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Chapter 50 – Nihonium’s Fourth Floor

The following morning, I have made my way to Nihonium in continuation of venturing into the fourth floor today.


Before that I went to the side of the entrance to confirm my status at the Know-It-All Board.



Level:        1/1

HP:        S

MP:        F

Strength:    S

Stamina:    F

Intelligence:    F

Mentality:    F

Speed:    S

Dexterity:    F

Luck:        F



Since yesterday, I had already increased my Speed to S at the third floor, so this time it’s obvious that I’m going to continue diving into the next floor.


This Nihonium Dungeon is a so called limestone cave, so it’s suitable to call it a [cave].


The reason why I mentioned about that is cause the fourth floor was similar to the rest of the floors, so I wonder will it change after I reached the sixth floor which requires a license, as I was thinking about it I continue moving forward.


[Oh, there it is….Is it another mummy]


I was puzzled for a moment.

Because the monster that I encountered is human-shaped demon with muscular features with bandages wrapped round and round around it’s body.

The appearance is almost similar to the mummies from the third floor, thus I was wondering whether I’m in the right floor or not.


[I’m not sure whether it’s different—-but let’s just defeat it to find out!]


For the caves on this world, all monsters residing in the cave drops basically everything.

More or less I have already made this a norm ingrained in me, so the natural thing is to defeat the monster in front of me.


I first step forward and using my calf I pushed myself forward and dashed right at the back of the monster and immediately strike my fist into the Mummies side.

It’s body bend into a “

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