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Chapter 42 – To counter an assassination

Inside the tent, I saw Duke who was in a good mood.

[I’m gonna say this again and again but thank you so much, It’s because of Satou-san that Selen will slowly be in the hands of Shikuro.]

[I’m glad to be of help.]

Going on a business trip to Selen and fulfilling a request, I was relieved.

[Right now, the headquarters are now considering the reward that they should give to Satou-san, most probably 3 person will come to hand over the reward.]

[3 person]

[For any drops being collected from Selen, Satou-san is being exempted from the tax.]

[That I know.]

Before I left, it was already presented to me.

[And though somewhat, you will also be paid in cash.]

[I see.]

It’s a reasonable line.

[The Dungeon Chief ran around preparing fine quality sugar for you for a year.]

[I don’t need any of sorts!]

The need for a year supply of sugar that is.

[……Wait just a second, on what basis should I get a year’s worth of sugar]


Duke averted his eyes away from me.

[This is not the standard from him right This is not the standard from him right This is not the standard from him right]

[…….Since it was from me who said it.]

Because it was important I asked him three times, and Duke again averted his eyes away from me.

I knew it……It’s a one year’s worth from that Dungeon Chief’s standard.

It seems like I’m being forcefully pushed to get a lot of sugar, and got a little upset.





Exiting from the tent, I went back to where Emily was.

At last, the request from Selen is finally over, should I stay here for a little while longer, or should I head back to Shikuro.

As I was thinking about it, I want to discuss it with Emily to make the final decision.

As usual, the surrounding of Selen Dungeon is as lively as ever, or rather it’s those people who were being called to come from Hetero are here, coming here to interfere with us from producing more drops——it can be said because of them it is crowded.

The adventurers that are diving into the dungeon, plus those who came here to support, and those who are here to try to make money by selling goods.

All together they are roughly around thousands of people gathered there, turning it like a small town.

Oh right, if I were to go back, I should buy some souvenirs for Elza and Ena who took care of me since the beginning.

Since there are many peddlers for that, so it shouldn’t be a problem to choose some souvenirs.

If that’s the case, then I should stay here for another few days and earn some cash before heading back.

As such after thinking about several things, suddenly, I noticed something strange.

The bustling noises that was there just a moment ago disappeared.

No, it can’t have disappeared all of a sudden.

The air around the crowd has also disappeared.

Instead I was being surrounded.

I was surrounded by people who are obviously eyeing me with hostility.

Around 5 meters away from me, they are currently surrounding me.

They are clearly bad guys, and are staring at me.

It’s roughly….20 people.

[What do you want from me.]

[Don’t think badly of us.]

Right in front of me, the man who lacked a front teeth replied.

[I was asked to punish you a bit.

Don’t worry I won’t overdo it and kill you off, I’ll just break of your arms and limbs so you can’t work for a while.]

[…..You’re from Hetero huh.]

[It’s a grudge against those whom you robbed them from their work.]

I see, it’s because of that.

Probably because those adventurers that are called from Hetero couldn’t do their jobs because I’ve interfered with them…..

And most probably they aren’t paid due to that, and because of that, they hold that grudge against me and came to assassinate me, huh.

Though I don’t really care, but I guess I will have to pay the sparks that have fallen down.

The moment I took out my gun, the man raised his hands.

And the next moment, beneath my feet a magic circle enlarged.

[This is]

[I know of your method of fighting.

You’re gonna use a tool to jump away right This is a magic circle that nullifies that tool.]

[A jumping tool]

[It’s a sort of wind type magic, but it’s man-made.]

A wind magic, something like controlling a weather, I guess it’s a tool that blocks magic when activated.

And it’s man-made too, so this magic circle below me is to prevent me from using this ‘jump tool’.

[Ah, I should be cautious.]


You guys, kill him!]

After the guy issued an order, the men who surrounded me attacked all at once.

I kept my gun, and held my fist up.

I hold onto the fist of the guy who first jumped on me, and punch him.

The man got drilled by my fist and blew away.


The man who seems to be the leader shouted, making an expression as if he wasn’t told of this.

[Now that I think about it, when I first came to Selen till now, I’ve only been using my guns.]

[Wh, what is going on]

[That is if I don’t care about the efficiency of defeating monsters.]

I slightly bend down and kicked the ground, jumping straight in front of the man.

And while holding back without overdoing things, I body blowed the man.

The body of the man bend into a ‘

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