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Chapter 474 – Subject to replacement

I take the ring Margaret offers me and smile at her.


“Thank you.

As expected of Margaret, I didn’t expect you to get it on your first try.

I’m glad I asked for your help.” (Ryouta)

“Is that so” (Margaret)

“Yes, because Margaret is most similar to me.” (Ryouta)


When I first moved to this world, my combat abilities were all Fs and my drops were all SS.

Margaret was a level 99 can-do, with all Fs in combat ability and all A’s in drops.


We were the closest in type.


“I can feel the closeness.” (Ryouta)

“……” (Margaret)


Margaret’s eyes widen and her mouth goes gaping.


“Margaret Is something wrong” (Ryouta)

“No, no.

I’m just happy.

……” (Margaret)

“Happy” (Ryouta)


Margaret’s face turned red as she turned her head to hide her face.


“It-It’s nothing..” (Margaret)

“No, but just now…” (Ryouta)

“It’s nothing that should concern you!!!!” (Margaret)


With this cry, Margaret ran off at a great pace.

It was as if she had run away —— well, she had run away.


“…… What was that” (Ryouta)


I cocked my head.

How did this exchange get so complicated that she had to run away

I thought about it and couldn’t understand it.


“Oh well.

Anyway…” (Ryouta)


I pulled another ring out of the pocket of my ground-eater and laid it in the palm of my hand, the same one Margaret had dropped.


They looked exactly the same.

So would the effect be the same


Putting the two rings on at the same time, I drew my revolver and loaded it with a normal bullet and pulled the trigger.


I fired a round at the wall and it split into three separate shots.

The effect of the two rings was clear.


But the power was sad to say the least.

The normal bullet being the weakest, it is usually powerful enough to hit a wall, but it split into three bullets and only made a small dent in the wall, losing momentum and falling to the ground in a heap.


Once again, I load a normal bullet and fire.

This time, perhaps because of the angle, the dent was even thinner and I had to stare closer to see it.


“If it was a flat’s wall, I’d get my deposit back, the decay rate is so bad.” (Ryouta)


I trace the dent in the wall with my finger and look at the six bullets that have landed on the ground with a wry smile.


It’s interesting to see how it splits up, but it’s useless if the power drops like this instead.



“It’s certainly interesting, isn’t it”


In the test room of the Vanadium dungeon.


When I got home, there was me and Celeste, and Celeste had the bicorn horn of the string work in full operation.


The bicorn horn spreads out in all directions, and each fireball launched from it has three shots.


Both rings are worn by Celeste.

The effect was that the barrage of Celeste’s thread-operated bicorn horn was three times as dense as the original.


“I know right” (Ryouta)


I chuckled.

Bicorn Horn Fireball.

Even though it is a beginner magic that can be used infinitely, it was originally powerful enough to be used in battle and defeat monsters.


It’s a special effect of a live concert or something like that, where flames burst into the air.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you feel like you’re on fire, even if you’re far away, even if you’re looking through glass or a wall.


The fireball on the bicorn horn was so much more powerful than that.


Now it’s about as lukewarm as a blast of air-conditioning on your face.

Even the sound of the flames landing on the ground has changed to an unreliable popping sound.


The body of the flame is still there, but everyone can see that it is not very useful in battle.


“It’s really interesting, though.” (Celeste)

“I can see that.

You can have it if you want.

You look like you’re enjoying it.” (Ryouta)

“Ahaha.” (Celeste)


Celeste chuckled slightly.


“I don’t think I’d use it even if you give me, so I won’t.

Besides.” (Celeste)

“Besides” (Ryouta)

“If I were the only one to get a ring, everyone would hate me.” (Celeste)

“What” (Ryouta)


Celeste murmured in a whisper for some reason.

It was a whisper that was drowned out by the unreliable crackling of the flames.


“No, it’s nothing.

I’ll just give this back.” (Celeste)


Celeste smiles again, does a little thread-cooling, and deftly removes the ring.

The moment she takes it off and gives it back to me.




The last of the flames shot out landed on the wall all at once, and the unreliability of the flames up until then was nowhere to be seen, and a tremendous bead of explosions sounded.


“What” (Ryouta)

“T-That was …….” (Celeste)

“The number stayed the same, right” (Ryouta)

“Yes, and the power was restored.” (Celeste)


We stared at each other in amazement at what had just happened.

At about the same time, the same possibility occurred to us.


“I’ll try it again.” (Celeste)

“Please.” (Ryouta)


Celeste put her ring back on and put away most of her bicorn horn, leaving only one.


With that one horn, she launched a fireball.

Two rings, more fireballs, three shots at a time.


The fireball hit the wall.


It hit the wall and made an unreliable sound.


Celeste continued to shoot.

The sound continued.


Halfway through, she took off her ring while shooting.




The bullet landed and the explosion roared.

After three shots, the number does not decrease even if the ring is removed.

However, the power has returned to normal.


“So it’ll only get its strength back in real time” (Ryouta) (TL: Sorry I don’t really get this.)


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