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To verify, I want to be able to grasp the changes on the spot.” (Ryouta)

“Meaning I’ll be at the entrance when you are on the 5th floor.” (Celeste)


Celeste said and I nodded.


“That’s how it is” (Ryouta)

“Then leave it to me.” (Alice)


It was Alice who volunteered.


“Can you go” (Ryouta)

“Yeah! Everyone is connected to me even if they are separated!” (Alice)


Alice said, her fellow monsters started dancing on her shoulders all at once.

It was just like saying, “Leave it to us”.


“I see, then I’ll leave that to you.” (Ryouta)

“Yeah! I’ll leave them at the entrance so we can see what has changed.” (Alice)

“You do that.

Emily will guard you.” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu!” (Emily)

“Celeste will follow me to reproduce the behaviour.” (Ryouta)

“Yes, I understand.” (Celeste)


After the division of roles was completed within the group, I parted from Neptune and entered Carbon again.


First, Alice, Emily, and Celeste went to the back of the dungeon.

The gate of the transportation room is on the 3rd floor.

The three should go there first and then return to the mansion.


“Thanks for the wait.” (Celeste)


After a while, Celeste appeared at the gate.

I followed Celeste and returned to the mansion once.


Emily and Alice were waiting in the transportation room of the mansion.


“Emily and Alice go to the first floor from the third floor.” (Ryouta)

“I’ll make a gate on the first floor.” (Celeste)

“Oh, I’ll leave that to you.

Then Celeste will follow me from the third floor.” (Ryouta)

“I understand.” (Celeste)


First of all, after seeing off Emily and Alice, I went to the third basement floor of Carbon at the gate with me, Celeste, and Vanadium.


It was a measure to avoid the second floor for Vanadium’s sake and to make a gate on the first floor so that we could move smoothly for the future.


We moved to the 3rd floor and waited for a while.

It was a detour, but the verification has finally started.



How was it here when I wasn’t there” (Ryouta)

“Uhm … everyone defeated the monster once.” (Celeste)

“Everyone” (Ryouta)

“Yes, everyone, including the three of us and Eve, who isn’t here right now.” (Celeste)

“Now that you mentioned, Eve went somewhere in place of me.” (Ryouta)

“It looks like she’s still on this floor.” (Alice)


I was a little surprised by Alice’s words.


“Is it so” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, over there” (Alice)

“Can you tell the presence of an adventurer” (Ryouta)

“Yeah! Though not as good as a monster, Eve is easy to understand.

She’s been in the same place for a long time and hasn’t moved.” (Alice)

“Well, then can everyone defeat them once” (Ryouta)


“” “…” “


Emily, Celeste, and Alice stared at each other and looked complicated.


I was wondering what happened.


“……I got it” (Celeste)

“You sure” (Alice)

“Just once.” (Ryouta)

“……So that’s it” (Alice)

“I understand.” (Celeste)


For some reason, they were in a serious mode.

As was the case earlier, what kind of monster is this 3rd floor


When I wasn’t trying to do that, I started walking with Alice at the top.

We searched for monsters with Alice Radar and encountered them from here.


The monster that I encountered began to transform based on Celeste——it became my figure.


Celeste killed the fake me with a thread-operated bicorn horn.


And started walking again.

Thanks to Alice, we immediately recounted.

This time Emily was the one chosen as the enemy’s transformation——-And it was me.


Emily glanced at me before smashing the fake me with a hammer.


“I’m going to use Ryochin” (Alice)


Alice, who left her fellow monsters, declared so.

We encountered almost immediately, and at the same time Alice summoned Ryochin.


“Again me” (Ryouta)


My fake appeared three times, and Ryochin killed it instantly.


“What is going on” (Ryouta)

“There is no change at the entrance” (Alice)


Alice interrupted my words immediately.


“Oh, ah I see, so no changes” (Ryouta)

“It looks like it’s not on this floor.” (Alice)

“Let’s go to the 4th floor” (Celeste)

“Oh, okay …” (Ryouta)


The three people were somewhat nervous, I wondered what was going on, but we approached stairs without hearing anything and went down to the 4th floor.

We came down to the 4th floor.


“Ugh …” (Ryouta)


Remembering the memory I had earlier, my heart hurts a little.


A monster on the 4th floor, a ridiculous monster who turns into the black history of the targeted opponent.


“We have to …fight here as well …” (Ryouta)

“There’s no choice.” (Celeste)

“Yeah.” (Alice)

“I’ll do my best desu” (Emily)

“…” (Ryouta)


Aside from Emily, Celeste should have been traumatized by her black history, even if she doesn’t like it, but I feel that her expression has become brighter than before.


We went around the 4th t floor under the guidance of Alice.


My chuunibyou, Celeste’s poem, and Emily the Demon King.


Each black history was defeated in order again.


“How was it” (Ryouta)

“It looks like nothing has changed yet.” (Alice)

“Well, then it’s the fifth floor.” (Ryouta)


All of us nodded, this time we went down to the 5th floor.


“Yeah, it’s a little different.” (Ryouta)


The difference in air that you feel as soon as you come down.

The air is slightly different between the 5th floor and the previous floors.


I thought it was not an illusion.


“Maybe because we entered here” (Ryouta)

“No, the entrance is still open.” (Alice)

“Hmmmm…What did we do here again just now” (Ryouta)

“You went up and down the stairs to compare.” (Alice)

“That’s right, That’s what—-” (Ryouta)

“Ryouta!” (Alice)


As soon as I returned to the 4th floor and returned to the 5th floor, Alice called me in a hurry.


“What happened” (Ryouta)

“The entrance has disappeared” (Alice)

“Really!” (Ryouta)

“Yeah! It was the moment Ryouta came back here.” (Alice)

“Which can only mean …” (Ryouta)

“Because you turned back” (Alice)


I felt like I could see the answer.


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