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Chapter 82 – 100 Million Player

Today, I did my usual routine right as the sun rose.


Nihonium Dungeon, 5th floor.

Where the Dungeon Snow was pouring down in this limestone cave, and there I was fighting with a red bone, I mean a Red Skeleton.


The Red Skeleton that has absorbed the Dungeon’s Magic and was strengthen up, making it thrice as fast as a normal Skeleton.

What’s more, I was fighting several of these.


As the three Red Skeleton inched closer to me, I grabbed hold of my gun and fired normal bullets at them.

Two bodies were hit pretty badly by my bullet, but one of it dodged my bullet and moved back.


The one that moved backwards instantly dashed in front of me and kicked my stomach before backing off into a distance.

It was a brilliant “Hit and Away” move for a monster.


[It’s getting even faster!] (Ryouta)


After it backed off when it kicked me—-in other words, it jumped backwards from me but, immediately after it’s speed increased and went right behind me.

I immediately felt something flew beside me, and the Red Skeleton swung it’s arm down, giving me a sharp cut through the air.


This Red Skeleton which only absorbs the Dungeon Snow when it sees human approaching it, if I don’t swiftly defeat it then it would be extremely difficult to defeat it if it absorbs even more Dungeon Snow.



Even though I shot a normal bullet at it, it dodged with great mobility.


Rattle, rattle, rattle.

After dodging my bullet it’s bones were shaking at a tremendous speed.

It’s as if it’s laughing—-it’s as if it’s making fun of me.


[…….] (Ryouta)


The Red Skeleton once again drew closer to me at a high speed, but I held my gun.

It turned around right as I held my gun and went behind me in an instant—-but.


[Too ignorant!] (Ryouta)


I pretended to take him on seriously and instead went behind him.


My Speed S is not just there to be decorated, as my speed can be compared with the Red Skeleton.]


As it was moving, I’ve made the initiative to move behind him before he could reach behind me.

I didn’t attack right away, as I moved and lightly strike at him to confirm something.

Again I moved, capture him, and lightly strike at him.


After repeating that for around 5 minutes.


The Red Skeleton was finally faster than me.

I could not move behind him and my attack did not go through.


[5 minutes huh, seems like the Red Skeleton has surpassed S Speed.] (Ryouta)


It was on a whim that I decided to test this.

And the result, was that before it can be faster than me, it has to take 5 minutes before it could surpass my speed.


Let’s remember this.


I then took out my gun, dual wielding it I loaded the Bullet Enhancer one after the other, and finally loaded a Homing Bullet.


The bullet then chased after the Red Skeleton.

The Red Skeleton’s speed was fast to the point that I can see afterimages of it moving, but no matter how fast it was the Homing Bullet still chased after it and finally hit it’s back.


Firing two bullets at it, the bones finally shattered, and a seed dropped on the ground.

I picked it up, and it increased my MP.


Ability up, and also testing some stuff.

Doing my usual routine in the morning, and as it was about to reach afternoon my MP has been increased from E to D.



A restless afternoon


Teruru Dungeon, first floor.

Defeating the Slime, it dropped beansprouts.


I kept my gun away and continued pushing my Magic Cart, and any Slime that flew to my direction, I just grabbed hold of it and squeeze it right on top of the Magic Cart and continued on.

It was something I made up a few days ago called .


After the beansprouts was filled up, I did not leave the dungeon but instead pushed a button to send all the beansprouts away.

A rumbling sound was heard, and the cart was empty.


I then continued hunting for more Slimes to get dem beansprouts.

After a while the cart was filled up once again, and again towards my house—it was being sent to our house where Elza was dispatched to take them.


Because I wanted to sent these I was restless right now.

To the point where I did not even count the amount, more like I do not have the luxury of doing so.

It was because once the cart was full I had to quickly clear it up and collect more beansprouts.

It wasn’t just the beansprouts, I needed to head to the third floor and get some Pumpkins.

Also the fourth floor’s bamboo shoots, and the fifth floor’s watermelon.


Because of that, I did not have the time to calculate the exact earnings I’d gotten.


So restless.

After finally finishing my task, I wanted to know the results, but I got frustrated during the process of doing this.


I wanted to return and know of the result, but I was lost in thoughts several times, and decided to endure it and continued hunting.


Thus, my entire afternoon was taken to do this.

Not going out of the dungeon once, I was hunting monsters nonstop.



Evening, as I returned to my three-story house, Emily and Celeste was already at home waiting for me at the first floor.


[Welcome back nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Welcome home.] (Celeste)

[I’m back.

Were you counting] (Ryouta)


The first floor basement for Magic Cart, there was makeshift office.

Over there was Elza with papers stacked high up as she was writing at a fast pace.

As I looked at what she was doing, there were plenty of numbers being written, so I guess she was calculating today’s total earnings.


[So how was everyone] (Ryouta)

[I’m still not sure.

After finished counting, we wanted to wait for Ryouta-san to return before announcing it all together.] (Celeste)

[This is the first time nanodesu, that I am eager to know how much we earned nodesu] (Emily)

[Same here.

In the middle of hunting I wanted to know so badly that my focus was all over the place, so I assumed that today’s efficiency would be worse than usual.] (Ryouta)

[I understand that feeling desu.] (Emily)


Emily showed her consent.

Hopefully by tomorrow I won’t be this restless and my efficiency would be back to normal again, so I thought that if the earning for today would fall, it doesn’t matter anymore.


Whilst thinking about it we waited for awhile, and finally Elza put down her pen and looked up.


[Thank you for your hard work.

Is the calculation over] (Ryouta)


The total earning of everyone today is—–] (Elza)

[Aahh, please give us the individual’s earning first.] (Ryouta)

[Eh Oh, okay.

Then first off, Celeste-san earning was 156551Piro.] (Elza)

[Previously Celeste’s earning was around 100k right] (Ryouta)

[I’m genuinely surprised….an increase of 1.5 times….] (Celeste)


Even the person herself had a face as if she couldn’t believe it.


[Next is Emily-san.

It’s 273972Piro.] (Elza)

[Eeeeehhhh!!! Th, that much desu] (Emily)

[Yes, I’m not mistaken.] (Elza)

[Emily you’re amazing~] (Ryouta)

[It, it’s because of Yoda-san desu >W

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