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“Wow! Even Ryo-chin couldn’t avoid it! Which means Ryouta can’t either” (Alice)

“That’s right.” (Ryouta)


Certainly, I couldn’t avoid it now.

I couldn’t see it at all.

It’s a previous problem that can’t be avoided.

If you entered the world of acceleration by using the Speed Up bullets in advance, it would be manageable.


“It’s amazing.

Hmm But isn’t this the same as what Ryouta usually does” (Alice)

“Let’s try out” (Ryouta)


Pull out the ammunition from the revolver.

After shooting, it has returned to an empty state immediately after it was obtained.

First, I touched a flame bullet and then a frozen bullet.


Similar to the acceleration bullet, both were sucked in and the warhead began to shine in two colours again.


“What are you doing with this” (Alice)

“If you shoot a flame bullet and a frozen bullet together, you can create a fusion bullet, it will be an Annihilation bullet.

I just want to check whether they’re the same.” (Ryouta)

“I see! Then—–Ah! Ryochin’s gone.” (Alice)


The summoning time has passed.


“It can’t be helped, then Gaugau” (Alice)


Alice called a fellow monster on her shoulder.

Master dragon Gaugau, a small stuffed animal size when riding on the shoulder.


It looked adorable with that appearance, but at Alice’s request, it roared with a “Garn!”.

It seems astonishing that the three lines came down from the top of his head.


“No, that’s terrible.” (Ryouta)

“It’s okay, you can do it with Gaugau.

And everyone it’s okay, you won’t die.” (Alice)

“No, I don’t think that’s the problem … You see, he’s in tears.” (Ryouta)


As I pointed out, Gaugau has teary eyes.


“Well, what should you do Should you use that mimic” (Alice)

“Should I bring garbage as usual” (Ryouta)

“There’s no trash in the house” (Alice)

“What” (Ryouta)

“Emily always keeps it clean, so there’s no trash.” (Alice)

“Oh …Well, as expected of her.” (Ryouta)


I know that the mansion is always warm and bright, but does she dispose of the garbage immediately


“Then … I guess I should use this then” (Ryouta)


Take out a normal bullet and leave it in a distant place.

After a while, the normal bullet hatched into a Slime.


I fired the test bullet.

The bullet hit the Slime and burned.


“It burned—–wow!” (Alice)


Alice was surprised.

The Slime slammed into her while burning.

Alice quickly avoided it.


“It can move even though it’s burning.” (Alice)

“… The grass around it isn’t burning” (Ryouta)

“Oh, that’s true.” (Alice)


The Slime landed after attacking.

Although it was burning, the grass around it——the lawn that was neatly arranged in the garden was not burning.


I caught the Slime that was trying to attack again.

I catch it with one hand sticking out, which is often done in laps in Teruru.


“Oh.” (Ryouta)

“What what” (Alice)

“It’s not hot” (Ryouta)

“Is it ! It’s true, it feels like the right temperature.” (Alice)

“It’s around the temperature of a human skin.

Is it a cold flame” (Ryouta)

“Cold…” (Alice)

“There is such a flame as an ultra-low temperature flame.

Phosphorus in human bones ignites.

That’s why people from ancient times misunderstood that as the human soul.” (Ryouta)

“Hmmm” (Alice)

“Rin, the story of Phosphorus.

Him.” (Ryouta)

“Mera Mera Well, Mela Mera isn’t usually hot either.” (Alice)

“That’s right.

In other words, frozen bullets and flame bullets produced ultra-low temperature cold flames.

It’s a different mechanism from normal fusion bullets.” (Ryouta)

“I wonder if something can be used” (Alice)

“I thought so as well.” (Ryouta)


I nodded clearly.


“I’m going to check the combination, but it means that the number of cards I have has more than doubled.

It’s definitely usable, and someday it will be useful.” (Ryouta)

“Oh, oh!” (Alice)

“What is it” (Ryouta)


Try this bullet again.” (Alice)

“The cold flame That’s fine …” (Ryouta)


I defeat the rogue Slime and load the flame bullets and frozen bullets again.

Then, I loaded it into the revolver.


“Okay! This time, Gaugau is ready for battle.” (Alice)


Gaugau roared again.


“Believe me, Gaugau” (Alice)


Although I was shocked, Gaugau returned to his original form without resisting his master who persuaded him with full confidence.

A very cute version of the Master Dragon.

The size is the same, but it looks the same as Ryochin but very deformed.


If the original is a master dragon, this is a guy who feels like “Machuta Dragon”.

(TL: Basically a cute way of saying)


“Okay, shoot at Gaugau” (Alice)

“Alright then.” (Ryouta)


While wondering what she was going to do, I had confirmed with myself that cold flames could not cause damage, so I shot without hesitation.


A cold flame bullet hits Gaugau—-At that moment.

The giant Gaugau was wrapped in flames.


A flame of about body temperature, which is standing in the whole body of Gaugau.


“Ahaha this is amazing! Gaugau is cool!” (Alice)

“I see, it’s like Dra* go * ball” (Ryouta)


Gaugau, whose aura was rising from the whole body, looked cool in my eyes.


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