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In the morning, I awoke from Alice house which I’m still not used too yet.

It was certainly a poor village where Alice’s house looked simple, moreover I am already missing Emily’s warm and loving house.


[My body is completely used to that huh.] (Ryouta)


While mumbling nonsense, I looked inside the house.

There weren’t too many furnitures placed inside the house which perfectly fits the description of a simplistic house, and at the other end there was a mixed bed where Alice and Eve was sleeping.

Alice had Boney-chan and Jumpy-san resting on her head like a cat, whereas Eve was gnawing on something inside her thin futon.


[You can’t do that Kon kon…..Eh Neither fire nor ice works] (Alice)

[No carrots~, no future~] (Eve)


The two of them were sleeping together while sleep talking.

While thinking that they were having some sort of fun dream, I got up and thought of earning some money in the dungeon.

First up was to check on my equipment.

Two guns, and various bullets.

I did not use the pouch when I first when into the dungeon, but since I knew what sort of drops I was expecting, which were gold dust and gold bar, I equipped it.

And the Tears of Slime.

After re-dropping it from a rogue monster, since I do not know whether that little devil has any other additional abilities to cheat in various ways, thus I held onto this just in case.

Thus, double checking to make sure.


Knock, knock.


Seemed like someone knocked on my door.

I glanced at Alice and Eve, and the two of them were still sleeping soundly.

Since it can’t be help I decided to answer it.


[Yes yes, who is it ———–Eh] (Ryouta)


When I opened the door, there were three girls standing there.

Both are girls from the village, they looked to be around 15-16 years old which on earth they were considered JK 1 students. 


[It, it’s Satou-sama.

Hey what should we do, I did not think that Satou-sama would be the one coming out.]

[There’s no helping it, now come on Risu.]

[I, I can’t do it.

The two of you please help me.] (Risu)


The girls were looking at me while shyly looking at each other…….more like they were pressing against each other.

When I thought what was going on, the girl in the middle was pushed by the other girls forward.



[O, oh] (Ryouta)

[Thank you for helping us the day before yesterday.]

[Aah, were you one of the girls that was swallowed by the dungeon] (Ryouta)

[Yes! At that time when Satou-sama saved me…..you were really cool.]

[Ooofuu…] (Ryouta)


A voice that I thought was stupid even for myself leaked out of my mouth.

By love do they mean that sort of love

Th, they did not even mentioned that to begin with but I never imagined what I should do because no one has ever said such thing.


THough, I do not have time to think.


[Uhm! Me too!]

[Me, me three…..]

[Oueee!!] (Ryouta)


The remaining two both said something absurd.

After the first girl said [I love you] to me, the three of them looked at me straight in the eyes and appealed to me.


Their gazes were strong, I could feel it right in my kokoro.

Their feelings were certainly transmitted, but what should I do about this


[T, thanks.] (Ryouta)


I tried squeezing something out but it turned out to be extremely awkward.



[I’m happy!]

[Aaah…..I’m feeling dizzy….]


Apparently they seemed to be pleased with my stupid reply.

I felt like being pinched by a fox.



[It’s to be expected.] (Alice)


Leaving the house with Alice who got up, and on our way to the dungeon Alice overheard the conversation and spoke.

By the way, Eve woke up unnoticed and disappeared unnoticed too.


[It’s natural] (Ryouta)

[A young and cool looking guy, what’s more being called an association chief is to be expected.] (Alice)

[Is that cool And it’s Clint the one who asked me to help them out, so of course they came to thank me after I completed the mission.] (Ryouta)

[Helping someone when they are in a pinch.

That is a huge point if I do say so myself.] (Alice)

[I, if Alice says so.] (Ryouta)

[Also, those who became adventurers are longing to have these sorts of encounter right.

Even I was longing to be an adventurers thus I went to Shikuro.](Alice)

[Okay….I see….] (Ryouta)


I guess that might be true.

A world where everything drops inside a dungeon, it can be said that being able to help out during a huge event is something any adventurers would want to get their hands at.

I guess I can understand the feelings of adventurers who were longing to fight in the dungeon, especially if they are living in a village without any dungeon.


[This time you became the association chief on this village, so of course you’re already a star over here.] (Alice)

[Even if you said that I’m a s-star, I guess I understand.] (Ryouta)


I was convinced by Alice as we continued walking.

On the way from Alice’s house to the dungeon, the villagers were watching me from a distance.

Everyone had a good impression of me and some had the same expression as the girls that came this morning.


Since having to be a center of attention is really embarrassing, I decided to escape into the dungeon.

Thus we went to the entrance of the dungeon with haste.


[Well, I’ll be going.

After I’m done we’ll meet back at the entrance.] (Ryouta)

[Un, I’ll be waiting.] (Alice)


Waving at Alice who nodded, I entered the dungeon first.

As if someone used a spell on my surroundings, the dungeon’s structure changed as I entered the dungeon.

Thus, having to team up with someone is difficult.


Well, there are two ways of meeting up with someone inside here, but I decided to take the most reliable way.

That is I would first come in and find my way back to the entrance, and meet up with Alice and together we will be sent to somewhere together.


The reason why I wanted to team up with Alice was to use her special abilities inside here.

As she was born in the dungeon and somehow she knew the structure of the dungeon and where every monsters are located.

Because this was a dungeon where the layout changes every time you enter, we need someone like Alice to navigate and find whether there’s another floor below us.


Inside this unfamiliar dungeon, I tired to go find my way back to the entrance.

It’s as if my first time coming into the dungeon and I was slightly lost.




There was a sound from behind.

I wonder if someone from the villagers came inside the dungeon.




Suddenly someone or something started attacking me.

A black shadow slashed towards me, I could see a blunt blade being reflected as it drew an arc and attacked me.

It wasn’t a monster!


I grabbed the hilt of the blade and body blowed the person holding it.

It might be a human, or more specifically at least it had a human shape.


The opponent’s body bent into a “

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