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[Wind Cutter!]


After the method of using the magic popped up in my head, I immediately tried using it.

A green coloured wind formed, and a blade of wind slashed into nothingness.


[That’s the first magic right.]

[Looks like it.

It’s called ]

[It’s a level 1 wind type magic.]

[Level 1 huh, even the power isn’t really that great….so I guess it’s true that there are demerits.

Having to max your level cap and throwing hundreds of thousands of cash into getting such a normal magic is painful.]

[If it’s like Emily’s case where the girl learns a recovery magic, then I guess it’s more of luck rather than a demerit.]

[That’s true.] as I nodded in approval with Celeste comment.


And as Celeste said if there was luck involved, with Emily’s warrior style fighting learning a Recovery Magic and diving into the dungeon, she could expand her range as an adventurer.


If we put it that way, it means my luck was bad.


[And what is the other magic]

[This one’s difficult to say.]



Teruru Dungeon, sixth floor.

After meeting up with Emily we dived down together into the sixth floor.


Immediately after we walked down the staircase, a Parent-Child Slime appeared.

It was one huge Slime and several smaller slimes around it.

At first glance you might think it’s a group of Slimes, but in actuality it’s just one body.


[Then, it’s the usual formation.]

[Yes desu!]

[Leave it to me—–Inferno!]


Celeste chanted her magic.

It was a Level 3 ranged fire magic, Inferno, and it spreaded towards the Slimes and wrapped them.

The Child Slime was burned to liquid one by one, and disappeared without leaving a drop behind.


[Reservation] (TL:リザヴィレーション)


After the children were all gone, the Parent Slime(Main body) was left and I chanted my magic.

A light magic wrapped around the powered up Parent Slime.


The light magic was then sucked into the Slime, and it disappeared.

And at the next moment, Emily flew towards it while spinning her hammer round and round.


With the speed and heaviness of the hammer added together it cleanly hit the Slime in one hit.

The Slime’s body was squashed by the hammer and it’s body was partially splattered.

The Parent Slime which was buffed up to the max because all of the child slime was dead wasn’t dead in one hit.

It was as if the body was made up of clay, it molded back by itself and tried counter attacking Emily.


[Like I let you!]


I fired the Restraint Bullet to stop the Slime’s movement.

Emily who doesn’t need to worry about the attack of the Slime continued to whack the Slime.

She hammered the Slime like hammering mochi.


I was quite a distant away to some extent.

Since the Restraint bullet was working, without bothering Emily I kept a distance while holding my gun in case I need to follow up.


After Emily’s dancing around with her hammer and my second bullet of Restraint bullet.

The Parent Slime was finally crushed by Emily.


Afterwards, a mountain of potatoes dropped.

Depending on the amount of child slime you killed, it corresponds to your drop.

It wasn’t Emily’s E drop, but in fact the drop S of me who defeated it.


[Amazing desu, it’s as if I’m Yoda-san nanodesu.]

[So from what happened just now, it was a magic….]

[Aah, you placed a magic on the enemy in advance, and whoever defeats the enemy would get the drop rate of the person who casted the spell.]

[Which means being equivalent to having S drop]


This is equally difficult.

It’s good that I have drop S, but since I’m going to target monsters instead of humans, in the end it’s useless for me, there’s no point at all.]

[That’s true.

If you can aim it at humans instead of monsters, then Ryouta-san can just cast it on everybody…..that is if it can be done.]

[Instead of casting it on the monster it’s faster if I were to kill it instead.]


While bitterly laughing, Celeste nodded.

Even though there can be some uses, but I guess this was also a miss.


[That’s not true desu! I’m grateful nanodesu.]


All of a sudden Emily thanked me.


[Why thank me for]

[For this desu.]


Emily grabbed hold of my hands and pulled me along.

We walked inside the outskirt like dungeon for awhile and I saw a Know-It-All board that adventurers frequently used.


Emily then operated it, and her status showed up.


Level:        25/40

HP:        A

MP:        F

Strength:    A

Endurance:    C

Intelligence:    F

Mentality:    F

Speed:    E

Dexterity:    F

Luck:        C



[Level 25….did you just level up from that just now]

[Yes desu! During the time when we were fighting the Bicorn I was still at level 24 and since then I didn’t level up, but I leveled up again nodesu!]


While saying that Emily smiled brightly while flowery patterns were floating behind her.

And looking at it further, it’s not just her level that had increased, but her HP has gone up to A.


[I see, if Ryouta-san uses this magic then anyone can deal the final blow instead of Ryouta-san.]

[And we can level up a lot desu!]



I waved my fist down onto my palm.

I’ve forgotten the fact that the reason why I ate the Magic fruit was because my max level was 1 to begin with.

What’s more since my Drop is all S, when diving into the dungeon with my friends I would usually be the one dealing the final blow, and the experience was wasted on me.

But with this magic it could resolve this issue.


[But, it’ll be a handful for Ryouta-san.]

[I don’t think so-.] (TLN: For some reason I just think of Ryouta slapping Celeste’s butt)



I immediately rebutted Celeste right on the spot, and Celeste raised a small scream.

And couldn’t resist, she screamed loudly.


Without realizing, I was actually stealing away the girls experience points all these time.

Thus knowing about it now, I feel better that I can give the experience to them without wasting it.


[So from now on the finishing blow—-all of you can finally get the experience.]


I looked at both Emily and Celeste.


[And after everyone maxed out their levels, we can have y’all have one magic fruit.]


[Thank you desu!]



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