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The newly rented three story house with resistance to Magic Wind.

And in that house, the second floor\'s living room.

When I came back from Nihonium, Emily and Celeste was just only having their breakfast in the living room.

[I\'m back.

Is it just the two of you]

[Eve really went to Teruru there.

She really said it and meant it.]

[Yes desu.

At first we wanted to wait for Yoda-san to come back and discuss about the Tear of Slime, but since it doesn\'t have anything to do with carrots we just told her to do whatever she wants desu.]

[She\'s ever unshaken huh.]

Though I do admire that she came all the way here.

[Seems like Ryouta-san has harvest something.]

[Well I guess so.]

The ever so sharp Celeste and Emily had a face of anticipation as they were looking at me, thus I explained it to them what had happened.

I explained that I hold onto the Tears of Slime and slept inside Nihonium for a night, and when I slept I managed to reflect and defeated 37 zombies and drops.

[That\'s awesome—-but, that\'s difficult]

[Aah, it was difficult.

It\'s not wrong that it\'s amazing, as I could get drops without doing anything, but the efficiency is simply horrible.]

[What\'s more this method can only be used by Yoda-san nanodesu.]

[That\'s true, to be able to sleep inside the dungeon while surrounded by a swarm of monsters till the next morning….this risky attempt can only be done by Ryouta-san.] as Celeste said.

[That Yoda-san is difficult too nanodesu, it might be better to just properly sell this item off desu.]

[I also thought so too.

Though it\'s interesting but it\'s impractical.

We should just exchange this for money, and when we have the opportunity again we can get another one.]

And thus I heard the opinion of the two of them.

Emily and Celeste both had no objection and nodded.

I guess Eve who isn\'t here with us and would only care about carrot talks wouldn\'t matter much anyways.

[Well, let\'s head to Elza after breakfast.]

Apparently, it seems that the employees in the shop are also likely to have such achievements, so I was wondering why not just hand over the Tears of Slime to the pretty looking girls in the shop.

Then, I realized that Celeste was thinking about something.

[What\'s wrong Celeste.]

[No, I just suddenly thought of something.]


[What does a rogue monster from a rare monster drop anyways]

[That does spark an interest, U–n, I\'m troubled.

Even if it drops something it would be different from the original.

We can\'t afford to use the Tear of Slime to test this experiment.]

[If it\'s that then it\'s fine nanodesu.]

As Emily gave a broad smile, she took out the ring that she was wearing.

[That is….I see it\'s from the Slime Bros!]

[Yes desu.

Teruru\'s first floor, it\'s the drop of the Slime Bros nanodesu.]

After eating our breakfast, we went to the city of Shikuro.

We arrived at a secluded place where we checked our surroundings whether they were anybody walking around.

After checking that they were nobody, I placed the ring that was dropped from a Slime Bros onto the ground, and together with Emily and Celeste, we kept a distance away from the ring.

[I\'m getting excited desu.]

[Me too, I wonder what\'s gonna come out.]

[I\'m pretty sure it\'s gonna be something awesome again desu! Because Yoda-san is the strongest in the world with his All S drop nodesu.]

As I bitterly smiled at the comments of the ladies, I was slightly embarrassed at the remarks of the both of them.

To hide away my embarrassment, I prepared my gun by loading it and ready for battle.

The rogue monster is a Slime Bros, I remembered the time when I defeated it.

At that time, it was kind of weak, with just one normal bullet I defeated it.

I wonder if it would go as smooth as that time, but just in case I loaded a Restraint Bullet on one of my guns and also a Homing Bullet, as it\'s better to prepare it beforehand.

After awhile the ring hatched into a rogue monster, and it became into a Slime Bros.

Immediately after I shot through the Slime Bros with a normal bullet.

The moment it hatched was the moment I pulled the trigger, and when it just fully hatched the shot went through.

Then it disappeared and Pon, an item dropped.

I then went close to it and picked it up.

And a voice was heard inside my brain.

[Drop times 2—-and when you attack you would occasionally heal your HP and MP.]

[It\'s a good item nanodesu!]

[The effect was enhanced with a different effect stacked onto it.]

[Is there an effect like this where you would occasionally heal yourself when you attack]

Emily and Celeste then silently thought of it for awhile, and answered.

[I\'ve never heard of it before desu.]

[Well there is an effect that grants a person times two drop, but the other effect, I\'ve never heard of it too.]

[I see.]

[What you would expect from Ryouta-san, Then I would really want to know what can the Tear of Slime give when you turn it into a rogue monster.]

[Aah, but I don\'t think it\'s possible.]

I bitterly smiled after I answered Celeste.

The reason was because the design of the dropped ring is totally different from the previous design.

The shape of the ring, even the stone that was attached was totally different.

Even if an amateur appraises it, they would immediately know it\'s another item at a glance.

[If we use the Tear of Slime then we can\'t trade it off.]

[That\'s true.] Celeste said as she bitterly smiled and had a disappointed expression hanging on her face.

[It\'s alright nanodesu.]


[Though it can\'t be verified, but you can certainly get it desu.]

[How so]

Again Emily gracefully smiled and Pochi—she took out the pouch that was dropped by the rogue monster of the Slime Sultan, and showed it to us.

[This is Teruru Dungeon seventh floor\'s rare monster!]

Inside the shop.

Even today, they were many adventurers coming and going with their drops and exchanging them for money, but with Emily\'s loud voice reverberating around the shop, everyone stayed silent and all eyes were on us.

It was me who was bitterly smiling, and Emily and Celeste.

[The seventh floor]

[It\'s the Guts one, remember.]

[Aah, if I\'m not mistaken the drop was really low and they would have to drag it all the way to the end of each year.]

[Tsk, lucky bastards.]

[That item would usually drop, but because of it\'s effect some adventurers would self-destruct using it and thus it would be lost each time and thus making it harder to gather than other rare drops.]

I can hear the other adventurers talking loud and clear.

Even though it\'s an item from the seventh floor I could sort of understand why it was difficult to gather it.

Beside me, Elza who realised that she had given out the information to everyone hurriedly apologized while her face was dyed in red.

[Aah, I\'m truly sorry.]

[Don\'t mind it.

What\'s more important is are you still collecting this rare drop.]

[Yes! Thank you so much! It\'s because of Satou-san that our shop is getting more and more well known and the ranking has risen.]

[Is that what happens when you get to display an item for the Harvest Festival]

[Yes! What\'s more this is a rare item.

So I\'m really grateful to Satou-san from the bottom of my heart!]

[I\'m glad that I was of use then.]

[Another thing, are you gonna be going to the Harvest Festival]

[Aah, I\'ll definitely go.] I answered while being conscious of the presence of the pouch on my bosom.

It seems like the the honor would go to the shop, and also to the adventurers.

Because the whole point of the Harvest Festival is to showcase the rogue monster of each rare item at the stadium.

So they would show both the production and the monster.

And the ones who defeat the rogue monsters are the adventurers.

Especially when it\'s a rare monster drops which is usually done by adventurers who cooperate in the exhibition.

Originally the festival is all about exhibiting the monster and it\'s drop item and also to share among the others how to defeat them.

As the city would grow larger, the people would also increase accordingly.

And if you were to demonstrate how to defeat a rare monster during the Harvest Festival, the adventurers would also get famous.

As you are appealing to the audience on [How to defeat the monster], you are also displaying your strength to the audience.

In addition, it is also a good thing that there might be a possibility that request may come from a person who wants that exact item.

After calculating all these things, I answered that I would be participating.

In the past, I would\'ve wanna hide the fact that I am defeating rogue monsters, but with the pouch inside my breast pocket, I could defeat the rogue monster and show that there are no drop, but in reality the drop would go into the pouch.

[Then please take care of me.]

[Leave it to me.]

[Then, let me reward you for the item.]

Elza placed a bundle of bank notes on top of the table.

What an easy reward, it\'s obvious that it\'s banknote.

And counting it—it is stacked up in three.

Originally this drop can fetch a high price, but with the bonus of the festival the net value of it increased further.

Instead of checking what the rogue monster of the Tear of Slime would drop, we\'ve gotten 3 Million Piro as a reward.

I turned around, and high fived Emily and Celeste in unison.

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