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Chapter 102 Ancient Ruins, Ancient Giant Dragon

Lu Yu had never expected that joining the research institute, becoming an assistant instructor, and participating in restoring ancient ruins would help his Ancient Dragon Body.

Moreover, it appears that Gu Zhanyan had an incredibly sharp perception of Lu Yu, as even Xuan Ya had only determined that Lu Yu had an Elemental Body.

Gu Zhanyan could tell that Lu Yus bloodline was related to an ancient dragon.

It also shows that Gu Zhanyan was indeed thinking about Lu Yus best interests when making this decision.

What Lu Yu cared about the most now was not equipment, skills, or potions.


It was his bloodline and his Dragon Claw talent!

How he could strengthen them was what would be attractive to Lu Yu.

After thinking for a while, Lu Yu confirmed that he had to attend the research institute.

Lu Yus strength would increase by a terrifying amount on the day his Ancient Dragon Body was fully completed.

“Im willing to join the research institute.

When do I report for duty”

Gu Zhanyan smiled happily, seeing Lu Yu agreeing so readily.

“I can take you there now.

Do you want to go”

Lu Yu nodded, “Lets go.

Ill see what the research institute is like.”

Gu Zhanyan got up and walked toward the door.

“Come with me.

Ill take you to the research institute.

However, the distance may be a little far as its not on the central campus.”

Lu Yu got up and followed him.

“How far is it” Lu Yu asked.

Gu Zhanyan rubbed his chin and pondered.

He said, “The distance is about three times from your villa to here.”

“Thats really far…”

The two walked out of the office building together and went downstairs.

Gu Zhanyans assistant had already prepared a car in advance.

The black car before them was exactly the same as Lu Yus.

The top professionals from Clanorth University made these cars.

The cars outer body and windows were all made of unique materials.

Lu Yu did not expect the Head Dean to drive the same car as him.

It seemed that this academy respected people with ability.

Lu Yu had just enrolled and was already living at the same standard as Gu Zhanyan.

The two of them sat in the back seat of the car together.

Then, the driver started the car and drove along the cement road heading out of the central campus.

After leaving the central campus, they were surrounded by a large plain.

There were all kinds of animals living in it.

There were few cars on this road, and that allowed them to drive quickly.

In a short time, they arrived at the research institute.

However, the buildings here were similar to those in the citys industrial parks.

After entering the gates, there were all kinds of factories inside.

As the car was driving in the research institute, Gu Zhanyan explained to Lu Yu, “These buildings look like factories, but they are actually research sites.

Many objects from those ancient ruins have been moved here to carry out restoration tasks.”

“There are top-notch cultural relic restoration masters in the world here, but you dont have to worry about your lack of experience.

Your position is as an assistant instructor.

You just have to help them complete the restoration tasks.”

“When your skills improve, you can repair them by yourself.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly and asked, “Will the items that have been repaired be useful”

“Of course.

Some of the equipment and weapons left behind from ancient times have been corroded over a long period of time, so there are quite a few problems.”

“If you can repair them, then you can keep the equipment.”

Lu Yu was looking forward to it upon hearing this.

The quality of the ancient treasures that could survive the test of time shouldnt be bad.

“Let me take you to the first research room first.”

The car stopped, and the two opened the car door to walk out.

Gu Zhanyan led the way.

He pushed open a door and walked into the research room.

As soon as he entered, Lu Yu saw that several researchers were seriously working on their restoration.

Some were working on a strange statue, while others were doing restoration work on a long spear.

Some were even working on ancient medicines passed down from olden times.

The researchers used various instruments to analyze these medicines.

Seeing everyone was busy, Lu Yu couldnt wait to join in.

Ever since he entered the room, the blood in his body seemed to have sensed something and constantly surged, causing Lu Yus heart to pump.

It was as if his Ancient Dragon Body was improving!

Moreover, this was just his first time coming in…

Lu Yu found it hard to imagine how fast his Ancient Dragon Body would progress if he were allowed to stay here every day and spend a long time with the things from various ruins.

Gu Zhanyan brought Lu Yu along and began to give him a tour of the institution.

He wanted Lu Yu to familiarize himself with the working environment in advance.

At that moment, a young man in the corner was watching the news on his phone.

His eyes widened when he saw that an all-rounded genius had appeared at Clanorth University.

However, he was displeased when he saw that this all-rounded genius had been appointed as an assistant instructor.

This guy did not have any experience in this field.

Why was he appointed as an assistant right from the start

He was indignant and felt a little uncomfortable.

He also had excellent grades back then and was specially recruited into the research institute.

However, he was still a helper in his current senior year and only did some minor help for the researchers with their work.

Even in his dreams, he wanted to become an assistant instructor.

Only then would he have a chance to truly become a researcher and come into contact with ancient ruins.

He naturally felt depressed now that a freshman with little experience had become an assistant instructor.

“Guo Siwei, bring me that ancient longsword.”

A researcher beside him ordered.

He stood up helplessly and handed over a rusty longsword.

However, just as he sat down, he saw a familiar figure from the corner of his eye.

When he saw Lu Yu, his eyes widened.

“Isnt… isnt this Lu Yu”

He picked up his phone and compared him to Lu Yus picture in the universitys announcement.

It was indeed the same person!

He got even angrier.

What right did Lu Yu have to join the research institute so quickly

Moreover, Dean Gu Zhanyan was personally accompanying him!

Why didnt he receive such treatment

He was highly disgruntled, but he didnt dare to say anything.

All he could do was grumble silently…

Lu Yu followed Gu Zhanyan around, and the two returned to the entrance.

“What do you think The working environment here should be fine.

Moreover, you should have felt the yearning of your bloodline in your body when you first entered, right”

Lu Yu nodded, “Indeed, these relics are effective in helping my progress.

When can I start to join this place”

Gu Zhanyan thought for a while, “Well, it depends on you.

If you have time, you can come over anytime to help the researchers and absorb the energy from ancient times.”

“Thats good…”

Gu Zhanyan turned around and looked at the next research room.

“Lets go to the next one.

The content of each research room is different.”

Lu Yu followed him over.

When they got closer, they realized a banner was hanging on the door!

“We are celebrating B rank researcher Qiu Yan, who has developed the [Blood Rage Roar] skill of the Liger Beast and has been promoted to an A rank researcher!” Lu Yu read out the banner.


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