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Capter 95 – Getting even stronger

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Aurum Dungeon, third floor.

I was exploring the dungeon by myself.


After walking along the straight path for some time, I could see in front of me a wide area.

Even though it’s deep within the dungeon, the area looked like a gymnasium.

In that wide area, there were a lot of little devils roaming around.


Loading my normal bullets, I took a stance and aimed at them.

The wide area——–I did not enter the Monster House but instead stood at the road.

Even though I could only see a few of them from here, but I still took aim at the little devils and shot them from a distance.


One shot, one kill.

My senses heightened as I concentrated on head shooting them one after the other.

After being shot, they fell to the ground and after disappearing they dropped a gold dust, and the gold dust was automatically sucked into my pouch.

Because I was surveying the dropped item for each floor, I brought along the pouch.


The little devils started noticing me and came to my direction one after another, and fired their black balls.

I too won’t lose to them as I fired back at them.


The bunch of little devils were firing the black balls like machine gun towards me, but I dodged them all and fired back with my normal bullet.

It was like a shooting scene in a movie.


It’ll be bad if I were to be hit since my Mentality is at F, thus dodging was my first priority in this fight.

Dodging and firing, after firing dodge again.


Repeating that over and over again, I swept away the little devils.


[In total there were 57 of them, and roughly I earned 200k Piro] (Ryouta)


I confirmed the amount by roughly weighing the heavy pouch using my hands.

So one Monster House is equivalent to around this amount huh.


As of right now 200k Piro would be my earnings, but today’s objective isn’t to earn money.


I then went in the empty gymnasium and keep my guns.


After waiting for around 3 minutes, another little devil appeared.

The ground cracked and light was shining through the light as they appeared from within the ground as though a plant sprouted there.


It did not come close to me, instead it fired a black ball towards me.

I guess it’s cause he is a long range monster.


I easily avoided the black ball.

When I avoided it he shot another one at me, and I easily dodged that one too.


Since it’s just one of them and what’s more the speed of the ball was slow so it was easy to avoid them.

Without attacking back I continued dodging, and another little devil appeared.

This time the ceiling broke and it crawled out from the cracked ceiling.


That little devil then started shooting black balls at me, and it became two of them shooting at me.


The shooting doubled, but I did not attack and continued avoiding the attacks.

This is still easy mode.


The more I delayed attacking the more popped out, there’s 3, then 4, then 5……

The little devils continued to multiply and the number of balls shooting at me increased.


I slowly accumulated the monsters one after another without attacking them but just avoiding their attacks.


They further increased, eventually it was a barrage of balls firing at me, and my concentration power was at it’s highest.



One corner at the village, the was set up.

Since the trading shop was quickly put up, before an official one could be built the one right now was just a temporary store using a tent.

And inside the tent, I was receiving treatment from Ena.

There was another female employee inside the tent, and she was sitting behind the counter watching over the store.


[I was surprised~, that the gold digger Satou-san would get an injury.

Or more like this is the first time I’ve seen Satou-san getting injured.] (Ena)

[Is that so, I remember the first time coming to the shop I was also injured.

It was around the time when I was still hunting down bean sprouts.] (Ryouta)


That was way way back when I first came to this world, where I wanted to rent a house for Emily and thus in that three days I worked nonstop to earn 20k Piro to rent a house for her.

I even remembered I was covered in dirt and my outfit was tattered but I continued on hunting more bean sprouts.

Plus I did not have a gun at that time, and without the Healing Bullet to recover my injuries I came to the store with injuries all over my body.


[Well that’s cause I wasn’t familiar with Satou-san at that time~] (Ena)

[Ah, I see.] (Ryouta)

[Hey hey, is Aurum really that dangerous To the point where Satou-san would get injuries] (Ena)

[The first floor is still alright, I could normally solo it.

Whereas for the second and third floor, having a party would be better to take on those floors.] (Ryouta)

[Is that so] (Ena)

[Yeah, if you go solo then—–] (Ryouta)


I stopped Ena from treating me and took out my guns.

I picked up a stone that was rolling on my feet and gently threw it in front of me.


And with my dual guns I fired!

PA! PA! PA! PA! PA! PA~N! And I fired around 12 bullets from each side and purposely missed my shots.

Afterwards I reloaded.

Being familiar with it I quickly reloaded the bullets.


Loading 12 bullets inside, I fired.

Again I reloaded another 12 bullets.

Fired and reloaded another 12 bullets again.


In total, 48 shots.


It was the max amount of little devils I could avoid without being injured while shooting them.


The bullets that I shot were all Homing Bullets.

The 48 shots that I purposely missed my shots changed their orbit and successfully hit the stone.




This was what I came up with when I defeated Nihonium’s Dungeon Master, it was a technique where I fired Homing Bullets repeatedly all at once like a meteor rain.


The 48 shots would all home into the stone and continuously hit it till it broke.

It was to the point where the stone is nowhere to be seen again.


[Well it’s something along the lines of this while I’m fighting.

That’s why having a party is unnecessary.] (Ryouta)

[……..] (Ena)

[Ena] (Ryouta)

[Etto, I’m sorry.

So you’re saying for the second and third floor you have to constantly do that in order to clear the mob] (Ena)

[Yeap.] (Ryouta)

[And you just finished hunting and came back from there] (Ena)

[Today’s gold dust were all from the third floor.

How much is it all worth] (Ryouta)

[A little less than 50k.

] (Ena)

[That’s surprisingly a reasonable amount.] (Ryouta)

[Wait, then how did you deal with the monster’s attacks] (Ena)

[I just dodge them.

And sometimes I could not dodge it this happens.] (Ryouta)


I showed Ena the injury she was treating and smiled.


[You, you dodged them] (Ena)

[Well it’s not at a level where I can be proud yet.

The max I could dodge was 48 of them, anymore and I might not be able to survive.] (Ryouta)

[No no that is plenty enough.

And I thought you were joking when you said you dodge them.] (Ena)

[Even though it’s amazing but the safety of this dungeon cannot be guaranteed yet…..] (Ryouta)


I bitterly smiled.


The reason why I was training my dodging skills was because, what if I were to face a really strong monster that even if I obtained S in Mentality, I could not take much of it’s damage, it’s for that kind of moment.

Even with my Stamina being S, the Dungeon Master still packed a punch, and even if my Mentality were to be S, it was highly likely that there are gonna be monsters that could exceed that threshold and damage me.


Thus it’s important to not just blatantly take the damage, it was better to train in dodging the opponent’s attack.


[For this training it’s also best to take a rest.

The Healing Bullets that I had—-I’m afraid that I’ll run out of Healing means.] (Ryouta)

[That’s right~] (Ena)


Ena stood up, and went to where the shattered stone was, and tried to pick up the remaining debris.


[Like this stone, even with the same attack being hit over and over again, there were some places that did not receive much damage.] (Ena)

[Eh] (Ryouta)

[Eh] (Ena)

[…….Aah.] (Ryouta)

[Ah…] (Ena)


Ena had a strange look on her face.

I went close to Ena, held her hands and look straight into her eyes.


[Thank you Ena! There something like that too!] (Ryouta)

[Eh, eeeh] (Ena)

[Thank you! Really thanks a bunch !] (Ryouta)


I’ll come again, as I waved goodbye to Ena and went back to the dungeon.



Ena who was left behind and seeing Ryouta off, her facial expression gradually changed.


[…….Really, guys are really…] (Ena)


Watching Ryouta’s back as he was leaving, I wrapped my hands and clenched them.

I then placed my hands near my chest as if I was a nun praying.


[When you’re talking about the dungeon it’s as if you became a child.] (Ena)

[You look like a girl in love.]

Shut up, it’s as if you care about such things.] (Ena)


Ena who was pointed out by her colleague sitting at the counter, had her face dyed bright red.

It was the same time when she was teasing her best friend, but she had casual response.



Aurum Dungeon, the second floor.

Monster House.


I was dancing around in the barrage of light balls.

The density and orbit of the barrage was exactly the same as the third floor, the only difference was this is a physical attack, and it was hardly effective against me with S in Endurance.


So I dodged them without being hit.


45, 46, 47, 48……..


The monsters that weren’t knocked down increased rapidly.

It was beyond the limit which I could dodge and finally a light ball hit me.


It could hardly be called an injury, and I breathed deeply and kept on going.

As Ena pointed out, even though it’s the same barrage but I won’t be damaged here.

I had not once thought of training here, since being hit by a physical attack was nothing it had not come to me that training here would be a better idea.


After realizing that, I decided to train here.

Although it was safe as it was just a small damage, but I had the same mentality as when I was in the third floor where [I would be dealt a great damage if I were to be hit].


The training continued till evening, and even with 60 of them it was possible to keep going without being in danger.



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