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The trembling sickness pierced my whole body.

When I turned to the murder intent, there was a woman there.


No, it would be correct to say that she was a woman.


There weren’t any legs where she’s standing, and her whole body was translucent.

Something like black aroma is leaking here and there.


Above all, the eyes that glimpse from the long messed up bangs are muddy.


“Uh, uh, uhhhaaa…”


The moaning that leaked out of the mouth sounded like a beast.


Is it a ghost or a vengeful spirit

It felt that way.


“Are you Erythronium” (Ryouta)



The woman ghost moaned painfully.

Crackle—– her neck turns 360 degrees sideways like a screw.


After making a movement that was never possible with the human body, her cloudy eyes caught me.


Did she recognize me ――I thought suddenly.


“Aahhh”ah”ah”ah””! !! “


With a grunt that sounded like she squeezed out from the back of her throat, she opened her hands openly and jumped at me.


“Kuh!” (Ryouta)


I kicked the ground, rolling on the floor with that momentum and taking a distance.


“Wait, listen to me!” (Ryouta)



The ghost screamed further and jumped at me as if I was the trigger of her anger.


Without any choice, I counterattacked by grabbing both her hands.




Before she could think, I twisted her arm to tip her balance.


However, I could not counterattack any further.

Erythronium will be killed.

A dungeon that continues to cast evil, excluding people to the extreme.

And, a ghost who is in the spirit room.


Sadness, anger.

These emotions appeared as a theme in this dungeon, and it was not difficult to understand.

So I couldn’t fight back.

I didn’t want to do anything more to her.


She jumps the third time.

Again, she grabbed me tightly.

Then, she bit my shoulder.


“Kuu!” (Ryouta)


The moment her sharp fangs sank into the flesh of my shoulder, I had an unprecedented pain piercing through the whole body.


The pain was so agonizing so much that it’s like punching a hole into your skin, then using your fingers to twirl around the insides of the hole.

It was a pain that ignored all status and defenses, resulting only “pain” directly.

Somehow, it may be a one-sided assumption because of such a situation.


This felt like her pain.




“It’s okay now” (Ryouta)


I was bitten by a beast which whisked my flesh, I put my hand around her back and touched it gently.


“I’m not an enemy, I’ll never do terrible things to you… Absolutely not.” (Ryouta)


The words didn’t get to her.

She still shakes her head to bite my skin off.




But has the action been transmitted

I continued to be calm, her movement gradually slowed down, then eventually stopped and her mouth gradually separated from me.


After the bite, we look at each other at a close distance where you can kiss.

The light of reason returned to her eyes.


“Really……” (Erythronium)

“Yeah, I’ll keep my word.” (Ryouta)

“Really… You will do that” (Erythronium)


It’s like a child.

A child who is hurt and retreated in the corner of the room.

I looked straight into her, and without any hesitation, I said once more.


“I will absolutely not do anything bad to you.” (Ryouta)


Looked at her.

No, I stared at her.

With a somewhat poker face.


Lost for words, she just stared at me.


Eventually, it flowed.


It looked like a waterfall streaming down from both her eyes.



Such a word came to mind.


In a different meaning from the last time, my whole body was fuming.

It’s better if she lets it out.


What did she do to deserve this

I thought.


“Protect me” (Erythronium)

“Yes, I’ll protect you.” (Ryouta)

“Pro- ….tect” (Erythronium)


She repeats the same words.

While crying with no expression, the ghostly body becomes thinner.


Gradually, gradually.

It became thinner—— and she disappeared.


Then, when she disappeared, there was an egg that was not there before.

A large egg, about the size of a toilet paper, that is placed on the palm of my hand.


Picking it up and holding it with both hands.


“I will protect you no matter what.” (Ryouta)


I muttered in an unmanned spirit room as if to swear.


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