can give them an advantage in making strategy.”

Lu Yu quickly understood why the military greatly valued the treasures in ruins.

At the same time, he began to look forward to the following research work…

Next, Gu Zhanyan brought Lu Yu to a nearby laboratory.

Pushing open the metal door, the two of them walked in.

A man wearing a long white robe and goggles was standing in front of a statue.

He was too engrossed in his work, so he didnt notice the two of them walking in.

“Han Sai, stop what youre doing.”

Hearing Gu Zhanyans voice, the researcher named Han Sai quickly put down the reparations in his hand and stood up from his seat.

He stood straight on the spot and looked at Gu Zhanyan with reverence in his eyes.

“Hello, Dean.

Welcome to my laboratory!”

Gu Zhanyan looked at Lu Yu and said, “This researcher is very profound in his work.

He participated in Qiu Yans Liger Beast research, and you should be able to improve very quickly by following him.”

Hearing this, Han Sai revealed a puzzled expression and started to size up Lu Yu.

“Hello, my name is Lu Yu.

Im taking up the position of assistant instructor today.” Lu Yu nodded slightly and looked at Han Sai.

Han Sais face revealed a kind smile, “Student Lu Yu, hello, hello.

Welcome to my laboratory.

Your arrival will make my future work smoother.”

His warm welcome made Lu Yu a little uncomfortable.

“Then I hope we can work well together from now on…”

Lu Yu also revealed a kind smile.

Gu Zhanyan looked at the friendly attitude of the two of them and could not help but laugh.

“It seems that the two of you get along very well.

I wont say anything more, and I hope the two of you can work well from now on.”


Han Sai, Lu Yu is an extremely talented young man, so you better nurture him well.

You will also benefit greatly if you nurture him well!”

Han Sai nodded his head heavily at Gu Zhanyans words.

“No problem.

I will do my best to grow Lu Yu!”

Gu Zhanyan smiled in satisfaction.

At this moment, Han Sai changed the topic.

“Dean Gu, I have recently felt a little out of my depth at work.

I would like to ask for another assistant instructor to help me with my research work.”

Before Gu Zhanyan could speak, Han Sai continued, “I have a suitable candidate.

Why dont you let Guo Siwei be my assistant instructor”

“He has been with the research institute for a few years and has always been an intern.

He has sufficient experience and should be promoted to assistant instructor.”

“Oh right, he was also involved in the research on the Liger Beast this time.

He indeed has a talent in this area.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Zhanyan looked at him with suspicion.

“Since hes an intern, where did he get the authority to participate in the research on the Liger Beast”

Upon hearing this, Han Sai hurriedly explained, “Right, um, he just happened to be good in this area of knowledge.

So hes more suitable…”

Gu Zhanyan interrupted, “If I remember correctly, Guo Siwei seems to be your distant relative, right”

Upon hearing this, Han Sais body stiffened, and he didnt dare to say another word.

Gu Zhanyans cold gaze made him gulp.

He was dumbfounded.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that Dean Gu would remember this!

Gu Zhanyan had to deal with many matters at the university daily, yet he still remembered their relationship.

This memory of his scared him.

Han Sai had nothing more to say.

After all, his goal was obvious once Gu Zhanyan burst the bubble of Guo Siwei and his relationship.

Gu Zhanyan smiled again.

“It seems that Guo Siweis name is indeed on the Liger Beast Research list.

But hes temporarily not qualified to be promoted at the moment.

Let us discuss it when another opportunity arises.”

Han Sai nodded helplessly.

“Okay, I understand…”

Gu Zhanyan knew very well that Han Sai used his identity to help Guo Siwei get his name on the list, which was not uncommon in the academic world.

Therefore, he would not promote Guo Siwei just because of this.

Moreover, Han Sais saying that Guo Siwei had talent was nonsense.

Gu Zhanyan had been reading all the research results every year.

Guo Siwei simply did not have the heart to calm down for research.

“Alright, you can continue working.

I have to go back.”

After saying that, he looked at Lu Yu and said, “If you have nothing to do today, you can stay here and learn from him.

It will be easier for you to start as soon as possible.”

“No problem.

Then I will stay.”

Han Sai smiled again and said, “Lu Yu, next, I will help you to complete your research task and familiarize you as soon as possible so that you can carry out the research tasks alone.”


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