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“Did you see something” (Alice)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)

“Erieri” (Alice)

“Yeah, her original appearance.” (Ryouta)

“I see… Over here” (Alice)


From my line of sight, Alice finds out where the illusion of Erythronium() is.

She got it first try, pointing to the Mimic with Erythronium.


“Yeah, it’s right there.” (Ryouta)

“Well, can you see it, Meramera” (Alice)


It shook when it was on Alice’s shoulder.

Won’t Phosphorus know since they’re of the same spirits



“I see.

But she is there right” (Alice)

“Ah” (Ryouta)

“Then let’s beat it up.

For Erieri.” (Alice)


I look down, I see Eri who is still by my side.


“That’s right … Just a little while longer.” (Ryouta)

“… (Nods)” (Eri)


Eri nods, I pull out my revolver and aim at the mimic with the illusion of Erythronium.

An illusion that has a gentle smile.


“Thank you”


With that said, she disappeared.

Pulling the trigger, the growth bullets shoot through the mimic.


The defeated mimic dropped a thick book.


“Well, what is this” (Alice)


Alice rushed to see the book, but she couldn’t read the letters on the cover, and she turned her eyes to me.


I slowly head with Eri and pick up the book.


“The strongest element picture book in the world … I see.” (Ryouta)


Written in Japanese, it is definitely the book on earth.


“What will you do with this” (Alice)

“There’s a hint of Eri’s new name here.” (Ryouta)

“Is that so” (Alice)

“Yeap” (Ryouta)


A fairly thick and heavy picture book was opened on top of another mimic as a desk.


“Let’s start with Erythronium, it’s the periodic table.” (Ryouta)

“Peri— table” (Alice)

“HHeLiBeBCNOF …” (Ryouta) (TL Note: Memorizing the periodic table using acronyms, but in japanese)


When I was a student, I tried my best to remember it, so I opened the page with the periodic table of shapes that I was familiar with, and searched for what I was looking for.


Because it is erythronium, I think it ’s “Er”.

When I searched for it … there it is.


Open the page of Er with atomic number 68.


“What!” (Royuta)

“What happened” (Alice)

“Erbium … No, this is also Er … Then El … Wait a minute.” (Ryouta)

“Hey, what’s wrong Tell me so I can understand.” (Alice)

“It doesn’t have Erythronium” (Ryouta)

“Absent” (Alice)


To put it simply, this table contains all the names of the 118 spirits.

Phosphorus 15th, Aurum 79th, Nihonium 113th.” (Ryouta)


I named the spirits who live in the mansion at night after leaving my dungeon.


“Tellurium, Silicon, Arsenic, Selenium, Plumbum, Sulphuric …” (Ryouta)


Although they didn’t live together, I could name the dungeons and spirits involved.


“They have everything, but Erythronium.” (Ryouta)

“Why” (Alice)

“I don’t know … It’s XX nium, and it can’t be missing …” (Ryouta)

“Hey, is there an Erieri name written somewhere in this” (Alice)

“Well, maybe I can go with a different method of checking instead of the periodic table” (Ryouta)


This time, I opened the index.

It took some time to look up the dictionaries and pictorial books that I have hardly done since I started using smartphones and terminals with a search function from my computer.


“Um … erythronium erythronium … not here…” (Ryouta)

“None at all” (Alice)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)

“Is it written in a different way” (Alice)

“Another way of writing” (Ryouta)

“See, like Meramera is Phosphorus or something like that” (Alice)

“There is no reason why Meramera would be written …” (Ryouta)


My mind started thinking about something.

Eri, I started digging up things about Erythronium from memory.


“… Fake chrome” (Ryouta)

“… (Shocked)” (Eri)


The moment I mumbled, Eri was surprised.


“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean that, it was called that.” (Ryouta)

“… (Nods)” (Eri)


Eri nods a little and clings to me again.

It was a detour, it was a word that should not be said even if I thought it.

I don’t think there is such a word in the picture book, but I will look it up in the index.



“……There is” (Ryouta)

“Eh” (Alice)

“Are you kidding me, why is it here” (Ryouta)

“Really So there is” (Alice)

“Yeah, give me a minute” (Ryouta)


When turning the page, there is fake chrome.



23, Vanadium.


It was discovered in the 18th century and was once named Erythronium, but in the first appraisal it was recognized as Chromium.

After that, the element called Vanadium was found, it turned out to be the same as the former Erythronium.


In other words, erythronium was Vanadium.


“Hey, what was it” (Alice)

“Vanadium” (Ryouta)

“Hmm” (Alice)


I say it to Eri, who was holding my sleeve, not Alice.

At first, I was wondering how to name the elements.


Eri from Erythronium, I thought it would be a good idea to change the cute name and rename it to the element.


“Your name is Vanadium.

A beautiful metal named after Freyja, the goddess of beauty.” (Ryouta)

“…!” (Eri)

“Vanadium, that’s your real name.” (Ryouta)


The moment I said that, Eri’s body reacted to the word Vanadium, and the dungeon at a distance shone at the same time!


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