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Chapter 101 Swallowing Back His Pride, Becoming A Follower

When the news of Lu Yus joining the research institute came out, it shocked countless people.

They were all surprised, as the research institute was a rather important place.

The number of researchers there was way lower than in the other five main academies!

Moreover, this was the only academy that had the opportunity to head into ancient ruins.

The students of the other five academies did not have the chance to do so.

Anything excavated from these ancient ruins was all excellent kinds of stuff!

Everyone looked at Lu Yu with eyes full of envy.

However, Lu Yu was somewhat at a loss.

He had no idea what the research institute was, nor did he know its importance.

Initially, he had planned to take first place in all five academies trials so that he could freely choose an academy to enrol in.

He did not expect that there was another, even more mysterious and unique academy hidden in Clanorth University.

But if that was the case, wouldnt he have no chance to stay with the other freshmen in the future

Standing behind Lu Yu, Yun Zirou and Su Qing looked at Lu Yu with complicated expressions.

They were both happy for Lu Yu but also regretful that they wouldnt be able to go to the same academy together in the future.

In front of the podium, Gu Zhanyan continued, “Everyone can go back and make preparations before entering your academy.

Student Lu Yu, please come to my office and look for me later.

Ill help you with the admission procedures.”

After saying that, Gu Zhanyan walked down from the podium.

The five Deans corresponded to the five major academies.

Gu Zhanyan, the Head Dean, manages the research institute while overseeing the five Deans.

Therefore, only he had the right to choose who would join the research institute.

Many new students had already dispersed, and Lu Yu was ready to head to the Head Deans office.

At that moment, Zhao Kai and Xu Mao walked over to Lu Yu.

Seeing these two familiar faces, Lu Yu stopped in his tracks.

“Is there something you need from me Or do you want to spar with me again”

Hearing this, the two of them trembled and hurriedly explained.

“No, no, how would we dare to spar with you now…” Xu Mao smiled awkwardly.

Zhao Kai continued to add, “We came here to be friends.

Friends may be a little nicer sounding, but we want to follow you and acknowledge you as our leader!”

Lu Yu looked at the two of them with some surprise.

One came from a famous family, while the other came from an ancient family.

Logically speaking, these two should be full of arrogance, constantly looking down on others.

Lu Yu did not expect they would be able to swallow their pride and acknowledge him as their leader.

This really surprised Lu Yu.

“The two of you would acknowledge someone else above you” Lu Yu asked with a smile.

Xu Maos face was devoid of arrogance as he smiled awkwardly, “Brother Yu, you are someone who saves your teammate with such a precious item.

Based on this, I think youre a good person, and Im willing to acknowledge you as my leader!”

Zhao Kai continued, “That fellow Liu Xiao wouldnt save his underlings or thugs even if they were on the verge of death!”

“In his eyes, he would rather compensate his underlings funeral expenses than take out his precious life-saving items!”

Lu Yu nodded slightly and asked, “Just based on this”

“Of course, there are others.

For example, your strength is way stronger than ours, yet you keep a low profile.

Thats why the two of us came to acknowledge you as our leader.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly again when he heard this.

Although these two people were hostile toward him in the past, he did not pursue the matter anymore now that their attitude had changed for the better.

It was not a bad thing to have more friends.

After all, Lu Yu might have to be active in Ixdale in the future.

These two people were well-known for their noble status in Ixdale, so it was necessary to befriend them.

“No problem.

I wont refuse you if you are willing to be my underling.”

Zhao Kai and Xu Mao looked at each other and revealed excited smiles.

“Thats great! This is my contact information.

In the future, if you need us, just call us!”

Zhao Kai took out his phone and offered his phone number.

Xu Mao also took out his phone and did the same.

“Brother Yu, I believe that your future achievements will be extraordinary.

I will be loyal to you and acknowledge you as my leader.

Please dont worry!”

Lu Yu did not take these words to heart.

After memorizing the phone number, he took Yun Zirou and Su Qing and left the place.

“I will go report to the Head Dean first.”

Lu Yu said he left together with Yun Zirou and Su Qing.

Zhao Kai and Xu Mao looked at Lu Yus back and smiled in relief.

They were a little surprised, as they did not expect Lu Yu to agree to let them follow him.

Initially, both were geniuses and had enormous pride in their hearts.

However, their pride in them disappeared when they experienced Lu Yus terrifying talent.

Lu Yu brought Yun Zirou and Su Qing to the luxury car and said to the two of them, “These are the car keys.

Drive them back and Ill go to the Head Deans place.”

Lu Yu took out the keys and handed them to Yun Zirou.

Yun Zirou nodded.

“Alright, well go back first.

Remember to give us good news when you successfully join the research institute.”

Lu Yu smiled and said, “Of course, but dont worry.

Dean Gu has personally confirmed that Im joining the research institute.

There should be no problems.”

“Alright, well cook at home and wait for you to come back.” Yun Zirou smiled happily.

Then, the two of them got into the car and drove away.

Lu Yu turned around and walked toward an office building.

The architectural style of the office building was filled with an ancient charm.

There were only three stories in that building, not particularly tall.

Lu Yu entered the office building and arrived at Gu Zhanyans office.

After knocking on the door, Lu Yu pushed the door open and walked into the office.

The office was very simple and did not have much luxurious decoration.

From this point of view, Gu Zhanyan was still a traditional person.

“Dean Gu, Im here.”

When Gu Zhanyan saw Lu Yu enter, his face revealed an amiable smile.

“Student Lu Yu, do come in for a seat.”

“Ive already arranged for you to be an assistant instructor in the research institute.

You can start working very soon.”

Lu Yu was a little surprised.

Had he become a part-timer He might as well be a student if thats the case.


“This job isnt ordinary, and its not a hard job.”

“With your identity as an assistant instructor, you can go and restore the ancient ruins.

This will definitely be of great benefit to you!”

Lu Yu was a little puzzled as he asked, “What benefits can there be from restoring the ancient ruins Is it greater than the benefits of my cultivation”

Gu Zhanyan smiled faintly, “It appears I need to explain it properly.

I can see that the power in your body is related to those ancient dragons.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

He was a little surprised, as he did not expect Gu Zhanyans insight to be so sharp.

Gu Zhanyan had discovered that his Claw Attack was related to his Ancient Dragon Body.

“If Im not wrong, you have a bloodline related to dragons.

If you participate in restoring the ancient ruins, it will be of great help to your dragons body constitution.”

Hearing this, Lu Yus interest was immediately piqued.

His current bloodline of the Ancient Dragon Body had not yet reached complete form, and his progress was only 3%!

It would be best if restoring these ancient ruins could increase his progress!


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