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Chapter 100 The Mysterious Research Institute

Lu Yus words touched his other followers as well.

“Brother Yu said it so well.

He really cares about us.”

“I made the right choice.

Luckily, I didnt follow Liu Xiao for money!”

“Brother Yu will definitely reach the top in the future.

I believe in you!”

Lu Yus followers all acknowledged Lu Yu from the bottom of their hearts at this moment.

In their eyes, not only was Lu Yu powerful, but he was also willing to step up for his people.

Such a person was much more of a leader than Liu Xiao and the others.

In their eyes, the followers of Liu Xiao and the other two were just a bunch of chess pieces, chess pieces bought with money!

Lu Yu looked at the crowd and said, “Lets line up and wait for the academys distribution results.”

When the crowd heard this, they lined up obediently.

Even those freshmen who werent followers of Lu Yu obediently stood in line.

Most freshmen had a new understanding of Lu Yu.

Lu Yu looked at the spectator stand, where the five Deans seemed to be arguing about something.

At the spectator stand, the five Deans had long completed the allocation of the other freshmen.

However, they had a fierce argument when assigning where Lu Yu should go.

“I think that Lu Yu should come to the Weapon Academy.

If he has better equipment, his strength will be more powerful!” Zhao Jin said with a serious face.

Zhan Yang looked at the four Deans with a tired face and said, “Everyone, you should also know that I have fought for the country and suffered many hidden injuries on my body.

Soon, I may retire.

My fate with you may very well end here.”

The other four Deans could not help but feel sad after hearing him mention this.

Xuan Ya couldnt help but criticize him.

“Why are you mentioning this We have worked together for so long, and I dont want to see the day you retire early.”


The five of us have worked together for more than ten years.

Everyone feels uncomfortable when you bring this up,” Liang Bo said.

The atmosphere instantly turned sorrowful.

Zhan Yang suddenly revealed a happy smile.

“Since all of you are reluctant to part with me, why dont you let Lu Yu join my academy

Zhao Jin immediately slammed the table and said, “Then you should hurry up and retire to recuperate your body.”

Xuan Ya immediately became angry and said, “So all this nonsense was to let us give you Lu Yu.

Ive really misjudged you.”

Suddenly, Liang Bo quipped, “Why dont you let Lu Yu join my academy My guidance ability is very strong, and I can teach Lu Yu more experience to quickly nurture him.”

“Forget it.

Lu Yu himself is already fast enough at increasing his strength.

Does he still need your guidance”

“I think that he should join the Side Job Academy.

He is currently a qualified 5-star pharmacist, after all.”

“Ha! Lu Yu is basically the same as a 5-star pharmacist in every other field.

Why should he go to your academy”

“He should come to the Combat Techniques Academy.

He needs to learn more powerful skills!”

“Cut the crap; hes more suited to mine…”

The five Deans were arguing so furiously that their faces were flushed red.

The five of them argued until their faces were red and their spittle flew all over the place.

It was all in order to get Lu Yu to join their academy.

However, there was still no outcome after arguing for a long time.

They all wanted Lu Yu to join their academy so badly that no one would allow Lu Yu to join the other.

When their arguments reached their climax, the Head Dean, President Gu Zhanyan, walked over to them.

When the five saw the Head Dean walking over, they immediately stopped arguing and sat up straight.

“Dean Gu, youre here…”

“We were discussing the issue of Lu Yus allocation just now.

We got a little loud as we were too serious about it…”

Gu Zhanyan chuckled.

“I heard what you were arguing about from afar.

Of course, I understand that you all want Lu Yu to join your academies.”

“After all, its rare to see such a peerless genius.

Anyone would want someone like him to join their academy.”

“However, neither of you is willing to give way to the other.

I think that even if we fight for another three days and three nights, we still wont be able to come to an agreement.”

“Moreover, you didnt even ask for Lu Yus opinion.”

The five of them looked at each other and were speechless.

“Since thats the case, Ill be letting Lu Yu join the research institute for the moment.

Ill assign him as a teaching assistant to gain some experience, giving him a good theoretical foundation.”

When these words were said, the five Deans were all stunned.

Although Clanorth University was divided into five major academies, there was still a research institution that was usually not mentioned by others!

The reason was that the research institute mostly studied ancient ruins.

The confidentiality was high, and very few people could enter it!

However, this mysterious research institute was no less important than the five major academies.

The absurdity of the offer that stunned them was that Gu Zhanyan intended to assign Lu Yu the position of an assistant instructor!

This was equivalent to half an instructor.

He literally jumped from being a student to the position of an assistant instructor.

This was absolutely unprecedented in the history of Clanorth University.

“Head Dean, are you serious Are you really going to assign him to the research institute” Xuan Ya looked at Gu Zhanyan with eyes full of reluctance.

The dazzling elemental energy that Lu Yu showed during the stone tablet trial had left a deep impression on her.

She wanted nothing more than for Lu Yu to join the Elemental Academy.

“Let him join my Combat Techniques Academy.

I promise I will train him well.”

“His strength is so strong.

He should come to my Weapon Academy.”

The few Deans still didnt give up.

Gu Zhanyan again emphasized, “I have already said what I have to say.

Lu Yu will join the research institute as an assistant instructor.”

Hearing this, the five of them finally gave up.

They lowered their heads and felt a little disappointed.

Gu Zhanyan turned around and walked toward the podium.

He adjusted the microphone for a moment and then announced the results to the freshmen loudly.

“The freshmen trial has ended perfectly!”

“We have already assigned you to the academy that you are suitable for.

The name list will be sent to each of your cell phones!”

Among the freshmen, someone shouted, “Which academy is Lu Yu going to be assigned to”

“Head Dean, can you tell us where Lu Yu has been assigned”

“Lu Yu took first place in all five trials.

He should have the option to choose, right”

The crowd below the stage was in a rowdy state, so Gu Zhanyan did not intend to hide it and directly announced it.

“Lu Yu is an all-rounded talent.

He is suitable to go to any academy.

“However, the five Deans have been arguing over this for a long time, and there has not been a clear outcome to the situation.

Therefore, I have decided to let Lu Yu enter the research institute and take up the position of an assistant instructor!”

As soon as these words were said, the freshmen burst into an uproar.

“What The research institute”

“Sheesh, he became an assistant instructor the moment he enrolled How did he become an instructor when we were all freshmen”

“The research institute, huh I would love to enter that.

Every single one of those ancient ruins contains countless ancient treasure!”

“Why not me I want to join the research institute too…”

The freshmen were all extremely envious.

Very few students could enter the research institute, and the benefits of joining the research institute were exceptionally excellent!


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