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Prying open the entrance with an iron wall bullet, I went outside once to reset the dungeon.

Immediately after that, I entered the dungeon again, killed the monster on the way with Repetition and went down to the second floor again.


Take a deep breath there.


From here on, it’s a speed game.


The 10 double speed up bullet can stop the time more completely than the simple speed up bullet, but the effect time is shorter.

A while ago, the effect time expired immediately after returning to the entrance and arriving, and the vortex of light would just disappear.

Considering that I had to take measures against the vortex of light, I had to move at full speed.


So I took a deep breath, stretched my finger bones together leaving loud cracks, and seriously focused.


“… Alright.” (Ryouta)


I put a Double Speed Up bullet in my 10 revolver and shoot myself.

The air stopped———and time stopped.


After satisfying the conditions for closing the entrance by going up and down the stairs with what felt like a routine and run up at full speed and head for the entrance.

There was a whirlpool of light that came back at a short period of time.


I just jumped into the whirlpool of light.


The dazzling light wraps the whole body that I had hold my hand in front of me and turn my head away. 

And the effect of the bullet is cut off.




I heard someone’s voice——-At that moment.


The front of my eyes was further wrapped in light.


When the light subsided——–I was outside the dungeon.


I looked around.

Adventurers looked over from afar my stature sitting at the entrance.

No doubt, it’s just outside Carbon dungeon.


“What’s wrong, Satou-sama” (Cell)


And again, Cell who was here talked to me worryingly.


“I was kicked out by the spirit.” (Ryouta)

“Because you’re too fast.” (Cell)

“I was being chased out.” (Ryouta)


I answered with a bitter smile.


That voice just now maybe the spirit of Carbon dungeon—-No it definitely is.

Then there must be the spirit room over there through the whirlpool of light.

It’s the opposite of Tennessine.


Tennessine invited me, but Carbon kicked me out without saying anything.


“What are you going to do” (Cell)

“I’ll go in again” (Ryouta)


I entered Carbon dungeon and used the transfer gate that was there a little away.

Thanks to the transfer gate, I came back to the mansion in an instant.

I then specify the destination for the transportation gate——Carbon’s spirit room.


The transfer gate has started.

It was only for a moment, but the bookmark still seems to be successful.

I jumped into the transfer gate.


“You’re persistent!”


The next moment, I was blown out of Carbon dungeon again.

I put my hand on my chin and thought.

Cell didn’t talk to me, probably because he saw me deep in thoughts.


It was a little troublesome.

I have used the transfer gate.


At that moment, after hearing the other side’s voice, I was blown out.

It is momentary, unlike forcibly closing the entrance.

However, that moment also exceeds me——Speed SS.

It’s not very good


Even if I shoot a Speed Up bullet at myself, it is too fast to make it in time.


“… Should I just force myself in” (Ryouta)


I entered the dungeon and returned to the second floor again while making preparations.


The same 10 Double Speed Up bullet as before and rushed to the entrance and jumped into the whirlpool of light.

After that, I fired yet another speed up bullet prepared beforehand but I couldn’t dodge just before the spirit kicked me out.


The spirit is faster than SS, but it is not an overwhelming difference.


In an action game, it feels as difficult as asking for a one frame input, but it can be done after trying several times.


“The problem is after doing it many times, the other side could come up with a countermeasure… Well, I’ll leave that when the time comes.” (Ryouta)


Feeling the adrenaline, I entered the second floor again.


I made another Double Speed Up bullet with Vanadium bullets and prepared 10.


I review the procedure.

First, rush with a 10 Double Speed Up bullet, then add another speed up bullet at the same time as the effect time expires to avoid it.


Combined with the short effect of the 10 Double Speed Up bullet, this takes up a lot of trial and error.


I took a deep breath, smoothed my shoulders and elbow joints, and pointed the muzzle at myself.


“——-!” (Ryouta)


At the moment, something came to mind.


I just shot a normal bullet.

The bullet flew straight and sank into the wall.

After that, I shot a Double Speed Up bullet at myself with a normal gun.

Furthermore, I made another Double Speed Up bullet and shot myself with the 10 revolver.


And again, shoot regular bullets.

The bullet did not pop out, I expected it, so when I pulled the gun slowly, the normal bullet stopped in the air.


Due to the effect of the 10 Double Speed Up bullet, the normal bullet completely stopped.


After a while, the effect expired.

Then, the normal bullet started to move slowly.

The effect of the speed up bullet is comparable to the iron wall bullet.


“I can do this!” (Ryouta)


I quickly hurried and repeated the same thing.


I waited for the effect of Double Speed Up bullet to completely expire, shoot another at myself again, and then shoot another 10 Double Speed Up bullet.


In a completely timestop reality, I close Carbon entrance by going up and down the stairs and rush to the entrance.

Then diving into the vortex of light that reappeared without hesitation.

With this timing, the first stage has expired.




I heard an extremely stretched out voice like playing a playback on x0.25 speed.

Because the effect time was longer than the normal speed up bullet and 10 Speed Up bullet, the voice was delayed due to the remaining effect.

And the light that wraps me slowed down.


I tried avoiding as much as I can—— and rely on the middle voice of the dazzling world with white light to thin it.




The effect cut off midway, and the voice of the other party returned to normal.

I held the spirit’s hand and not let go.


Even if the light subsided, a woman in her thirties who was clearly visible tried desperately to shake it off, but saw I wasn’t kicked out.


“… Nice.” (Ryouta)


My invasion was successful.


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