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It’s just a speculation, but the possibility is extremely huge.

To confirm it, I have to get the reject crystal again and try to defeat it.


“Which kind of item is a reject crystal from” (Ryouta)

“I don’t know that.” (Antonio)

“Huh How” (Ryouta)

“Because the reject crystal itself is an extinct species.” (Antonio)


Extinct species.

Atonio’s words were the first time I heard after coming to this world.


“What do you mean by that” (Ryouta)

“It was a problem for adventurers.

Depending on the points that exist, it is a monster that won’t allow anyone from entering the dungeon.” (Antonio)

“……Of course it would be” (Ryouta)


I remembered the difficulty of getting that mansion.

Me and Emily worked together, and on top of that, I had to use the Iron wall bullet that ignores all power vectors——-Which was called the Trash Bullet from before.


It is clear that ordinary adventurers will have a hard time.


“It’s said that after the Dungeon Master rampage around the dungeon, those monsters disappeared within a week because they were annoying.” (Antonio)

“Using breed improvement” (Ryouta)


Antonio nodded clearly.

It was too difficult and was erased in a haste.


If it was me at that time, I would’ve done the same thing.

It’s good and all, but being extinct…


“This is going to be a problem…” (Ryouta)



At dusk.

I was returning home with Eri while holding hands.


I wanted to find Cell, but he said that he could not get it.

However, I did gather more information.

Reject crystal, the drop product is a fruit called durian.

(TL: I love it)


The fact that the drop is Durian also means that none remains.

If this is a drop item of a tool system, there is a possibility that one remains somewhere, but the possibility is 0 for fruits.


Especially in this world.


In the original world, there is a possibility that rotten debris remains somewhere, but if there are no humans beside this thing, it will hatch Hagremono.

If it is a wreckage, it will become Frankenstein as garbage.


The only possibility that Rejected Crystal durians still remain is “a person who has rotten durians nearby”.

However, there is no such thing.

It is theoretically not 0, but it turns out that no one has it.


“This is troubling.” (Ryouta)

“… ()” (Eri)


When I noticed, I found Eri looking up at me curiously.

She seems a little worried.

Probably because I took a deep sigh just before.


“I’m sorry Eri, it’s because I can’t get Reject Crystal, so I’m a little dejected.” (Ryouta)

“…” (Eri)


Eri leaned her small neck, as she didn’t seem to understand it so I explained a little more.


“It’s a monster with that name, a monster that just pushes everyone out of the territory.

I wanted it.” (Ryouta)


It can’t be helped if the thing didn’t exist.

What should I do now


Should I just expand my mansion

Or do I build it and take in the Erythronium dungeon in the garden

Basically a dungeon in the mansion and a hideout in the dungeon.


I think it’s not bad.


“…” (Eri)

“What’s wrong, Eri” (Ryouta)

“…” (Eri)


Eri grabbed my finger, pulled it, and started walking.

She has been just beside me until now, but somehow she’s completely leading me.


“Oh, what’s the matter Eri” (Ryouta)


Eri doesn’t answer and just diligently pulls me.

However, Eri is still a child.

Even if she wants me to move, it is a little slower than a normal adult speed.


I went silent and slowly followed her.


Eri pulled me back to the mansion.

I went into the Erythronium dungeon without entering the building.


Erythronium basement first floor, the entrance hall of the mansion.


Eri then released my hand and headed to the center of the hall.

Then, she closed her eyes and held her hands together.


The light overflows and gathers, and becomes a monster.

It is the monster of Erythronium, the fluff that I have seen so far――


“Wow!” (Ryouta)


At the moment, a tremendous repulsive force was applied to me.

I can’t keep my posture——-I was blown away with a tremendous amount of momentum.


I noticed that I was flown outside the dungeon.

What is that


“… (Smiles)” (Eri)


Eri came to me using warp, hugged and looked up at my face.

She smiles, and makes a face as if she wants to be complimented.


“Did Eri make it” (Ryouta)

“… (Nod nod)” (Eri)


Ah, so that’s what it is.

Eri, who heard me, created a monster that mimics the characteristics of a reject crystal.


Monster with the ability to eliminate foreign substances.

If you think carefully, Eri is extremely useful.

After all, the current momentum far exceeds that of the reject crystal.


“I see, thank you Eri.” (Ryouta)


Saying that and stroking her head, Eri happily hugged me and threw her cheeks onto my shirt.


Cute and grateful.

I kept stroking for a while.


“Eri, can you wait here for a moment.

I’ll kill that monster.” (Ryouta)

“…” (Eri)


Eri was motivated.

She wants to defeat it instead.


“Thank you, but I have to do this.

Can you support me instead” (Ryouta)

“… (Nod nod nod)” (Eri)


After convincing Eri, we entered the dungeon.

I was attacked as soon as I entered, the force pushing me out.


The ability to refuse and is stronger than the reject crystal.

It is truly Eri.


However, there is no problem.

I am stronger than that time, and I’m thinking about counter measures because I know what I’m doing.


Absolute Rock and iron wall bullet.


I reloaded the Iron wall bullet and shot it while in the invincible state.


The iron wall bullet is a bullet that slowly moves and ignores anything.

It proceeded normally without losing the repulsive power of Eri’s monster.


In addition, being solidified with an absolute rock, I grabbed the bullet and proceeded in the form of being pulled by an iron wall bullet.


The Iron wall bullet started to slow down.

When it was about to disappear, I shot a new iron wall bullet and continued.


It is an iron wall bullet relay.

Shoot an iron bullet, grab and proceed.

Shoot a new one before it almost disappears and proceed further.


Repeatedly, I arrived at the place of fluff.

Just in case, I fired another iron wall bullet from zero distance.

Poof! After the sound, the fluff popped and disappeared.


“Good!” (Ryouta)


I did a guts pose after defeating it according to my calculation.




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