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Chapter 51 – The King and his slaves attacks the city



Celeste accidentally leaked out a voice close to screaming.

Even though she came here not to long ago, but she had already collected so much data.


Though this is not the time to listen to her carefully.

I took out my guns, and without the time to load more ammo I immediately aimed at the Slime Jariya and fired.


On my left the normal bullet flew straight at it, and on my right the Restraint Bullet flew out.

The Restraint bullet let out a faint light, and restrained the Slime Jariya with a light rope.


While it was being restrained, I immediately went beside Elza, and quickly lifted her up.



[Hold on tight!]


I caught hold of Elza and flew back.

I tagged out and Emily went in with her hammer spinning round and round approaching close to the Slime, whilst Celeste was using the Bicorn Horn to shoot a volley of fire bullets as support.


The restrained Slime Jariya was being hit by the fire bullets, and following up Emily swung her hammer straight down on the Slime without thinking.

Though, that did not defeat it.




Emily hyped herself up, and swung her hammer multiple times at the restrained Slime Jariya.

The method is like hammering on mochis.


In the middle of all these the restrained bullet broke off, and I fired another Restraint Bullet as support.


The Slime Jariya that had no chance to resist was being beat up for about 10 seconds, and finally it was defeated.


[This monster is kinda tough.]

[Well, that’s obvious as the Slime Jariya resides in Teruru’s 26th floor.]

[26th floor! I didn’t know this monster resides so deeply in the dungeon.

No wonder it was so difficult to defeat it.]


[Uh, uhmm….Ryouta-san.]


On my arms I could her Elza’s voice.

With such soft and clear voice.

Looking at her, her face was pale, and her hands were shaking in fear.


[Thank you…very much.]

[Are you alright Are they any injuries]

[There’s no injury.]

[Phew, I’m glad.]


Seems that Elza is fine for the time being.

When I let go of her hands it seems that she could support on her own.


[Though, why has the commotion not stopped]

[If I’m not mistaken, the Slime Jariya’s are considered as normal monsters on the 26th floor.]

[Eh It’s not a rare monster]


With a serious expression, Celeste nodded.


[The rare monster in the 26th floor is called , since the Slime wears a crown on it’s head, you can immediately spot it.]

[A crown…..like a king huh.

So the one we defeated was different, it’s more of like the king’s slave/servant.]

[That’s right.

Though we don’t have to worry anymore.]


As Celeste finish saying, the commotion is slowly dying down.

If an emergency situation occurs, high level adventurers will immediately get hold onto it and appear, and will be fighting around the city—-more like they will stop the monster’s movement and defeat them.


Even from afar I can tell, it’s similar when I’m inside the dungeon and feel a sort of atmosphere.

I can sort of feel that the adventurers are slowly diminishing the monsters.


[If that’s the case then it’s settled—]



As we were about to be relieved, another screamed was heard.

I looked at Emily and Celeste, and the three of us reacted at the same time.

We ran straight towards the location of the scream, and over there another monster was present.


A slime that was wearing a crown, it’s a Slime Sultan.

Around it there are a few adventurers who have fallen from battle—seems like they were hit by that Slime.

[Yoda-san, we should help them desu!]


As Emily said so she ran straight ahead.

She swung her hammer round and round, as per her usual stance she dropped the hammer down, and shook the side after landing.

The 130cm body with a huge hammer took a full swing at the Slime Sultan, sending it flying afar.


Then Emily pursued the Slime Sultan that was flying away—-wait no in order to protect the fallen adventurers she pursued the Slime Sultan.

Celeste also follow suit and ran ahead.




While grinding my teeth, I took out my dual gun and loaded the Healing Bullets and fired at all of the fallen adventurers.

Around the vicinity the light of the healing ability shone.

Once I knew they weren’t in danger, I went ahead to where Emily and co are.


Emily is in a pinch.

The Slime Sultan underlaid on top of Emily, preventing her hammer from smashing on it.


And slightly from afar Celeste was firing flame bullets using the Bicorn Horn, but with only a Level 1 Magic spell, it did almost no damage to the Slime Sultan.


[Get away…from Emily!!!!!!]


I rushed towards the Slime Sultan and pushed it away.

The Slime retreated from above Emily, and landed on the floor with it’s body seemingly like jelly flopping around.


I pushed the Slime Sultan towards a building’s wall, and the wall was semi-ruptured and rubble fell down on it.

The Slime Sultan then change shaped and counter attacked.

I guarded and flew backwards, took out my gun and fired the Restraint Bullet.


After the light, the light rope restrained the Slime Sultan.

Though—it immediately broke off.


[Not even two seconds huh.]


Immediately I looked back, and I saw Celeste helping Emily get up.

Though Emily doesn’t have any injuries, but because of the Slime Sultan, her hammer was bent to the side.


I can’t rely on Emily’s fire power anymore, I’m the only one left to deal with this.


I switched my bullets—-and repeatedly fired.

On one side is all normal bullets, and on the other is the Restraint bullets followed by normal bullets.


When the Restraint Bullets hit the target, the Slime Sultan was restrained for about two seconds.

And in that two seconds I closed the distance to about 1 meter and fired a hail of Penetrating Bullets.


Although I fired my magazine till it was blank, I could not deal the final blow.

Though, it seemed to be working.


[If it’s like that!]


I loaded more bullets, again I fired a single Restraint Bullet and the rest are all normal bullets.




I relentlessly fired at the Slime who was 1 meter away from me.

And continued firing again.

When the restraint was released, I fired another Restraint bullet and again I fired more Penetrating bullets.


After repeating that—I ended up using 10 sets.

The Slime Sultan that has a series of holes like a beehive has finally stopped moving and was defeated.


[Fuuh, there’s a limit to how tough one may be.

If another were to appear I don’t think I can handle it.]


I’m glad I have the (god-like) Restraint Bullet on time, the exchange of 4 Flame bullets and 2 Healing Bullets in order to get 1 Restraining Bullet, firing that is somehow dangerous in a way.


And with that I was finally relieved, and from the rogue monster of the Slime Sultan, a pouch-like item dropped from it.


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