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Chapter 39 – For your sake

Selen Dungeon, the second floor.

Emily and I just arrived that floor, and am currently finding for monsters.

While we were strolling around the floor, something pop out from the ground one after the another.

It is Selen’s second floor’s monsters, Treant.

When you look at it from the side, the old tree looks about 3 meters tall, but as we approach it, it responded to our movement and attacked us by using it’s branch like a tentacle to reach us.

We immediately dodged away, and I looked at Emily.

She is gazing at the Treant with a serious expression, while also holding onto her huge hammer which is larger than her actual body.

[Well then, shall we]

[Yes desu.]

Emily takes a deep breath, holds her hammer and jumped.

And on her fingers, was the ring that I gave her as a present.

Emily who has jumped up from the ground, the Treant then uses it’s branch as a means of attacking by whipping it at where Emily’s position was.

I supported her from behind by shooting.

I fired the normal bullets to repel the attacks of the branch.

As Emily steadily approaches it, she jumped up high towards the Treant and rushes down with her hammer facing downwards!


It was a sound of woods breaking, and the branches of the Treant was smashed in half.

[Did we do it]


Just when Emily falls down and landed on the ground, the Treant counter attacks.

After attacking Emily with the remaining branches that it had, pushing her backwards, the crushed branches began to regenerate.

It regenerated at a rapid speed, taking only around 5 seconds to completely recover it’s branches.

[This seems to be the same as the Rare Slimes from above.

I understand now, that Selen has a lot of monsters that has a self-regenerating feature….Emily.]

[I’m alright!]

Emily once again jumped up, and used her hammer to repeatedly smash at it.

Her action reminded me of making mochi….though this thought was going through in my mind right now.

Emily who was attacking while leaving herself wide open, the Treant was smashed to pieces.

The Treant that was damaged beyond repair, made a ‘Pon’ sound and disappeared while standing.

[It seems that hitting at it diligently is okay too.]

[Yeap desu.]

Emily who was nodding, made a face saying she was reliable.

Even though the Treant was defeated, but no item was dropped, but we didn’t mind it and continued searching for more monster.

Immediately after, we found another Treant being risen from the ground.

Emily jumped at it before it could fully grow out from the ground, it’s her philosophy of whoever strikes first wins.

This time she didn’t need any assistance from me, and defeated it in one strike.

An item was then dropped.

The old tree made a ‘Pon’ noise and disappeared, what dropped was a meat.

It was a rather juicy and appetizing looking chicken breast.

So it’s breast meat, I wonder if the price is cheap.

While I was having such thoughts.

[It dropped something desu…..]

Emily went in front of the drop and picked it up from the ground, and trembled while making an exciting sound while looking at me.

[Is it that important]

[My drop rate is F desu.

Although people say that F and E are the lowest drop rate, but in contrast it’s actually a rather big difference.

For those who have every Drop as F would usually be called as [F Final], that even some dungeon’s prohibits these adventurers from even entering the first floor.]

[Is that so.

No wonder they send someone with F drop rate.]

Emily tilted her head with a question mark on her head.

Thus, I talked to her about the person in Hetero that was hired with a considerable strength, which is Eugene.

Even though his combat power is amazing, but in the end, his Vegetation drop rate is F.

[There are also these kinds of strategies huh.]

Emily was strangely admired by it.

After awhile, she took the dropped chicken breast and puts it into the Magic cart, and looked up and stared at me.

[Yoda-san, I’m really grateful for what you’ve done.]

[I’m glad that you are pleased with it.]

[I’ve actually never heard about this kind of equipment before.

As expected, it’s because it’s from Yoda-san desu]

The second half of Emily’s words was muffled.

Drop rate of S, at this moment it is a secret between us only, and Emily is the only one who knows about this.

That’s the reason why she muffled her voice when talking about this.

[That’s correct.

I turned it back into a rogue monster, and defeated it again.]

[I knew it….as expected of Yoda-san desu.]

Well then, we have finally checked on the effects of this ring.

After this, it’s back to leisurely hunting monsters and earning more money.

[With this……even if it’s animals or minerals…..I can finally follow wherever Yoda-san is going…….]

While muttering such words, she rubbed the ring on her fingers, while showing a gentle expression.

Though I could not clearly hear what she murmured, but it was worth it to give her the ring as she had a really happy expression on her face right now.

Suddenly, Emily was surprised attack by a monster!

It didn’t come from the ground, but was being born from the wall beside her.

A sharp tentacle branch splits the air and attacks her.

[Emily !]


Emily quickly flew away after responding to my words.

The monster attack at the spot where she was standing a moment ago and made a dent on the ground.

[Are you alright]

[Yes desu.]

[I’m glad.]

[Moreover, about this tree, isn’t it different from the ones just now]


Emily who was alright answered me, and I looked at the monster.

Just looking at it, it is just a normal old tree, but the colour of the branches are different, plus the face looks like an old man with a goatee.

What’s more the size is one size larger, and there’s a sort of atmosphere around it.

It’s just as she, said it’s different from the rest.

I looked around me, and the adventurers were fighting the Treant which was similar to what we were fighting just now, but this one is clearly different from the rest.

[So this must be the rare monster on this floor.]

[It must be desu—Hya!]

The rare Treant stretched it’s branch towards Emily, which is sharper than usual, and Emily immediately guards it with her huge hammer, and was send flying away.


[I’m okay desu!]

Emily landed and hold onto her hammer, seems like it didn’t take a lot of damage.


I took a posture with my gun——at that moment, I hesitated.

Selen’s second floor’s monster, their drops are meat.

And this rare monster’s drop is most certainly meat too.

Though I have no way of confirming it, but theoretically it should be correct, the only way to know is by getting evidence.

Shikuro, and Hetero both have it.

This monster, will surely drop some sort of meat.

[There it is, the Bearded Treant.] (TLN: …..really.)

[Ah, damnit, I really wanted it.]

[Don’t drop, don’t drop, don’t drop.]

Without realizing, some adventurers were gathering around us.

It must be because of this rare monster——I mean the Bearded Treant that if you get a drop you can head over to Hetero’s association and will be rewarded handsomely by them.

Similarly to what I got from Shikuro when defeating the rare monster on the first floor.

And only that person who gets the drop, will he be able to get the reward.

Plus, whoever sees the monster and gets into a battle with it first, other adventurers are forbidden to interfere with it unless they could not defeat it.

That’s the reason why the other adventurers are praying that I don’t get a drop.

Cause if I don’t get any drop, then it would leave a chance for others to get the reward.

Though, unfortunately for them, my drop is S.

If I were to defeat this, I will definitely get a drop.

What should I do

If I were to defeat it, I would be giving Hetero a point which nullifies what I did previously.

That is——rather stupid.

Swoosh, I saw a familiar face from the crowd of adventurers.

It is the person responsible for Hetero dungeon’s association, Harvard.

Harvard looked at me, and faintly laughed at me.

Did he see through me

Did he really see through the reason I was troubled

There’s a possibility, if the ability of the adventurer is high then so is his drop rate, what it means is that no one would imagine that there’s anything wrong with it.

Harvard probably saw through it,

Looking at him closely, there’s another person standing beside him.

It wasn’t Eugene, but a different person with an aura around him.

Like Harvard, I knew what he was thinking.

Most probably that guy has an Animal drop rate of A.

Hetero side most likely put a prize money from gaining information just like us, and quickly rushed at the scene when a rare sight is mentioned.

After looking more closely it seems that the opposite side Duke——which is the representative of Shikuro association is here too.

He also had a troubled expression whilst looking at me.

Whenever something happens, the scene is soon filled with a crowd of curious onlookers, especially the two representatives.

I can’t keep delaying this anymore….if that’s the case!


[Yes desu!]

The moment I called for her, a wind pass by my side.

It was Emily who ran through the side of me, with her 130 centimeter body carrying her huge hammer.

She then glanced at me, and threw something at me..

I instantly caught hold of it——it was the ring that I gave her as her present.

It seems that Emily knew what I was thinking.

No, it’s probably that she had already thought of it way before me, because she has already experienced having an Animal Drop rate of F for many years.

That very girl is now challenging the Bearded Treant.

My own drop—-she tried to take advantage of her originally having F drop rate by removing the ring.

[I’ll assist you.]

I loaded the Freezing Bullet into my gun, and rapidly fired at the ground.

The goatee old tree’s leg——I mean trunk was frozen, plus the tentacle branches was frozen up too.

I’ve completely sealed it’s movement, and Emily proceeded to jump towards it.


Emily who dashed at the Treant with her hammer jumped and positioned her hammer downwards.

In a flash, the dungeon shook by that one attack.

Emily managed to defeat the Bearded Treant in one blow.

The rare monster disappeared——and nothing dropped.

The adventurers around us were happy that nothing was dropped, and finally dispersed from our location.

Harvard who had a faint laughter on his face understood the reason behind why Emily was the one defeating it, immediately had a difficult expression and walked away with the adventurer he brought.

When Harvard left, I went close to Emily, and gave her back the ring.

[Thanks Emily.]

[No problem desu~]

[I’m impressed, before I could ask you’ve already went ahead and defeat it.]

[I remember back about the conversation we talked about just now.]

[I see.]

[I’m happy that I was of help to Yoda-san.

It was worth considering what I could always do to help you desu.]

Emily cried out, and said with a smile on her face.

My chest, was feeling slightly hot.

[Thank you, you really help me.]

Smiling back at Emily, I hold her hands, and gave her the ring back.

Looking really happy, she carefully received it as if it is something important.

I was happy for her, and was excited.

Probably, because if I defeat other rogue monsters, I could get an item similar to the ring.

Compare to the seeds the item can actually give a status effect, and if you remove it, the effect will be lost, so you can fluctuate the effects freely.

I understood that this would lead to various possibilities, and became even more excited.

[Thank you! Thank you Satou-san!]


[Really, thank you again, for having the idea of not defeating it yourself so you won’t get the drop.

Really, thank you so much.]

Duke who realised our plan that Emily had a low drop rate, thanked me over and over again.


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