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After dealing with those assassination fellows, I head back to the tent where Emily was waiting.

The tent was moved slightly further away when we were taking care of Celeste, and now it’s near the location where the pile of garbage was.

From now on, the amount of people will increase further until the final day of tax exemption, and with the people comes the problem of more garbage.

Celeste is now facing at the mountain of garbage.

Standing just slightly away from the garbage, with her high aptitude for magic, she chant a fire magic and burned the garbage.

The flame that seemed to leaked out of nowhere wrapped the garbage, and turned them to ashes.

Beautifully, and also really cool.

Was what I thought.

With a strong fire magic to burn the garbage, I thought that the sight of the garbage being illuminated by flames was very beautiful.

While blankly staring at the flames, half of the garbage had already been burned away, only few remained——leaving only a garbage bin size full of garbage left.

I thought that after she had finished burning it properly, I would call her out——though.

Celeste started chanting again.

With the same usual magic, the magic circle enlarged, and her hair fluttered around while invoking the magic.

Using a magic strong enough to burned an entire truck full of garbage, for such scale, the bin size full of garbage was immediately disappeared.

It’s as if you used the strongest magic that you have to defeat the weakest monster, that was the overkill scene that I witness just now.

Why would she do that though——was what I thought.

Celeste is going to faint!

Looks like she’s gonna collapse starting from the knee.

I immediately dashed towards her, and embraced her.

[Ryouta, san.]

Being supported by my arms, Celeste muttered my name.

It’s exactly the same situation from when I first met her.

Again she pushed herself, and now is in a weakened state.

It’s not certain whether her eyes are out of focus or just losing consciousness.

[Please stay still.]

I took out my gun, and check whether I loaded the Healing bullets correctly, and aimed at Celeste’s arm at point-blank range and pulled the triggered.

Similar to an injection, the Healing bullets was injected into her body.

Since one shot was clearly not enough, I fired twice.

And with that, Celeste’s facial expression finally went back to normal.

[Are you alright]



Her eyes were focused, but it was clearly different, and she isn’t saying anything.

She was just silently staring at me—-was what I thought.

[I, I’m alright.

I’m fine already]

While saying so she hurriedly pushed me away, and kept a distance away from me.

Reaching from where she was standing before, but why is her face all red, while thinking so I was curiously looking at her.

Seems like I’m troubling her, but what is she worried about

[Oh my what is wrong with me, why is my heart beating so fast What’s more….]

While taking a few glances at me, Celeste’s face went redder than before.

It seems like she’s asking an abundant of questions to herself, I wonder what’s going on

If there’s anything wrong she should just ask me for help, if, if she’s fine with me.


For some reason Celeste is pulling her own cheeks.

Using her right hand she stretched, and her left hand also doing the same, and her right hand stretching even further, and her left hand—–

[Wait isn’t that just going too far!]

I hurriedly cut her and make her stop.

I’m not sure what’s going on exactly, but I immediately made her stop stretching her cheeks, any further and it might break.

The girl who was stopped by me breathed in a breath of air.

[Un, I’ve calmed down.]

With that, the expression she had previously has returned.

Returning back to her cool expression, she finally returned back to being herself.

……Though with her cheeks subtly swollen, I managed to only voice out an [Eh—-].





[I was thinking about some strange things, so I tried to hype myself in spirit.]

[I, I see.]

The girl who finally settled down explained the reason for her idiocy earlier.

I somehow acknowledged it.

I guess when someone tries to hype themselves they would usually hit themselves in the cheeks.

….Yeap, I guess they do.

……Let’s not use a tsukkomi on her.

After rewriting my memories, I tried to divert the topic, and curiously asked her something that I thought off.

[The garbage that you were burning earlier.

It seems that you used a strong fire magic to burned those little garbage left just now.

But why Shouldn’t you save some and use a simple magic to burn it]

[I can only use that.]

[Only use that]

[It’s a Level 3 Ranged flame magic, Inferno.

This is the only magic I know how to use.]

[That’s all]

[That’s all…]

Celeste firmly nodded.


[You said something about level 3, so there is level 1 and 2 Is it worse than 3 And can you use them]

[I don’t think so, I can only use this.]

The wind blew, and the girls beautiful hair fluttered.

Celeste, without needing to even think firmly nodded.

…..So basically, MeMomeMi can’t be use, but only Mezoma can be used.

I understand, hence why she can only use that.

That’s the reason why she could only use that Level 3 Magic, an overkill magic on the garbage.

[Is it common around here That, where someone can’t use a Level 1 or 2 magic but are able to use Level 3.]

Even though I’m not all that familiar with magic, but won’t someone need to learn from the basics till they proceed to the next level

[No no, as far as I know, I’m the only irregular one here.]

[Is that how it is, but how come]

I wanted to ask further, but I instantly regretted asking.

Celeste had a complex smile on her face when she heard me.

I immediately knew that it was something she isn’t comfortable talking about.

If I don’t follow up, the conversation will be awkward.

What should I do

[Welcome back Yoda-san~]

Over there, Emily came out from the tent.

(TL: EMILY saved the day!)

She welcomed me with her usual warm smile that gently patted the air with warmth and sweetness.

[Ooh! My goddess!]


[You saved us, I want a Goddess like you to always stay by my side.]

[Fueeeeee Wh, what’s happening Yoda-san!]

While being surprised by me, I thanked her many times over.

Though it resulted her in having her face bright red, but regardless I still thank her as that was my true feelings, and her face became even redder.





Emily made a feast for us.

After hearing that I’ve finished my work, she made a feast for me.

Next to the tent a fireplace was lit, and Emily started preparing the dishes.

While watching her, Celeste and I was chatting.

[That’s amazing, capturing it, there is certainly a confirmation of a chance to get a drop from rare monster, but to get a drop from all of the rare monsters]

[For my part, it’s just confirming the drops on the odd number of floors.]

[The odd number of floors only]

We were talking about the battle against Shikuro and Hetero.

At first she was scratching her head in confusion, but after a while she seemed to got it.

[That’s really amazing.]

[Is that so]

[This is the first time I’ve heard of someone soloing a job like this.]

I was sort of flustered.

Being admired by a beautiful girl like Celeste really made me slightly shy.

Though I was being flustered, I wanted her to say more.

Thinking back when I was thanking Emily, I would like to be praised more like that.


[Thank you for waiting nanodesu.]

While bringing up my courage to ask, Emily came back.

[Since it had just been baked, please be cautious of the heat nanodesu.]

[Thank you.]

[Thanks——wait a cake!]

Celeste who received the cake was surprised.

I was also sort of caught off guard, and was aweing at the cake.

The cake that we received, had a silver fork on a white dish, and was evenly cut into three slice.

Truly a beautiful and delicious looking cake.

[How do you make this cake]

[I baked it nodesu.]

[Baked it, using that bonfire]

[Yes desu.]

[Using a bonfire to bake cake…..huh Using a bonfire]

While being confused, Celeste looked at the bonfire then look back at the cake.

I then razz and let out a small laugh.

[Celeste, you don’t have to think too much of it.]


[It’s the same as a warrior that does not understand how to use magic, we will also never know how Emily created her food and also how she made even a tent so warm for the rest of our lives.]


While glancing at the tent, Celeste had a convinced expression.

I’m sure if I explained it like so to someone, they might not get it, but because she had actually experienced what it’s like being in that tent, she was convinced by Emily’s miracles.

[I, guess you’re right.]

[Using a bonfire to bake a cake, if it’s Emily won’t it be possible/]

[That’s true, you do have a point.]

[So putting that aside, thank you Emily, let’s eat.]

[I’m digging in.]

[Yes desu.

Please do enjoy the meal.

I will now create the next dish.]

After saying so, she stood up and made a pittar patter noise towards the bonfire.

While looking at the entire figure of her, Celeste and I both laughed out loud.

[I wonder what she’s going to make for us next.]

[I’m not sure either.

But if it’s Emily, I’m sure we will be surprised by it again.]

[Lot’s of things happened huh.]

[Emily is indeed amazing, that’s all there is to it.]

As I said it, Celeste also nodded.

We both then ate our cake.

The cream was really sweet, and the sponge had a soft and chewy texture to it, making it absolutely delicious.

Though I had a question of how did she make it using just a bonfire, the delicious taste of the cake made me forget about it.

[Thank you for waiting nanodesu~]

As we just finished our cake, Emily again came back.

[Thank you for the meal, the cake was really delicious.]

[Yes desu, next up is this.]

Emily took out the next dish and handed it to Celste——but.

[Ice cream! Wait, how Ice cream]

[Thank you, I’m digging in.]

[Eeeeeeh Is Ryouta-san gonna eat it You’re not gonna even question about it and just eat it]

[DIdn’t I say it just now, whatever she makes, we can’t always be surprised by it.]


Celeste who is perplexed, and Emily who has a light aura around her while smiling sweetly.

To me, I continue chewing on the ice cream she made for us.

It’s sweet and delicious, and my body is in bliss.

I thought that it was worth the effort to come to Selen.

[Thank you Emily.]

[Thanks for the hard work nanodesu, Yoda-san.]

And across was Celeste who was still surprised.

We chat and laughed while being surrounded by the satisfaction of finally finishing our work.


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