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“Why a shell” (Ryouta)


I picked it up and stared at it.

It’s still a little wet, and it’s so tightly closed it’s hard to open, but it’s a pretty normal shell.


“…… Alright.”


I regained my nerve.

I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why I’m so excited about this.


Cell said, “You’ll know it when you get there.”

And I’m the type of person who doesn’t look at a strategy site until I’ve completed it once.


I tucked the shells into the pocket of my grand eater for the time being and made my way through the dungeon.


But well, …… it’s a strange feeling.


You’re in a dungeon where monsters appear and drop, but if you look up you’ll see blue skies, white clouds, and the sun.

I’ve been in dungeons in the past that were underground or in towers, indoors or in enclosed spaces, so this one in Californium feels pretty strange.


When I came to a T-junction in the huge maze, I turned right, somehow turning my back on the sun.


There was another goblin ahead.

The goblin I encountered was swinging a club at me.


I kicked at the ground and stepped back, intercepting it with normal bullets.

I didn’t kill it with a single blow, but instead shot it right between the eyes.


I wanted to make a change.


The goblin fell, and with a pop, the item dropped.


“What It’s not a shell this time ……” (Ryouta)


It was a white lump on the ground, about the same size as the palm of your hand.


It was about as thick as my wrist and had a thin, sharp tip.


“A tooth …… What kind of tooth is this, it’s too small to be ivory …… and too big to be a lion or a tiger.” (Ryouta)


I decided that it was the tooth of something more than a tiger, but less than an elephant.


Why a tooth and why did different items drop from the same monster on the same floor


More questions appeared.


I continued through the maze, looking for more information.


There was only one type of monster, the goblin.


As with all dungeons, there is a slight difference in the clothing of each individual —— even though it is a waistcoat —— but the basics of the goblin’s movements are the same.


However, the items dropped were different.


Some dropped turtle shells, some dropped fur, and some dropped bones.


Is it possible that this is a dungeon that drops rubbish from the start Just as I was thinking that, silk was dropped as “anti” and a whole cow was dropped.


“What’s going on here” (Ryouta)


I laughed bitterly, it was starting to get interesting.

I’ve never seen such a haphazard drop in a dungeon before.


This situation was not so strange when you consider that multiple items drop in a single dungeon.


Whereas most dungeons are hierarchical, it’s just the way it is on the ground floor.


Maybe I’m just not aware of it, but maybe it’s like the water pipe game, where it looks like one big maze, but it’s broken up into smaller blocks.


But most dungeons have a “genre” of drop.

Some are plants, some are animals, some are metals.

They all have something in common, and they all match.


In this one, Californium, even that was disjointed.


It became more and more interesting.

There’s a little mystery in front of me, and it’s fun to figure it out.


So I went around the dungeon.

The Vanadium incident had given me a better understanding of the structure of dungeons, so I tried to kill goblins in the same or similar places.


The results were the same —- or rather, the drops were still scattered.


I also tried timing.


I used an accelerator to kill the goblin at exactly the same time as the encounter —– just one second for now.


I also found a place where the monster regenerates, and set the same timing from the regeneration —— one second.


But it didn’t make any difference, the drops were all over the place.


“There’s no regularity at all, is there” (Ryouta)


I don’t think so.

That’s what my intuition is telling me.


Intuition, I believe, is an instant and comprehensive judgment based on a wealth of experience.


My experience insists that there is no such thing as no regularity at all.


So I kept going around the dungeon.

After I found all the dropped items, shells, teeth, and so on, I started to think “maybe it’s not there after all”.


Then a completely new item dropped.


The item dropped was a round item with a hole in the middle, about the height of a child.

It was made of stone, like a large five-yen coin.


“A stone coin… ha!” (Ryouta)


Immediately after mumbling, I took out the drop items in the pocket of the ground-eater one after another.


Seashells, teeth, turtle shells, silk…


It all came together in my mind.

Like the stone coins, these were all used as “bartering”.


It’s all about money.

These were also used like money.


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