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With a cheering voice, the people who were about to return to the mood of the festival, I paced quickly to where Neptune was when he was knocked away.

Neptune who had already stood up had some dirt covering his face and his shirt, taking a glance at his whole body, it’s not confirmed whether he sustained any injuries or not.

With Ran and Riru both patting the dust away from him, Neptune, as if it was an obvious thing to do, let them do their jobs.


[Seems that you’re alright.]

[Of course.

Seems like I’ve caused some trouble.

Even though I’m not suppose to make such obvious mistake, I have to somehow atone for it.]

[As long as the girl wasn’t in any danger, I think you shouldn’t worry about it.]

[But I still want to say my thanks.

Thank you.]


While saying that, Neptune had a gentle expression on his face.

The thing that he mentioned was that even with his one attack, he did not manage to defeat the Increase Goblin in one hit.


If we’re talking about hand to hand combat, I think even with my S stats Strength, I don’t think I can defeat it too.

But because of the new found bullet that I was able to defeat it using my guns.


[As one would expect.

I’ve already known that you’re a dependable man, but I didn’t know you were even higher than what I would expect.]


[That one hit was simply amazing, I was in love by that beautiful and graceful hit.]

[As I said, don’t give me all those dangerous words—–]

[Oh I forgot to mention, those veins and muscles on your arms are just simply beautiful to look at.

The veins flowing from your neck to your arms are just irresistible.]



[Haven’t I already said it before a million times, I’m not homo.]

[But the words you’re using are getting more and more dangerous as time goes by.]

[What should I do to gain your trust then I know, if I swear to my beloved father about this, then wouldn’t you trust me]

[Not only are you a homo, but you are also a father-con.

Please don’t make your image any worse than this.]

[That’s rude! I’m not a father-con, I’m a mother-con!]

[Both of it is equally dangerous!]


It might have been a mistake to worry about this stupid guy getting blown off.

Getting lead on by his pace each time I talk to him, it’s really tiring for me.


[That’s right….]


Neptune looked behind me and asked.

I turned around, and saw that Emily was standing there.


[You, you made a new family right]


[I see….that’s a shame.

Even though I was so interested in recruiting you, but now it’s impossible to invite you and your friends too.]

[I feel that it’s very scary that you want to invite me over to your side.]

[Don’t worry, I’ve still not see you as that sort of person yet.]

[Again and again you do this!]

[Oh woops.]


Neptune said as he placed his tongue out and form a fist and placed it on his forehead.

This guy is 1000000000% a homo.


Fearing to pursuit this, Neptune hold the hands of Ran and Riru, and with a smile that could make people feel good, which would suit his sweet mask they went away.

Even though all I can see is a guy with his harem while holding two pretty girls…but I know that he is a homo because my sixth sense is constantly whispering to me.


And I would not want to be apart of his pace again, was what I thought.

Neptune then walked at the opposite way, and to Emily who was looking down, I walked towards her and talked to her.


[Yoda-san, good work again nanodesu.]

[Yeah, I’m extremely tired too(for a different reason)…..]


Even more tiring than fighting the monster.


[What was the drop of that monster just now]

[Hmm, aah is it this.

Then I think it’s probably——]


I took something out from the pouch.

For the Harvest Festival, in order to participate in testing yourself in proving your Strength against the rogue monster, and without letting others see that I can get a drop, I can use this pouch that would automatically transfer the item into the pouch.


Opening the pouch wide open, I showed what’s inside the content to Emily.


[Isn’t it…..just a lot of normal bullets nanodesu.]

[That’s how it is.

That Increase Goblin was originally a weak monster that was used in the Harvest Festival.

Most probably all of the normal monsters that are from Shikuro drops normal bullets.

Since that’s how Teruru works.]

[Ah I see nanodesu! But it’s a shame desu, I thought you would get a new item or something desu.]

[Well, I have plenty of chance to get a lot of new items.]


As I said that, Emily showed a sweet smiling face, and I took out the normals bullets from the pouch and put it with the rest of the bullets.




From beside I heard a voice calling.

Who is it this time Was what I thought when I turned to the direction of the voice and saw that there was a girl there.

It was the girl who jumped towards Neptune, and I saved her when she was in a pinch.


I crouched and met with her on an eye to eye level, and spoke.


[Are you alright Are you hurt anywhere]

[No, thank you oji-chan.]

[I see, you don’t seem to have any injuries.

Please be careful next time.

Don’t go near the monster before checking whether it’s already gone or not, okay]


As I said that, I felt that I was getting more familiar with this world.

In a world where monsters drop everything, a monster drops something if it has been killed.

As I said an obvious statement to the little girl, I felt that I’m really getting used to this world.


[Okay! I understand! Uhmm, excuse me Oji-chan(uncle).]


[Uh, when Amelia becomes an adult, she will be an adventurer.]

[So your name is Amelia.]

[Yeah! So that’s why Oji-chan, can you bring Amelia together to a dungeon once she has grown up.]

[Aah, I don’t mind.] I said so right after she said that.


Saying that she wants me to bring her along to a dungeon when she grows up, is a really adorable thing to say.


[Really Thank you Oji-chan!]


Amelia, with an innocent face, exclaimed with delight.

I wonder if I can bring her along to a dungeon after ten years, while thinking about that I will await for that day to come anyday.


I who became a useless adult, I imagined that she would steadily grow up.

That wouldn’t be bad either, as I thought.


As I imagined it in my mind.




Suddenly, I felt a soft texture on my cheek.

Amelia stood up and gave me a kiss on the cheek.


[It’s a promise.]

[Yeah, a promise it shall.]


Though I was slightly surprised by that action, but then it was just a child.

I showed her a kind smile, and pat the girls head.

From afar, the mother of Amelia was calling out to her, and as Amelia was trying to fix her hair down, she ran back to her mom with a pittar patter sound.


[A new friend it seems nanodesu.]



It seems that I have my first candidate in the future.

Emily and I then smiled and waved Amelia goodbye.

And beside we saw the appearance of Celeste and Eve.


Celeste came back empty handed, but Eve was holding a huge sum of carrots.

Frankly speaking, I couldn’t see the appearance of Eve at all, with that mountain of carrots that she was holding, I could only see her legs.


Though for Celeste, for some reason her eyes were opened wide as far as she could, and was watching me.

What’s the problem.




[Y, yyou’re getting married Ryouta-san!]

[But she said when she grown up, you promised her—-]

[Aah, that is—-]

[Uuu……don’t tell me I was one step behind.]



What kind of weird thing is she saying

What was being ahead Is she saying that Amelia was one step ahead of her

But why, Celeste was extremely down, it’s as if her face was showing that tomorrow’s the end of the world.

And she was being comforted by the girl with a mountain of carrots.


[Don’t mind.

I’ll give you the roots of the carrot.]

[Hearing a half-hearted kindness is haaaaard…..]


For some reason I felt that some screws inside Celeste were blown up, leaving smokes and rushing to leave.


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