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Chapter 52 – Emily • Hamme

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For now, I’ll keep the pouch that I just picked up into my pocket.

Based on my experience, I know that the item I picked up this time around must be a good item again, but I’ll confirmed that afterwards.

First things first, I’ll head back to where Emily and Celeste were.

[Are the both of you alright]

[I’m alright.]

[Me too desu.]

From the way the both of them responded, it looks like there’s nothing to worry about.

[Ah, the grip of the hammer has bent.]

[Lemme try to fix—-uun, let’s get an upgrade.

This time, instead of repairing it, let’s upgrade it so that the handle will never be bent again.]

[That’s a nice idea Celeste.

I wonder what hammer would be better though.]

[Well, there is this equipments store in town that has a 5 Million Piro equipment piece.]

Celeste answered based on the information she gathered.

[Let’s make it so that both ends of the hammer will have a different effect, on one end when you hit someone, it will give twice the damage on the opponent, and on the other end when you hit a monster, it will send a sort of AOE damage to it’s surrounding, dealing the same damage to all of them from the monster you hit.]

[Having to freely switch between a times two damage multiplier and a range attack seems cool.

Okay, let’s do that then.]

Celeste and I nodded in unison.

[No, no, it’s not okay.

Having to spend 5 Million on something on me is too wasteful, a ghost might appear too.

If I do this to my Hammer—]

Emily hurriedly refused our offer, and hold onto the bent handle of the hammer and tried to twist it back to it’s original position.

Hnnnngh—-with her face bright red, she used the entirety of her strength to bend it back.


A high pitched sound echoed, and the handle of the hammer was snapped in half.

[Un, I understand your feelings Emily.]

[You dealt the finishing blow before it turns to dust right.]

[Hau! No that’s not what I was trying to do nodesu!]

[And to do that you showed off your strength too.

It’s certainly true that someone having a Strength of A is something to be proud off.]

[I’ll surely lose to that Gorilla face.]

[Hau! That was an accident nanodesu! Anyway, if we just find a tape and bandaged it together, I can use it again nodesu.]

[What sort of tape is that even.]

[The tape must be as strong as Emily’s A strength—-and getting that sort of tape is even more expensive compare to just, I don’t know, getting a new hammer]

[Uuu……A wasteful ghost will appear desu…..]

Although Emily was about to tear up, she was still trying to decline our offer.

Even when I was living with her, even when it’s for her sake, she would never let me spend some money on her.

Even way back when we first started living together, I wanted to rent her her own personal house, but in the end she asked me to live with her.

Emily would always think for me—no she would always prioritize us before herself.

Even though that is the source of why she is always kind and soft, this time I will force my feelings onto her.


I squat down, and face the 130cm Emily eye to eye, then stared straight at her eyes.

[You always look out for me all the time, so just this one time, let me return that favour to you.]


Emily leaned backwards slightly.

Why did she cover her face

[Please just this one time, let me help you.]

[…….Yes, desu.]

After thinking awhile, Emily finally nodded.

[Then that settles it, tomorrow we shall work extra hard to earn money.

Our goal is 5 Million Piro.

What’s that, if I were to seriously do this, we don’t even need a week to reach our goal!]

[I’m so looking forward to this, we’re diving into the dungeon to get Emily a new weapon.

I’m sure we will head further into the dungeon together and defeat more monsters.]


[If we return the favour to Emily, we would also benefit from it.]

With a shameful feeling I shrugged my shoulders.

Celeste was smiling gently, and Emily who had an apologetic expression soon smiled too.

[Yoda-san, Celeste-san.]

Emily looked at the both of us, and gave an extremely happy look, it is a smile one would also naturally smile when looking at it.

[Thank you nanodesu.] was what she answered.

Though that’s my line, but it’ll spoil the mood so I refrained from saying it.

At night, we came back to our home after a day of diving into the dungeon, and suddenly a well dressed youth came and visit us.

We led him into the living room, and sat face to face across the table.

The polite youth then state his name.

[My name is Smith, pleased to make your acquaintance.]

[Yes, it’s a pleasure to meet you too.]

[First off, I’m sorry if this comes off as slightly rude of me, but I would like to immediately dwell into the incident about the Slime Sultan that happened today in the city.

The three of you who fought back there were extraordinarily wonderful.

It is rare to see a party of three to be able to defeat an extremely powerful monster residing in Teruru’s 26th floor.]


Smith praised us endlessly.

Though there’s nothing wrong to be praised at, but it is indeed troubling that the moment he visits our home, he starts praising us.

When our eyes met, Emily and Celeste also had a similar expression as me.

[Well then, this is the main topic that I came here for.

It seems that the lady’s weapon over there has been broken, am I right]

[Aah, we are going to get a new one for her soon.]

[Then, allow me to provide a new one for you.]


[ [Aah….] ]

Both Emily and Celeste let out their voice.

It seems that both of them came to the same conclusion, but what is it

[Our company deals with many weapons.

So I wonder what sort of weapon would Satou-sama want to buy]

[What sort of, well obviously a strong weapon]

[That is a definite, but what if there are multiple weapons of similar strength]


[Then you should get a weapon that famous people are using.

Many adventurers desire a stable weapon, so we are always reluctant on handing out new weapons.]

I’ve come across a few of these conversations before.

Since a dungeon literally drops anything, so hunting a monster in a dungeon is an [act of producing].

Therefore, most adventurers desire a stable weapon.

[Therefore, a [Weapon that is used by famous people] sells really well.

If a notable person is using it then that guarantees the weapon, and you will feel safe using it.

But that’s just my thoughts when selling these weapons.]

[Ah, I get what you’re trying to say.]

[Hence, please allow me to offer a new Hammer for Emily-sama.

I’m pretty sure the hammer that Emily used to beat off the Slime Jariya would sell well too.]

Now I see, it’s similar to a sponsor providing a famous sportsman their equipments.

Although it was unfortunate that Emily’s hammer was broken off after dealing with the Slime Jariya and Slime Sultan, but in return we have an opportunity to get a new hammer for her.

I turned to look at Celeste, and she silently nodded.

Even though we wanted to get that as a gift for her, but in a case like this it might be good to talk it out first.

[I understand your offer, but Emily, are you okay with this]


[Of course, because I was the one who suggested you to use our weapons, the payment is obviously free—-]

[I want it desu!]

Emily immediately replied with vigour.

If 5 Million can turn into 0 Piro, she will obviously accept it.

[Thank you so much.

Then without further ado let us produce an original hammer, a hammer made just for her, Emily’s Hammer.

As for the modifications for the hammer, please tell me more about it.]

[Yes desu!]

And thus Emily and Smith started talking about the modifications.

While Emily is showing a desire for something, Celeste who was watching had glittering eyes of expectations.

, I too am excited what that would turn out to be.

TLN Note:

Wasteful Ghost: Well, there is a wiki talking about it but I won’t go in depth, but it just means don’t waste something, a perfect example is from our parents constantly saying: “Don’t waste your food!”


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