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“Will there be a spirit inside here after we go through this” (Sakura_

“It should be.

It’s been that way until now, and the spirit …… no, because it’s the spirits, they’re more strongly bound to the rules of this world.” (Ryouta)

“Fumu fumu.

Hmmm …….” (Sakura)


Sakura stared at the door.

She puts her hand on her chin and stares at it with such a gesture, as if she is examining it carefully.


“What’s wrong” (Ryouta)

“It stinks.” (Sakura)

“Do I smell” (Ryouta)

“It smells moody.” (Sakura)

“Is that what it is” (Ryouta)


Slightly mystified, I stared at the door too.

To be honest, it’s no different from any other door the spirits have ever had.

Sakura’s statement that it smelled —- it didn’t ring a bell.


“Do you feel that clearly” (Ryouta)


But it’s a woman’s intuition…” (Sakura)

“Well.” (Ryouta)


I stopped the conversation, which was about to start with a “forget what I just said” excuse.


“Let’s be careful.” (Ryouta)

“But it’s a woman’s intuition, you know” (Sakura)

“A hunch is a momentary judgment based on overall experience.” (Ryouta)

“…… You’re rather…… comprehensive” (Sakura)

“You know, if you read a bit of mangas, you’ll know what’s coming next, right” (Ryouta)


I used an analogy with Sakura’s speciality genre.

In fact, she was quick to bite.


“Aahh, yeah you’re right.

You can never have a harem with more than one heroine in a wedding dress on the cover, can you” (Sakura)

“So that kind of intuition is actually an instantaneous judgement based on overall experience, because I’ve read a lot.” (Ryouta)

“I see, I see.” (Sakura)


Being satisfied, we both look at the door.


“Do you still smell it” (Ryouta)

“Yes, it’s pungent.” (Sakura)

“The smell of moodiness, was it” (Ryouta)


I wish this dirty world would just die.

…… is what my instincts are telling me.” (Sakura)

“Like a chuunibyou ……” (Ryouta)


Instantly, it was Sakura’s intuition that made her feel foolish for being alarmed.

However, that is the spirit.


A higher being who controls everything in the dungeon and is the dungeon itself.


“Let us be vigilant.” (Ryouta)

“Yeah.” (Sakura)


We nod at each other and get ready.

I loaded the four revolvers with as many different types of bullets as possible to prepare for every possible situation, while Sakura flipped through her sketchbook and checked all the drawings she had made.


And then —- we went into the door


Contrary to expectations, there were no attacks flying at us after going through the door.


It was quite peaceful and I came face to face with the spirit.


He looks like a boy, maybe 150 cm tall.

He has a distinctive appearance, with his face remaining childlike and one eye hidden by long fringes.


The other eye that was visible —- was moderately moody.


“Wah.” (Sakura)

“Oh ……” (Ryouta)


I chuckled slightly at Sakura, who winked at me in a good-natured way.

Now that I’ve actually seen the spirit, even I’d know.


The boy in front of me — Californium — was giving off a depressing air characteristic of adolescence.


“Hmm, you’ve come this far for a human, you do have what it takes.” (Californium)

“Ahahaha, what a brat.

He actually said “for a human”.” (Sakura)


Sakura belly laughed.


I don’t know how I feel.

I have rather mixed feelings about it.


I am well aware of the power of the spirit.

Your own dungeon or your own monster.

When it comes to that, spirits are truly as powerful as gods.


On the other hand, he looks like Californium and wears an air of —- I found it strange that an adolescent junior high school student would start using the word “partisanship”.


“What’s so funny!” (Californium)

“Because, right.” (Sakura)

“Stop laughing!” (Californium)


Californium was furious and held up his hand.

Instantly, hundreds of goblins appeared, filling the space.


These are.


The largest quantity of material I have ever seen in a dungeon.

It is the spirit that rules the dungeon that makes these things so easy.


“Oh no! It’s going to be like that famous novel scene!” (Sakura)

“No, no, no.

……” (Ryouta)

“Come on! Goblin Sl—yer!” (Sakura)

“No matter what I think, that’s bad—- and that’s the title of the story!” (Ryouta)


Sakura’s style of double-fighting.


What she invoked in Genesis was a rather empty, humanoid full-body armour with a sword and shield.


Despite my prodding, the goblins were quickly slaughtered.


The empty armour slaughters goblins at the same – or maybe even faster —- pace as I fire Repetitions in rapid succession.


“Wow, that’s amazing.

……” (Ryouta)

“Goblins can never be beaten by a Goblin Sl—–yer, no matter how many goblins there are, right” (Sakura)

“That’s not what I mean.

…… Sigh, never mind.” (Ryouta)


Sakura’s genesis is highly variable in terms of her ability due to her own cognition.

And she has an enormous fondness for subcultures.


Goblins for Goblin Sl—-yer.


The undeniable truth in her mind was that the goblins were therefore at the mercy of a single Goblin Sl—yer to slaughter them at its leisure.

I feel a sense of security that as long as the monsters are goblins, there is absolutely no place for me to come in.




Seeing Sakura, I think.

Genesis and her.

I was strongly reminded that these two are too compatible and that they are super-cheaters who can do anything.


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